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  • I Don't Like You, I Like Your Son
    120K 5.4K 28

    High Schooler Jimin! Cold-Hearted Jungkook! High School/Rich AU! Quotes Of The Book: ❝Why are you in my room?❞-Jimin ❝Because we need to talk❞-Jungkook Description: Jimin's rich mother, Lee Chae-rin has been single for a while and she hates it one day she finds a hottie and they trade numbers Jimin has been studying...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐬𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡 | 𝐣𝐢𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 ‣
    85.6K 4.5K 110

    slytherin park jimin and gryffindor jeon jungkook are 'enemies'

  • I'm Dating A Boy
    126K 7K 21

    Park Jimin is a guy with baby face and pastel pink hair. His cheeks were chubby but it made him look cuter. He likes cute things too. He loves himself but sometimes he just kept saying to himself, "WHY DO MOST PEOPLE THINK I'M A GIRL?!" Jeon Jungkook is the school prince in his school in Seoul, but he had to move bac...

  • Arranged Marriage (JiKook)
    281K 12.4K 40

    Having a normal life is so beautiful~ Thats what Jungkook always tell himself, like everything will be okay. Until one day his parents decided to arrange him in a marriage!! And also due to the fact that his marrying a BOY!!! Can Jungkook find peace in his life? Or will he found love? Just a JiKook story~

  • Love at First Sight (jikook/kookmin) Completed
    165K 7K 42

    Their marriage is arranged by family. They......fall in love I'm not good at English. Forgive my grammar, spelling mistake... Thanks I'm not owned all the pic or video... Full credit to the rightful owner.

  • Eyes For You || Jikook
    84.2K 4K 17

    " If I could turn back time... I would go back to our wedding day " he spoke with a hand to his heart. Arranged marriage! au

  • arranged - jungkook
    1.2M 27.3K 40

    ❝ i need you ❞ -jjk ©2015,jeonspaw

  • When i met you ♡jikook♡
    111K 3.9K 33

    "You made me fall.. you made me fall deeply in love with you."

  • snapchat// jikook
    95.3K 3.1K 46

    Abused park jimin meets jeon Jungkook over snapchat. Things escalate and feeling catch on but what will happen when jimin goes to live with Jungkook for protection.... Started- some time in November 2018 Ended- 2nd June 2019 Contains- Strong language Softness/ fluff Sexual references/jokes • • Triggering scenes (for...

  • By The Way, He's My Boyfriend
    241K 11.7K 38

    "Uh... Did you just say that, that handsome guy... is your boyfriend?" "Yep, the one and only." --- In which Jimin lived a life as a nerd with braces, big round glasses, and freckles. Being bullied was something he was used to, because he knew he would be getting bullied for being homosexual. He just tries to avoid th...

  • Arranged Marriage (Jikook FF) {{COMPLETED}}
    170K 5.9K 50

    Two Rich business men are close friends and once their two sons are born they agree to have them get married in the future. will it go as planned? Jikook AU WARNING - MAYBE smut - some violence + language STARTED: June 6th 2019 ENDED: April 18th 2020

  • Laundry |JK;JM|
    172K 8.8K 21

    " Where were you guys all night?" -Jin "We were doing laundry" DO NOT READ THIS BOOK HERE! READ THE BOOK @jikookpuff ACCOUNT IT IS BEING REUPLOADED AND REWRITTEN IN MY NEW ACCOUNT! - Started: June 27th 2018 Completed: ???

  • Laundry • Jikook•
    179K 9.3K 30

    " Where were you guys ? " " We were doing laundry "

  • 𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏𝐁𝐑𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐒 || 𝐉𝐉𝐊✗𝐏𝐉𝐌 [𝑪𝒐𝒎𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒕𝒆𝒅]
    140K 7.1K 21

    Jimin takes one final deep breath with tears forming in his eyes. "Please Jungkook." "What the fuck, Jimin! Why are you annoying me so much?! I told you clearly to stay the fuck away from me! What do you not understand about it? What is your fucking problem?!" "I- I don't have anyone else to talk to." ♡♡♡ What will h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bet (Jikook) ✔️
    115K 3.8K 42

    Will you fall for it? Or will you reject? See what happens.... after The Bet. Start: April 10, 2019 Ended: May 22, 2020 ------ 🎖# 93 jikook 🎖# 577 jhope 🎖# 482 minyoongi 🎖# 298 junghoseok 🎖# 355 kimseokjin 🎖# 368 kimnamjoon 🎖# 579 kimtaehyung 🎖# 615 parkjimin 🎖# 697 jeonjungkook 🎖# 122 kookmin 🎖# 452 nam...

