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  • Forever with Mr. Arrogant
    1.8M 49.5K 21

    Abrielle and Ace are now engaged again and everything is going perfectly again. Abrielle continues her modeling career while Ace takes on the responsibility of President of his families hotels. When Abrielle comes back from Rome after another Fashion Week, she bumps into a girl at the hotel head quarter. Turns out she...

  • A Year with Mr. Arrogant
    6.2M 165K 21

    It's not everyday that you get asked by a multi-billionaire man to marry his son. One day when Abrielle Calwin was having the worst day of her life; the son of a multi-Billionaire bumps into her making her drop her books outside of school. Not knowing he was Ace Daniels, she threw all her anger out at him, and Ace end...

  • Daisy
    2.7M 85.9K 34

    He continues to stare as the young girl hums quietly, while keeping her eyes locked on the book in her hands. At the sound of his footsteps, she suddenly stops reading only to look up and let out a squeal, one that he found adorable. Her already rosy cheeks become even brighter. "Hello." He melts at the sound of her...

  • Deeper
    11.1M 371K 73

    In which I fall in love with my brother's best friend, the bad boy Vaughn Cooper -- but that doesn't make him less than a college heartthrob whom every girl on campus is drooling over. I thought that my brother was the hottest guy in school, but as soon as I step into my university life, I realize how wrong I was. Me...

  • My Best Friends Boyfriend
    1.4M 35.2K 43

    **VERY CRINGE WORTHY IM WARNING YOU**😖 **VERY CLICHE**😖 He's a bit on the edge She's the good girl. He's popular. She hides in the shadows. He has everyone falling for him. She's been bullied almost her whole life. He's dating her best friend. She's in love with her best friends bo...

  • His Oreo Princesa
    2.7M 145K 47

    [FIRST BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] "Hi." Kyla smiles nervously. "Hi." Cole greets back, just as nervously. The boys and I share a roll of the eyes. I sneak a look at the teacher in charge of detention and find him asleep. I get out of my seat and walk over to Cole and Kyla. "Yo! Hi, hi, how are you? How are you? Now kis...

  • The Guy Next Door (COMPLETED)
    37.4M 1.1M 74

    "Every good girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her." "Every bad boy wants a good girl who is bad only for him." "Whenever you are looking for love don't look too far he might be right next door." Clara Wilson is your typical clichéd teen fiction protagonist with exactly two friends, no social life...

  • Touch me like you do
    4.1M 123K 55

    "Listen you jerk, I wouldn't have even touched you if I wasn't drunk." I bit out furiously. "Even if you were the last man on earth I wouldn't go near you." "Is that so?" His voice was dangerously low. "Besides I thought you were my fiancé. That was the only reason why I kissed you." I lied hoping my face didn't betra...

  • The Two Billionaires
    1.2M 49.6K 37

    Gwen Carter, the top of the food chain. A billionaire who owns the world. No one knows, who she is or where she comes from. All they know is if you mess with her, you will go straight down to hell. Christopher Smith, comes from a family of billionaires. Does not believe in eternal love. Just knows there is on...

  • Pushed into the Pool by the Bad Boy
    2.5M 90.4K 33

    "Had a nice swim?" He asks, a smirk on his face. I could literally slap him right now. "Bitch, you pushed me," I say breathlessly, my body shaking from the cold water. He just looks amused, as he takes a step closer to me. "Language," he says, his voice almost a whisper, "there's children here." ••• Opal Ro...

  • His Bad Girl
    976K 26.1K 34

    "Oh, do you really like me?" I asked him once again. He did something I didn't imagine him to do again. He kissed me once again, but it was only for a short time. "Yes I do", he whispered to me, "By the way, you look perfect tonight". And right there, my heart beats rapidly. ••••••••• What will happen when a bad boy...

  • Back to you | ✔
    695K 22.8K 41

    When Josh moved away, he took with it everything Bonnie knew. He was her best friend, her neighbor, her everything. Four years ago, he left without even a goodbye and no explanation. Now he's back, and he's determined to win her back, whatever it takes. Gone is the light-hearted rambunctious boy she knew, replaced wi...

  • Deal With the Devil | ✔️
    14.4M 447K 40

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT AND THERE ARE GRAMMAR MISTAKES I pushed at his chest, but it was useless. He stayed, his arms caging me in. "Anastasia," he hummed against my ear, my name rolling off his tongue. "I know you want me just as bad as I want you." I couldn't deny it anymore, I was his. ~>~ A roman...

  • Saved By a Gangleader ✔️
    8.2M 255K 57

    19 year old Ray gets abused by her foster parents that don't want anything to do with her. She's in her fourth year of university planning to become a doctor. Ray is extremely smart, known for her kindness and most of all, she's very shy. 21 year old Ace is a quiet and dangerous gangleader. He's never been seen with f...

  • Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' ...
    518K 13.8K 58

    COMPLETE: #1 teen fiction 23/11/18 ''I'm bad for you.'' ''Yet I still keep coming back for more. Funny how it works isn't it?'' ''You, badboy, need to spare yourself.'' ''Or what, exactly?'' He asked, a devious, cocky smirk was plastered on his face as he advanced towards me. The look in his eyes was anything bu...

