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  • Silent Souls (Wattys 2014)
    127K 10.4K 11

    He thinks she's beautiful. He thinks he's falling in love with her. He wants to tell her, but there's one problem: He can't speak. #87 - Story Story / #300 - Romance

  • New Storm Rising
    2.5M 206K 43

    This was NOT how Lilly had expected her honeymoon to go. Ever since their ship left the shore, she has been feeling dizzy, irritable and nauseous...and what the heck are these strange cravings she keeps having? Her brand-new husband is no help either. Suddenly, stoic, icy billionaire Mr Rikkard Ambrose has turned int...

  • Storm of Bells
    16M 1M 44

    Never do what you're told, never boil your own head in vinegar and, most important of all, never ever marry a man-those have always been Lilly Linton's principles for a happy, carefree life. So, how the heck did she end up engaged to multinational industrial magnate Rikkard Ambrose? Right now she's too happy to care...

  • Hunting for Silence
    16.9M 1M 37

    British business mogul Rikkard Ambrose has departed London to face his arch-rival in a deadly game of espionage and intrigue at the Royal Court of France, leaving his lady love behind to knit socks and twiddle her thumbs. Left behind alone? That is not something Lilly Linton is willing to put up with! Determined to sh...

  • 饾悋饾悽饾惉 饾悜饾悽饾惎饾悶饾惈
    963K 24.4K 40

    River Cortland is a 17 year old girl who seems to have a permanent blush around her best friend Noah who she loves more than anything in the world. Noah Arlington is a 18 year old boy who lives to tease his precious little best friend who he's protective over and who means the world to him. Two hearts meant for each...

  • Octavius
    2.4M 72.2K 42

    One of the most powerful man in the world. He was called Octavius. Cruel, coldblooded, and completely unobtainable. The Devil in a Brioni suit. The mere whisper of his name was like lethal poison that burned through the hearts of millions. Penetrating, and clear amber eyes that made grown men weep, and women burned wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Androphobia
    5.7M 892 1

    an路鈥媎ro路鈥媝ho路鈥媌ia | \ 藢an-dr蓹-藞f艒-b膿-蓹 noun : an abnormal dread of men : repugnance to the male sex Thea is the definition of sweetness. Whether it be stopping to talk to a homeless person in the streets or volunteering overtime at her local charity shop, she feels the need to give and not take. Although that comes...

  • A Demon's Mate
    84.6K 2.1K 31

    ""Ok, I admit it may not be the smartest idea to smile and act all cutesy to some stranger but he seems different, I feel safe with him. Suddenly a tiny whooshing sound can be heard followed by a loud thump. I crane my head to see my best friend unconscious with a tiny dart in the side of their neck. Oh, that isn't go...

  • Unraveling Secrets
    346K 11.4K 25

    "But... How can I be your mate?" She whispered, lowering her head. "I'm a human. Humans and werewolves can't be mates." Slowly, he reached for her face and tipped her chin up, forcing their eyes to meet. Though his expression was inscrutable, there was a perceptible fondness in his eyes whenever he looked at her. "Who...

  • Bear and Haisley |T.W #1|
    718K 20K 41

    Bear is the President of The Wolves Haisley is a small-town waitress Bear lives for his MC Haisley is barely living for herself ~ Can he finally let his guard down and love or will he push her away and drink away the loneliness he feels deep within for the rest of his life. Cover by TayTay_1996 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Favorit...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Brother's Girl
    1.4M 79.4K 32

    COVER MADE BY JeniRaeD ---- After being away from home for seven years Joshua Murphy returns to Clearwater, a small town outside of Boston when he gets a call saying his younger brother, Brandon has been in a terrible car crash. Arriving at the hospital finds out his brother's girl was also in the crash, Celina Culle...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Belong To Me
    479K 33.8K 39

    Cover made by maahisingh1 ------------------------------How far would a loving daughter go to save her mother and father from death? Would she seek out help from the mafia, agreeing to marry the one man who could keep her parents alive and safe? Caterina Rossi was one of those daughters who would sacrifice her freedom...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yes, Sir
    4.4M 128K 84

    She was just trying to make ends meet. What she didn't know was, ends meet was a sexy millionaire with the will to kill her with good looks. He was just trying to manage his multimillion company. What he didn't expect was for his new assistant to add onto the ongoing stress. Lainey Bennett only wanted one thing. To m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine.
    1.4M 34.7K 52

    "You still don't get it do you?" he asked, anger dripping in his every word. "Get what?" I asked, my face morphing into confusion at his question. "When I said you were mine, I meant it." he stated, then before I knew it. His lips were on mine. -------------------------- Octavia Hill, 19, has just graduated over a mon...

