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  • Celebrity/Character Imagines
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    Ok, so basically this is a book full of imagines, one-shots and two-shots of celebrities/actresses and their characters. This is my first book so sorry if these suck??

    193K 8.7K 120

    Parker Taylor and Brooke Davis find themselves in a romantically entangled mess as they try to set each other up with other people. [Brooke Davis x fem OC] [Season 1 - ?] [One Tree Hill]

  • Coffee Shop (Camila/You)
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    Based on the one shot/Imagine, Coffee Shop (G!P) In which Camila starts working in a nearby coffee shop on the Portland State University campus. She's a freshman in college trying to make ends meet for the rent to her dorm. Then starts to crush on a regular Y/E/C eyed girl who has a specific order and a memorable smil...

  • Figure It Out [Rihanna/You]
    652K 36.3K 99

    Not to brag but... this story was #1 in Rihanna stories for about a month.. just saying.. Summary: When you break social norms and you break records, you become confident in who you are. Y/n Y/Ln, an Atlanta native with a full ride scholarship to Howard University. For football. An intersex female not only playing c...

  • Don't Play With Fire
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    What happens when you play with fire? You get burned. But what happens when fire plays with fire? g!p Y/n A story about You.. welcome. (Entails: Cindy Kimberly, Kelsey Calemine, and Shay Mitchell)

  • Beyoncé imagines
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    Beyoncé/ you(G!P) Just a bunch of oneshots. Some of the oneshots I did already using different characters.

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