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  • Fate/Unlimited Harem Work x Reader
    137K 4.8K 32

    In a twist of Fate, a human from our world was sent into what could only be described as the most broken universe to ever exist along as the most broken power in said universe, and that is saying something Well, if he stays out of trouble, (Y/n) (L/n) is confident he could at last have a normal and relaxing life. Holy...

  • Fate/Zero: New Dawn
    21K 882 7

    (Male Reader) At the eve of the Fourth Holy Grail War, destiny was altered. Instead of a psychopathic killer, a new factor emerged as the Master of Servant Caster. A contender known simply as the Executioner of the Clock Tower Cleverer, stronger, and perhaps knowing a little bit more than what he is privy to, just wha...