    Completed   Mature
  • School ReYOUnion
    1M 39.9K 33

    When she receives the invitation, Rebecca Adams doesn't know whether she actually wants to go to her school reunion. A lot has changed since she last set foot in that cringeworthy place. Her greasy skin has long since gone, her hair is far less frizzy these days, her crooked teeth are now nicely straightened, and her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fire and ice
    128K 3.5K 108

    'please ' ...i begged him as I felt tears sting at the back of my eyes but he just looked at me with no emotion in his eyes. Molly Moon, a beautiful, intelligent young lady with so much love to give completing her senior year. Everything is just about perfect for her until the mysterious Sebastian steel forceably wa...

  • Sweet Addiction
    36.4M 1.2M 2

    COMPLETED! A WATTPAD PICK! Wedding hookups never amount to anything. Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Get laid. Get out. There's no expectation of a relationship. It is what it is. Dylan Sparks knows the rules. She's familiar with the protocol. And she engages in the best sex of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stranded with a Stranger
    1.2M 69.6K 31

    COVER MADE BY SWEETREMIII. Max Ferrero, a man with a chip on his shoulders takes a job on a secluded island, his job is to repair all the cabins before the lodge opens for the summer, a fishing lodge where the wealthy comes to fish and hunt. The perfect place to get away from the world and the people he knew for two m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Angels Among Us
    421K 15.2K 12

    Joy Murphy struggles to make ends meet every day of her life. Raising a son by herself is difficult, and this Christmas, nothing has changed...or will it? On the very morning she meets Gabriel Lockwood, her life suddenly becomes a whirlwind of holiday spirit, and with it, the familiar depression that invades her sou...

  • His Heart's Desire
    7M 243K 55

    Nicholas Adams has lived a life of abuse from his alcoholic father and sex addict mother. So growing up was tough. He makes sure everyone fears him. He refuses to get close to anyone. But, new girl Alice might be the one to change his plans. Alice navigates through the ups and downs of high school trying to hide her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Say I Do
    2.7M 121K 65

    The last thing Livy expects is to fall for Logan, the hot but damaged billionaire who wants to help her pay for her dad's medical bills. The catch: they have to pretend to be married for one year! ***** How far would you go to save the only family y...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Past Between Us
    5M 152K 41

    When Scarlett Hudson left her home-town, she never thought she'd have to go back one day. But when tragedy strikes she's forced to return to the place that broke her. She has to face the people who made her life a living hell three years ago, her former best-friend Hunter Adams being one of them. Scarlett knows that...

  • Teaching At An All Boys School
    25M 983K 45

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Coral Stewart is a nerdy seventeen year old girl who is way too smart for her own good. She has already graduated and has been hired at St Martin's, an all boys school. The only problem with this is that she has to attempt to teach four boys History - and trust me when I say t...

  • Claimed by the Sicilian Mafia
    4.1M 160K 33

    Adalina Romano is tired of being manipulated by the men in her life. First, her greedy uncle drags her half way around the world and forces her smack dab in the middle of an outlandish deal between him and the heir to Sicily's largest mafia, the Cosa Nostra. Now, she finds herself in the clutches of a man who makes he...

  • Alpha Titus (editing)
    4.6M 101K 46

    He ruled the werewolf community yet he was a mere 24 in human years, His lack of a mate caused him to be cold hearted, mean and ruthless. She was everybody's dream girl, with her luscious blonde flowing hair and unique eyes, everyone wanted her, but no one could have her but him. When he later eyes on the petite huma...

  • The Bad Boy Stole My Notebook
    9.6M 394K 25

    Lilah is the plain, simple girl that no one notices. She's just another face in the crowd, nothing more. Her world is very different from the ones of her two best friends, which causes them to rarely see each other. So, they share a notebook. They write their feelings and their secrets in this notebook and it is only...

  • Saving Allison
    6M 249K 33

    Allison was never one to talk. She is quiet, shy, has no friends, and keeps to herself. She was never like this when she was younger. But when her mom died, everything went downhill. Her dad became an abusive drunk. Allison and her dad live in a one story little house. And this will be her 4th school in 2 years. She t...

    Completed   Mature
    3.1M 68.2K 22

    "My, my, love. Are you sure you want to leave such a cruel world behind?" Far beyond the horizon, clouds gathered-throbbing, budding, menacing. Time was slipping through their fingers. "What can be worse than this?" A slow, wicked smile split his face in two. Oh how delightfully wild he looked! So wild, so dangerous...

  • Hanna's rescuer.
    13.4K 563 27

    when hanna was thirteen she lost both her parents in a car accident and when she was fifteen her four years old brother died from leukemia now hanna is seventeen and it's just her and her abusive uncle. But one day a guy comes to her rescue, who turns out to be her uncle's boss' son, Lorenzo. Ren allows her to stay wi...

  • Only His (COMPLETED)
    908K 23.1K 34

    The only thing they have in common is their jobs.His name is Ace. He gets what he wants when he wants especially if its a specific some one he wants, and he's very protective when it comes to family. He's arrogant and rude. He got everything a guy would ever want money, the looks , the girls and the family. She's S...