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  • In The Spotlight
    13.5K 832 17

    Bakugou is an upcoming famous rapper. One night, instead of staying in the recording studio until the break of dawn, his friends drag him out to go see a movie. Kirishima was working a late shift at the local movie theater. It was a slow night and he was starting to get tired. That is until his favorite rapper walks...

  • Home
    51.2K 1.7K 15

    When Shinsou Hitoshi runs away from his abusive home, he's taken in by two of his teachers. But he never expected that they would become a family. -Trigger warning: Child abuse, bullying-

  • HotWings
    109K 4.9K 53

    Hawks is the number two hero. Dabi is a big time villain. It started off as hatred and wanting nothing to do with each other. So why are those feelings changing? #1 on Dabixhawks #1 on HotWings #3 on ship #6 on Hawks #53 on Ship Hawks and Dabi belong to Kohei Horikoshi.

    Completed   Mature
  • Flowers For An Old Friend; DabiHawks (DISCONTINUED)
    93.3K 5K 58

    Hawks has been looking for his old friend, Touya, for years now. As the years go by, he had wished that his feelings for his friend would go away, but they never did. However, these feelings had never been more than motivation. Now that he's coughing up flowers, how could this effect his life? Will he be able to sur...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Guy (Shinkami)(Completed)
    70.3K 2.5K 12

    Hitoshi Shinso, the adopted son of Present Mic and Eraserhead, earns his way into class 1-A. As the teachers intended, he meets Denki Kaminari during his first day of class. In a depressed state he doesn't see himself talking to people in general, nonetheless finding a crush. On the other hand, Denki Kaminari has face...