  • You Wanna Bet?
    333K 11.6K 70

    Oh, sheesh kebab I can't believe I'm doing this. I tap Jackson on the shoulder: "Jackson?" I call him. "What is it sugar?" he turns around. My last words: Freddie I'm gonna beat the snickers out of you. "I-I love you," Did I really just say that? He smirks. "I get that everyday sweetheart," he tells me. Oh, if onl...

  • Tutored By The Bad Boy
    500K 19.5K 99

    (COMPLETED) Samantha Gray never thought she would ever need a tutor. She was always a good student. Sure, she may get a couple C's from time to time, but overall she was a well-rounded girl. But, when her basketball coach tells her that she'll be stripped of her captaincy, or worse, kicked off the team, she decides t...

  • Rivals Against the Law
    42.5K 1K 37

    "I hate you," I could taste my own lies. He stepped closer and whispered in my ear, "face it goodie, you can't stay away from me." He was right as always, I couldn't deny it anymore. I looked down at my feet, "I guess I don't hate you." He chuckled, "baby, you don't like me, you love me." He pushed me against the...

  • My Lucky Stars
    1.5M 7.6K 8

    Mia Evelyn, 24 years old who owns a small book cafe in New York and leads a happy life with her twin babies. Ryan Zachary Harrison, a 27 years old bachelor and a billionaire in New York that leads a carefree but lonely life. What does the future hold for them and what does the past have for them? ---------- [Editing...

  • Saving the Girl With Lilac Hair (EDITING)
    734K 19.2K 42

    When Camila was little she use to be a brunette. But as she grew many things changed, as well as her hair. Her now lilac hair represents her spark of life. Austin Park is the most popular guy at school. He has good grades, his girlfriend is the captain of the cheer squad, and not to mention he is the best looking guy...

  • Game Changer
    549K 13K 76

    Sophie Cooper is part of the social Elites at Ridgevale High, being friends with them since freshman year. They're the girls every guy wants to have and every girl wants to be, and the boys who make the female population swoon and gawk. Alex Rosewood is part of the Rebels at Ridgevale High. They're popular too; but in...

  • Stealing Kisses From The Good Girl.
    4.2M 129K 56

    Highest ranking: #6 in the Teen Fiction section! "Just one kiss, everyday." "Just one?" "Just one." ***************** Sarah Michelle Jones Good Girl in every sense of the word, whose interest in life is to get good grades, get her dream job as a cook, and fall in love. Her friend(s) describe her as the little ra...

  • Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED)
    15.5M 541K 52

    "A little stress release couldn't hurt anyone." With that thought in mind, Kaylyn Fisher decided to be a rebel for a night, break the rules a little and indulge in something apart from a stressful boyfriend and an even more stressful job. One night results in Kaylyn becoming a victim of a one night stand and to top i...

  • The Wedding In Miami
    155K 4.2K 46

    Highest rankings: Exes: #1 (4th July 2020) Bad boy: #1 (3rd July 2020) Follow my Instagram for any updates and if you have any questions: @nikki_k123 Emma Roberts is offered to be a bridesmaid while she attends her best friend's sister's wedding in Miami. She gets to be a bridesmaid and she's happy to do so. Plus, a f...

  • I Accidentally Kissed My Bestfriends Brother
    3.4M 84.8K 38

    Amelia Montgomery is one of Rosewood High's cheerleaders along with her best friend Stella Hayes. Her and Stella have been friends ever since kindergarten when Amelia fell off the monkey bars and Stella helped her up afterwards. Stella has a brother named Easton Hayes and he has always teased Amelia since she was seve...

  • Arranged Love...
    1.4M 32.2K 58

    Eliana had it all: great parent, amazing friends and the summer of her dreams, but what happens when she finds out that her dad set up an arranged marriage for her and she has to move away. Noah has the life every guy wants, he comes from a family with money and will take over the company when his dad retires and a v...

    2M 152K 85

    "Belle?" It takes me a moment to realize where the voice is coming from and before I react, something hits my window. I climb out of bed with a set jaw and walk to the window. Sure enough, Kain is at his window which is half open, a wary expression on his face. "Hi," I squeak, not sure how to react. "Hey, I'm sorry...

  • The BadBoy screams trouble!
    1.9M 82.3K 69

    "S-sorry!" I struggled to release myself from the ropes I was tied with. Carter laughed as he bought the disgusting lizard close to my face. "Front or back guys?" He asked his friends. What does he means by front or back!? God! No! What is he going to do? Oh god! "Front!" They replied. "Yeah, that will be fun!" He...

  • The English badass
    776K 22.7K 34

    Meet Scarlett Knight. Scarlett wasn't your average 16 year old girl no she'd been kicked out of over 20 schools in England and her parents have had enough so they're sending her and her older brothers Matty and Danny to America for school where she'll be a senior, since other schools in England refuse to take her on...

  • the billionaire's kid | ✔️
    2.8M 77.6K 66

    after a one night stand, the billionaire, Alexander Wilson, never knew that he had a 6- year old daughter. What happens when they meet again, and Alexander finds out that, Becca Anderson, his ex- co worker and ex-friend, lied to him and kept his daughter a secret Check the story out to find out what happens next with...