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  • Love from Dusk till Dawn [KOTLC Sokeefe fanfic]
    741 24 5

    The sequel to [Love you till the Last Rose Dies]! Keefe, now under the influence of the Stellarlune, sets out on his journey to complete his mission as the Lodestar. Stripped of any memories or feelings for his friends, he has one goal in mind: Get rid of the moonlark, once and for all. *I do not own KOTLC* Credits: ...

  • Stardust and Snowflakes: A Sotam story
    6.5K 160 18

    "I love you, Tam. Don't you ever forget it." "Why would I? "I'm fading." "No!" "I love you, Tam. " "Stay with me, Sophie!" "I can't. I'm sorry. I love you..."

    87.7K 2.3K 29


  • The Great Gulon Incident
    16.2K 1K 26

    The Great Gulon Incident- Keefe's legendary triumph, brilliant prank, and one of the many reasons that Councillor Alina hates him. But it's also an unknown mystery to Sophie- until she finds his diaries containing the secrets of his prank... and whether or not he was a part of it.... ( I AM A MAJOR SOKEEFE SHIPPER: F...

  • Take My Hand || KOTLC Oneshots
    6.4K 139 11

    •○ KOTLC Song Oneshots ○• Stories are based on a chosen song lyrics, and ships are optional and random. Mostly Sokeefe, but might add some other ships if I could visualize them in the lyrics. Read the author's note to know what type of story and what ship it would be. Enjoy! Once again, all characters belong to Shanno...

  • KOTLC Ship Debates
    3.4K 217 14

    LOVE Sokeefe, or Sophitz? Pour your heart out, in this random debate book I made! Other ships included! like Bam, Diana, Glam, or Darella, Lylie and MANY MORE I also add the occasional fanfics! Shoutouts are every week starting from Our Cinnamon Roll Chapter. Check Intro to learn more! only minor swearing allowed, p...

  • The Keepers Reacts
    1.5K 86 8

    Where the keepers react to stuff...

  • KOTLC Short Stories/Fluff/Oneshots
    10.8K 186 18

    Just some fluff about the Keeper gang. Lots of Sokeefe and other ships too!!! I also take suggestions on what ships to do, so please give your feedback!

  • Sokeefe Letters
    31.8K 1.7K 44

    The only clue as to where he had gone was the very symbol engraved on his cloak: The white Neverseen eye. That was the last time Sophie had seen him in four years. -----Sophie hasn't seen Keefe Sencen for four years since he ran off to the Neverseen again, but she's been writing letters to the very same ice-blue-eyed...

  • Time is Always Fleeting - SoKeefe One Shots
    4.6K 203 13

    The title says it all!

  • Forever, Foster (A Sokeefe Story)
    40.2K 1.1K 36

    3rd Place in the Keeper Awards!!!! When Fitz Vacker unexpectedly proposes to Sophie Foster on her eighteenth birthday, walls that held back her true feelings finally succumb. Sophie never really thought that she was going to end up with Fitz, it was a friendly relationship they had, but she wanted more. Sophie longed...

  • A New Flame (Sotam Fanfic)
    23.9K 424 31

    An alternate ending to Lodestar (Caution, may contain Lodestar/Nightfall spoilers!) (But you might have to read Nightfall to get it. You'll see.) What if Fitz didn't go through the mirror with Tam and Sophie in Lodestar? What if Fintan was slightly less sadistic but more cuckoo? Sophie and Tam have to go through a tr...

  • Matchmaking 101
    107K 1.4K 45

    Sophie, Biana, Linh, Fitz, Keefe, Tam, and Dex are all in a huge love knot. With matchmaking coming up, what will happen and who will they choose? #1 in Sokeefe 10/6/2020 #2 in kotlc 10/18/2020 #1 in Litz 10/6/2020 #1 in Dexella 10/6/2020 #1 in Lylie 10/19/2020 #2 in Linh 10/19/2020 #2 in Biana 10/19/2020 #2 in Dex 1...

    7.2K 138 14

    The whole gang is here! Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Biana, Tam, Linh and Dex!!! Plus, some bonus characters like Stina, Marella, and Wylie!!! In this book, we will be looking at every ship possible, no matter how ridiculous it is. Some of the ships included will be Bam/Tiana, Sokeefe, Fitzphie and so much more!!!

  • The Second Generation (On Hold)
    2.8K 66 11

    Now that Sophie and her friends can finally have a normal life, welcome the second generation of the KOTLC characters!!!! Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Biana, Tam, Linh, Dex, Marella and some more are here with the second generation! Read and see what happens to the next generation of KOTLC characters. Just because the Neverse...

