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  • Killmare One-Shots!!
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    Hi! second book, yes... My first time trying a oneshot. I know it doesnt say requests open, but they are. I'll be more descriptive on the first page of the book. Anyways, hope you enjoy!!

  • Multi-ship Book {Ft. Ovverated and Underrated ships} ||ONGOING||
    145 15 6

    I just ship everything just like my sister Rayne UwU No lemons, you know who you are and I'm not taking any requests so if you requested something Im sorry but I will not answer it nor do the request.

  • Bloody dreams
    1.6K 110 6

    Hi sorry I'm not good at describing so... dream has been bitten by a bat and something bad happened to him he feel so odd... Will nightmare save dream or use this opportunity to kill dream... ♡☆ships☆♡ Cream Nightkiller or killmare Dustberry Afterdeath Errorink Horrorlust or bloodlust Outer x ganz ♧♤♧♤♧♤♤♧♤♧♤♧♤♧♤♧♤...

  • My One and Only Lover {Errorink/Errink story} ||ON HOLD||
    605 55 10

    [Cover not mine, I just edited it so give the credits to the owner also this book is on hold so no new updates until I say so] Ink and Error became friends after they made the truce, him and Error became close friends and started hang out more often. But what would happen if Error finds about Inks little secret he kep...

  • High school
    21.1K 1K 47

    You know the drill. Typical high school sanscest story with heaps of messages about mental health and the necessity of homework. Subs are girls. Yadi yada

  • Light and Dark
    22K 1.1K 37

    This is my story of the Realms of Light and Dark. It's got all the usual ships, all that shit. I'll probably be making their actions a bit more sadistic and characteristic. Anyway, I'll be fucking around with their genders again because I have fun doing it. If you have a problem, go eat a potato

  • a trip to remember
    435 60 12

    (I'm not that good but I'll try) this was the day all fighting would stop and peace will finally be made between good and evil but as they say opposites attract this book will be updated every other two days

  • AU-high an all skeleton mucical
    301 38 9

    hello I'm your narrator and welcome to AU-high were all you favorite skeletons are spending there high school year. remember to allways be in class on time , now in joy this all skeleton mucical. ⚠️🌸warning 🌸⚠️ this musical includes some topics that may be offensive to some ...

  • My friend to lover ( pj and fresh )
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    I made a story like this don't read it I didn't mean to make so yeah and pj and fresh are girls and granite is a boy but in this granite will also find a boyfriend this a gay \ lesbian there is no sin in story so enjoy

    Completed   Mature
  • My cute dark angel (Dustberry)
    154 17 7

    In this story the Au's are decide to a Angel or a devil dying the God's the queen of is dream mom and nightmare dad is demon king nightmare and dream are still brothers so the God's decide is your personality and fighting skills if you would fight someone for fun or self defense so the star sans and geon frisk are...

  • Shining Moon Season 2
    34 2 1

    i can't find a better pic ;-; well this is for the moon empire who created shining moon so i will create this and here's the story: before cross died cross said to dream to never forget him but when cross died dream forgot about cross and married another person lux hated dream bc dream forgotten cross so lux was the o...

  • 🔪💔My Yandere RP Book! 🎧🔪
    12.9K 105 10

    Just random Sanscest RPs! Please come and join!

  • Love in our own way [Error x Ink & Multiship]
    22.8K 795 23

    Nightmares gang were at his mansion chilling out when they hear three loud bangs at the door, they opened the door to find the star sans', lead by Ink, in floods of tears. Reluctant as they are the gang let's them in and listens to what got them in such a state. The three Star sans' are forced to team up with Nightmar...

  • Demons Inside Me {an AFTERDEATH Fanfict}
    627 84 14

    Light and Dark always have been a part of our world. Within the DARK, the shadow demons lurk. Within the LIGHT, comes great magical powers. Everything was equal, until... A great calamity arises and the balance began to shift. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Reaper. Son of a great Demon Hunter, who possesses powers from...