  • Dating A Idol |Jikook|
    186K 7.2K 66

    Park Jimin is a 19 year old boy living in Seoul with his two dogs and his best friend, Lee Taemin and working at a Cafe when a man in all black comes in

  • Fan Account • Jikook ✔️
    378K 17.1K 50

    Where the Maknae of BTS has a secret infatuation with one of his hyungs. He has to let out his feelings somehow right? (BTS is still a Kpop band but Jungkook has a crush on Jimin and shows his feelings through a secret fan account called "Jimochi_Daddy") This story will not always be in post form and will have some c...

  • Insta Love//ᴊɪᴋᴏᴏᴋ
    114K 4K 28

    [social media au] "Hey there" "Uh hello?" "Can we be friends?" "Sure" In which Jimin is a model and Jeongguk is a kpop idol. Top: jjk Bottom: pjm follow me on my IG: ggabbriellee_ my twitter: _hoesuccc Start: July 13,2019 End:

  • Just A Fan | Jikook/Kookmin ff
    55.4K 1.9K 35

    Jimin is a famous YouTuber who posts vocal and dance related videos. JJ_Kookie is a fan account for Jimin, created by Jungkook What happens when Jimin starts following JJ_Kookie? (I'm rubbish at writing these 😂) Rankings: #1 - Jikook Started: 21st August 2019 Finished: -----

  • Stepbrothers || Jikook ✔
    301K 13.2K 45

    "Piss off." "Shut up." "Is it so hard for you to understand that I hate every single bit of you?" Those are words that Jeon Jungkook would usually throw while Jimin would try talking to him. Jimin didn't know why but for some strange reason Jungkook hates him to pieces and with passion, that alone didn't stop him from...

  • Noticed by my Idol ||Jikook social media au||
    118K 3.5K 44

    What happens when Jungkook's fan account gets noticed by his idol, Park Jimin? ⚠️May contain⚠️ Mild Angst Fluff

  • Spark (Kookmin)
    208K 18K 52

    Even at the peak of his career Jimin feels like his life is dull. Till he meets someone who lights up his entire world.

    Completed   Mature
  • Anonymous • Jikook AU •
    96K 3.9K 27

    -COMPLETED- Jimin owns an anonymous twitter account, where he posts some covers of songs without showing himself. Jungkook always listens to his covers and is literally obsessed with him. What Jungkook doesn't know is that Jimin is his so called 'annoying' neighbor. BoyxBoy don't like it don't read it

  • Blame Miss. Geraldine • Jikook ✔️
    304K 13.7K 48

    In which Jimin ~ > The nerdy shy bisexual freak The jock bully with the voice of an angel < | This book will contain everything from {Fluff} to {Angst} to {Smut} and hopefully every element ranging between | Recently reached #3 in Jikook hashtag so uh there's that I guess - this book I wrote for an entirely different...

  • I get what I want |jikook
    135K 5.6K 17

    Where jungkook is a very popular singer and everyone dies whenever he even gives them a glance He gets sent back to school because his manger thinks he needs to stop bringing girls to his bed and he 17 years old Jimin is 18 year old and lives in a village but goes to live in the city due to his brothers work and sur...

  • 25 days.┊jikook
    286K 11.1K 68

    ❝-jeontiddies Wants To Chat! uhm, okay? jeontiddies.. weird but alright.❞ @gayffeee, 2019. Started -4.19.19- Ended -6.619-

  • Instagram ~pj-jk~
    37K 1.2K 19

    Jimin is a singer. Jungkook is a YouTuber. Read the story to find out what happens. 😊

  • Famous - Jikook
    82.6K 2.7K 43

    "you should check out this guy's instagram... you may like him"

  • instagram ° jikook
    232K 5.9K 72

    summary: jungkook is a popular solo artist, and jimin is a photographer. jungkook stumbles across jimin's instagram account and doesn't regret it. side ships: taegi, namjin, and yugseok (lowercase intended)

  • FANBOY |Jikook|
    78.6K 2.9K 27

    |Social Media AU| Jimin is a huge fan of Jeon Jungkook, a Korean actor and musical artist. Jimin loves to draw pictures of Jungkook and other idols. He's in love with art. His best friend, Yoongi, sees one of his drawings of Jungkook and tells Jimin he should start a fanpage for the people he loves and idolizes. Jim...