  • The Ballad of Bo and Ro
    479 63 2

    It's a one shot of what I wrote. And @FostertheMoonlark told me to do this it is. Plus I wanted to bug Ro and Bo or should I say....RoBo? Anyway enjoy!

  • Sokeefe Oneshots
    14.9K 399 22

    Cute Sokeefe oneshots! A lot of the oneshots are Human AUs, if you like those! Highest Ranking: ➘ #5 in #sokeefe DISCLAIMER: All characters belong to Shannon messenger!

  • Lost (TIANA!!!)
    14.8K 418 20

    In the midst of the unsettling calm that has settled on the Elvin CIties, Biana Vacker is snatched from the safety of Everglen by who can only suspect the Neverseen, that were supposedly defeated, but have arisen once again to torture the Elvin Population. Tam Song is once again forced to put himself and of course, L...

  • A Thousand Years - Sokeefe Human AU
    86.2K 2.2K 29

    Sophie Foster is a normal teenager in San Francisco, and she is in college with her best friends, Biana and Fitz Vacker and Dex Diznee. Everything in her life is running smoothly, that is, until her whole world is flipped upside down by Keefe Sencen.

  • KOTLC Oneshots - ON HIATUS
    14.9K 376 30

    ❝ 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒎𝒐𝒐𝒏 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒏 ❞ 🪐🔭 Cover by @luna_chase_granger Just another book of Keeper of the Lost Cities Oneshots! Feel free to suggest! WARNING: It is recommended you read to at least Legacy before reading these oneshots to avoid spoilers! Most Impressive Rankings: #1 in #ke...

  • Sokeefe decisions
    4.7K 393 11

    So I didn't speak. I instead pulled him toward me and held him, wondering how I even managed to get the nerve to hug this handsome boy. And not any handsome boy. This was Keefe. That made it ever so more important as he paused, surprised and then melted into the hug, wrapping his arms around my waist. My skin tingled...

  • fifty sokeefe kisses
    244K 5.3K 25

    from the first to the last and all the ones in between. (a series of semi-related one-shots.)

  • Sophie Switch: Silver Tips| kotlc
    4.9K 428 21

    Sophie has no choice but to go to an alternate reality if she wants everyone she cares about to be safe. But she doesn't know who she can trust, who she can believe, or who she should help. Things are messed up. But when the choice comes, will Sophie be able to make the right decision? Or will the Neverseen win yet ag...

  • When Shadows find Light (SOTAM FF) ✔️
    116K 1.9K 63

    A KotLC story: Sophie Foster is heartbroken. Fitz has broken her heart, and she's waited too long for Keefe. Now they have Biana and Linh. Dex is happy with Marella. But what will happen if Tam and Sophie start falling for each other? - (POV's will change between Tam and Sophie) - Highest Ranking(s): #1 in 'sotam' ...

  • A Forgotten Shadow
    5.9K 137 10

    After Tam suffers from a "Terrible Accident", he was unconscious for a week. And in that time he lost all his memories from the past year, and doesn't remember himself as everyone else does. He asks what happened to make him this way but all they ever say is, a "Terrible Accident" he refuses to start from scratch, and...

  • Rewriting the stars ~A Sotam fanfic
    3.1K 60 8

    (Name inspired by @Wingsoffire110 btw she did a darella with this name:))*I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS< IMAGES AND VIDEOS!* All of these belong to their rightful owners. NO GIVING ME SPOILERS FROM FLASHBACK AND LEGACY!!! Though there are some spoilers in this books as I found therm on the internet. When Sophie gets h...

  • Tiana Oneshots (KOTLC)
    16.9K 298 23

    Book of oneshots with Tam and Biana.

  • ѕσкєєƒє σηєѕнσтѕ ~somewhere only we know~
    47.7K 2K 51

    Sokeefe for the shipping soul~♡♡♡

  • Sokeefe - upside down
    74.9K 1.3K 19

    This is a human AU with all the classic KOTLC characters. Sophie is a normal college student. She has her life all figured out. She had good grades, a part time job, three amazing best friends, and is finally getting a grip of being alive. Until one little accident- and a even smaller smirk- turns it all upside down.

  • KOTLC React
    111K 1.8K 33

    -DISCONTINUED- Clairebear: Welcome to my react book. We have awkward teenagers, thinly veiled shipping (Oh, who am I kidding? There is no veil.), and zero fourth wall. I hope you enjoy your stay in my keeper react book.