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  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    49.9M 1.5M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • Chasing Wattpad
    117K 14.8K 84

    Is Wattpad a good or bad thing? Are the people on here writers or do they just think they are? Whatever your answer to those questions there are a lot of mysteries surrounding Wattpad and the people that choose to write here. Every day thousands of you get on your computer and chase Wattpad all day long looking for so...

  • Wattpad Best Picks
    2.6K 102 12

    ❝I don't want to just read books. I want to crawl inside of them and live there.❞ Where I write short reviews about some of the wattpad books that have made me feel the exact same way. ×No Spoilers Inside×

  • Train Tales (ch-2)
    239 59 7

    It's a next part of series train tales. but you won't miss much if you hadn't read the first. the train seats often witness wonderful stories, the journey get you beautiful stories and I hope in my stories you get a beautiful journey!! #9 railroads #17 mountains

    836 157 6

    To all the misfits out there who believe they are pieces that never fit any puzzle... It all started with a coffee, the love between a guy who can hear thoughts and a blunt girl. PS : Plz don't copy this story. It does take an effort to even write a short story. Please do inform me beforehand if you plan to make this...

  • Wattpad Pinoy Writers
    329 3 1

    Must read!!! This is for all Wattpad readers and also for writers.

  • Things Wattpad Writers Do that Everyone Hates
    1K 57 9

    just some things that EXTREMELY annoy so many people that almost every wattpad writer does. seriously... STOP. JUST STOP.

  • Wattpad's Finest
    2.2K 69 21

    This is a book of interviews with people who deserve an interview due to success or quality of their work. All interviews are copied exactly as there are typed. No changes made, even in grammar.

  • The Annoying Wattpad Writers Rant
    3.5K 138 4

    Just another wattpad rant!

  • Writing Great Fiction: An Introduction
    74.6K 2.9K 9

    Welcome to the Wattpad Writing Great Fiction introduction! You can browse through the chapters and use them as a reference when needed, or you can treat this like a class in writing fiction. There are assignments you can do, but don't worry, there aren't any due dates. There are lectures, but you don't have to take no...

  • FAQ
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    The Wattpad Talent Scouts answer your most frequently asked questions.

  • Microsoft Surface Creativity Challenge [CLOSED]
    14.1K 335 2

    Exciting news, Wattpadders! We've teamed up with Microsoft Canada to bring you a writing opportunity that will excite and inspire you - and could earn you a brand new Microsoft Surface device to help further your creativity!

  • Advice From Writers
    77.8K 5.5K 23

    As Talent Scouts, we get to talk and interact with many different writers every day. We are always listening and learning from these interactions, and we see how every Wattpad journey is unique and how different strategies work for different people. We are very happy to share some of this advice and experiences with y...

  • Account Guides
    218K 3K 30

    Ever wonder how to change your password, add a banner to your profile, or broadcast a message to all your followers? Here is all the basic information you need to take advantage of all the features on your profile along with answers to your most pressing questions when you need help.

  • How to Promote your Stories
    117K 3.3K 4

    You have finally hit the "PUBLISH" button and your story is now available to all Wattpadders! Congratulations! But don't stop there! Wattpad has millions of users around the world, and your story might just be exactly what they are looking for! So here are some tips to get your story from your screen to the screens...

  • Secrets to Getting More Reads
    1M 15.8K 6

    The age-old question of how to get more reads has been around since any Wattpadder can remember. We searched far and wide for answers, and after much digging, we've finally uncovered the secrets to the art of writing on Wattpad. What occurred to us was that these 'secrets' aren't really secrets at all -they're simple...

  • Guides for Writers
    352K 7.9K 32

    So you have read many amazing stories on Wattpad and now you're thinking - "Hey, I can do this too! I want to share my story!" Your creative juices are flowing and you need to write your ideas down before you forget! Well, you've have come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will give you all the i...

  • Guides for Readers
    136K 1.4K 15

    So a friend told you about this amazing site called Wattpad where you can discover and read a huge variety of stories FOR FREE, and even share your own! OR you found the Wattpad app when searching for a way to read stories on-the-go! OR you're just a closet Harry Styles fan and well, that's self-explanatory ;) Eith...

  • Wattpad writers you should know...
    5.9K 475 6

    There are some excellent storytellers with some excellent books on this site and you have NEVER HEARD OF MOST OF THEM. I am not talking about the people that got a million votes for finding every popular cliche on the planet and sticking them in one book. I am talking about people that know how to write. The ones tha...

  • For All You 'Undiscovered Wattpaders'
    20.4K 1.2K 7

    How often do you sigh after uploading a new chapter once that lovely adrenaline rush is gone? You know that you're not going to get many clicks unless you waste you're evening in the Share Your Story club. I wish I were... - STOP RIGHT THERE! COME RIGHT HERE! This isn't a How To Be Popular book! This... This is pure a...

  • The Wattpad Filipino Block Party
    363K 12.2K 48

    31 Days. 31 entries. 31 Wattpad Filipino writers. For the whole month of August, tayo ay magse-celebrate araw-araw! Handa ka na ba? #TWFBP2015

  • So I Write
    782 99 1

    When it comes to mental health, words make a difference. To every person who has shared their inner worlds, used their words to shine a light on mental health, and created characters that speak to the experiences of so many-thank you for making Wattpad the place you share your story. For 2018 Mental Health Week, @ Ti...

  • Wattpad Writers
    154 39 5

    A group of writers have decided to publish their poem in a picture prompt to our readers.These picture poems are very amazing and interesting to read. I hope you all will love the picture poem. You might be wondering why I have their picture poem and why am publishing their picture poem in my page. The reason is becau...

    16K 537 16

    A contest of long word counts and big prizes!

  • The One That Got Away: A Wattpad Stars Anthology
    37K 813 32

    We've all got one... the one that got away. Come on a journey through this idea in all its forms as thirty writers from the Wattpad Stars Program explore tales of things lost, things found, and everything in-between. Featuring stories from: Tay (writer of 'The QB Bad Boy and Me'), U.C. Kalu, Morgan Rider, Emma Baird...

  • The Dream Community [HIRING]
    3.2K 293 7

    dreamer Pronunciation /ˈdriːmə/ NOUN person who dreams or is dreaming. 'The dreamer, the visionary seer, not only sees, but does something, makes something.' ☆☆☆ Hi and Welcome to the Dream Community. Here we believe that everyone has the right to dream and do what they love and accomplish what they this is possible...

  • A Serious Guide to Laughter - Guidebook
    3.3K 214 9

    How do we take our humor? Like we take our coffee...very seriously. Welcome to the house of gigglers and pranksters! This guide is there to help you navigate the Humor profile and to get an overview of everything going on and how it works. We will cover loads of guidelines, how's, what's, where's, and why's in here.

  • How to Write Science Fiction
    161K 6.5K 14

    "Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not." - Isaac Asimov This piece is intended as a bit of a Help guide, a point of reference and hopefully something people will enjoy, as ultimately all of you will have different experiences reading...

  • 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔹𝕖𝕖 𝔸𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕕𝕤 || 𝕆𝕡𝕖𝕟
    3.4K 205 10

    {OPEN} {HIRING} Welcome to the Bee Awards! Brought to you by your host Liselle, this is the place to get recognition, reads, and votes.

  • The Mystical Awards 3.0 || Season 3 || Season 4 Coming Soon ||
    10.5K 904 39

    Hello Wattpad!! The Mystical Awards is back for season 3 if you are already part of our Mystical Family we welcome you back, but if you are not yet familiar with The Mystical Awards then stick around and get to know this fantastic community ❤ We are on season 3 and this time The Mystical is coming back with a new way...