  • ( *¯ ³¯*)♡ Sanscest OneShots ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^) [Requests Closed]
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    [Requests are Closed ;-;] Well, well, well.... what are you doin here? ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^) Ya read the title right! I am a massive SANSCEST SHIPPER! *My own ideas or yours! *Any ship will do~ *Any Storyline will do! ~~~~~ WARNING!!! :Some stories consists of SMUT, Lem🍋ns, and NSFW : Mature language (swearing and cursin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Truth or Dare UnderTale AU Sans {CLOSED}
    17K 512 200

    Here are the ships -Crossmare (NightmarexCross) -ErrorInk -Afterdeath -Murlust (Dust x Lust) -DreamBerry -HorrorKiller -Kustard -Viper x Sci -Outer x Dance But you can do other ships too, just except the worse for the dare Art isn't mine

  • ~StarGazing~Kustard~Human AU~
    1.1K 77 26

    Classic and Fell, aka Red, would always go to a certain stargazing area and geek out about the stars, but when Red stops coming, Classic gets worried.. -Cover belongs to Stalga on Tumblr!-

  • Sea World
    38.4K 1.3K 23

    Error, Null, and Void landed in a new multiverse after falling in the void from seeing ink's counterpart in Mobtale toriels home. They landed in a new multiverse and tooken new forms, what happens when error and his kids get captured? The characters belong to harrish

  • Roleplaying Book
    4.2K 29 19

    This is a book where you can rp with me! I will do any ship, and non-romantic rps. I no longer do OC rps unless I tell you specifically that we can. Those simply do not catch my interest. I prefer roleplays that are semi-lit so anywhere from 2-5 sentences as those keep me interested.

  • Creation Begins with an I, Destruction Begins with an E (Undertale Errink Book)
    53.9K 3K 28

    Error and Ink are two Gods, one of creation, the other of Destruction. One is a tattoo artist, happy with his life, the other works in an office, wishing he could quit his job. Due to an incident with two past Gods, Creation and Destruction are not allowed to know anything about each other. The most they are told abou...

  • Blue Magic (Dust x Blueberry)
    4.3K 107 15

    Can a first encounter change a person's life? Can the smallest things change a person? A secret kept from two sides. Will love always wins or can L.O.V.E. destroy it? (!Warning! Ships)( slow updates)

  • Mine (a dustberry story.)
    3.1K 135 15

    This is a love story about a little skeleton and a tall skeleton. And of how their story goes through out their friendship and love life! Most of the story has sadness, and drama! Blue and dust is not made by me! And all of the other characters is not made by me! Most of the artwork is also not made by me!

  • Opposite Attraction - ErrInk (Error x Ink)
    3.1K 199 17

    As Ink created a new AU, he felt another AU destroyed, As Error destroyed a new AU, he felt another AU created, Ink and Error faced each other as the cold breeze of snow flew their scarf, silence between them, as they both moved a foot back, and got to their fighting stances, they ran in a blink as they fought...

  • Undertale ships pictures and comics...>:3
    11K 375 14

    Just pictures of my ships... Included:- Errorink...(I must put it!!! >~<) Cream Dustberry Chasriel Afterdeath Poth Paperfresh Killermare Scifell All of it are my ships...(:'D)

  • Royal Love [COMPLETED]
    16.6K 606 18

    In this book, you will found many ( my fav ) ship! Geno x Death, Error x Ink, Fell x Classic, Blueberry x Dust, Nightmare x Killer, Dream x Cross, Lust x Horror, and Dalysha x Non. Hope you like it! Only update when I have time. Note: some chapter will have warning, if they contain bad word's or swearing. Start: 3 De...

  • Broken dreams
    18.9K 668 33

    Hi sorry I'm not good at describing so... Dream always had Nightmares and cut himself but never tell it to his friends but no one know specially nightmare know that his brother life is in great danger.... ♡☆ships☆♡ Cream Nightkiller or killmare Dustberry Afterdeath Errorink Horrorlust or bloodlust Outer x ganz ♧♤♧♤...

  • Lust Sans protecc squad
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    19.2K 619 36

    nightmare: am i really falling for my bodyguard? killer: i can't have feelings for him! i'm just his bodyguard...right? author: how will this shit end?

    Completed   Mature
  • [[ NightKiller Oneshots ]]
    26.5K 849 14

    { REQUESTS ARE OPEN } Can you blame me for loving this ship too much ? Because I'm basically obssesed with it more than you think I am. Requests are open until I say so ! Might contain some mature content though... Nightmare X Killer is motherfucking OTP FOR LYFE-