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  • The One That Came Back (REPOST)| WATTY'S 2019
    527K 18K 43

    Description in story

  • Getting Back to Us
    99K 5.2K 31

    Sequel to The One That Came Back

  • Love on Chesapeake Bay (BWWM)
    422K 25K 29

    Kayla Kavari meets Jack Holland, a handsome doctor, on her way to visit the medical campus that she will call home for the next four years. Jack hasn't had the best luck with women in the past and has become wary of relationships. Will he let the past stand in the way of a possible future with Kayla? ©Copyright 2017

  • Kavari M.D. | Book Two (BWWM)
    220K 17.5K 28

    • Book Two in Love on Chesapeake Bay Series • Kayla Kavari begins her surgical internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital and quickly finds both her professional and personal relationships challenged when an old flame from Jack's past reemerges. ©Copyright 2017

  • Love Me Naked|Dave East
    1.3M 47.9K 106

    26 year old Parker Hardware is a successful black woman who strives on her own working as a therapist. Growing up as the young girl with perms and hot combs, her life later changed to weaves and lace fronts. With difficulty finding her inner self in a brain washed world, she wanted to find peace and love. After a 4 ye...

    Completed   Mature
  • Freak Shake (The Hollens Book 5)
    615K 38.2K 69

    Jevan Hollen, son of the billionaire Evan Hollen, was the most popular boy in his highschool. His excellence made him stand out from everyone, including his friends. Blossom Wright was a normal young lady from Ghana. She earned a scholarship to a college in the US and was transferred to Jevan's school to finish her s...

  • Molten Chocolate (The Hollens Book 2) ✔️
    14.1M 590K 74

    "What happened last night was a mistake. We both had too much to drink and one thing led to another. It was an act of alcohol and nothing more. I don't have any feelings for you whatsoever. You're my employee and that's all you'll ever be." - Evan Hollen Taking in his father's footsteps, Evan Hollen became successful...

  • Hot Coffee (The Hollens Book 1)
    3.8M 181K 75

    When plain simple nerdy Emma Cole goes to Hollen Tower for an interview she quickly realizes she is out of her league. The women of Hollen Tower are gorgeous, and their shoes cost more than her entire wardrobe. But an accident, and a talent for coffee, put Emma in the position to meet the man of her dreams. There's ju...

  • Cookies And Cream (The Hollens Books 3)
    1.6M 92.4K 54

    Zenia Blackman had a deep dark secret, which caused her to be fearful of falling in love. But there was one guy who was determined to make her fall in love with him. **Edited June 2019 by @vauncamille