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  • A Second Chance (Springtrap X Reader) (Springtrap & Deliah)
    62.7K 1.8K 49

    "I thought I'd have this constant pressure pushing down on my chest for the rest of my life, that was until he decided to reveal himself from the shadows of my kitchen. He changed my life for the better, he was like my guardian angel sent down by God himself. Or perhaps sent up by Satan himself." Y/N's life wasn't al...

  • Funtimes Never Die: F.Freddy x Reader #1
    251K 7.3K 75

    This is story driven reader-insert that includes Funtime Freddy x Reader! There will be gore and explicit scenes not meant for younger readers. Warning and reader description advised. (Y/N) finally found a job. Her parents helped her get her foothold, but now, she needed them no longer, because she was the new night t...

  • You Make Me Feel Alive (Toy Bonnie x Reader) *Completed*
    38.6K 1K 26

    Edit: please stop reading this I wrote this in 2018 😟 ------ Trigger warring for: Gore Self harm Abuse Murder You've havent had the best experience with Freddy Frazbears in your past. almost getting killed is your most traumatizing thing you've witnessed. that was when you were five. now your 15 and are very suicidal...

  • New Gig (Lefty x Reader)
    21.1K 724 14

    It's a brand new day. Y/N will be opening up their own restaurant, on their own accord. Exciting! Only if you really dreamed of it. Y/N here can be quite unfriendly, yet enjoys their own solitude. That is until they meet someone new. Someone they never expected to get to know on a personal level.... Cover was made by...

  • You belong to me~ (Funtime Freddy x Reader)
    10K 224 11

    (Y/n) has just recently left her parents to start her new beginnings on the right foot butt things didn't go to plan once her boss fired her right on the spot for either another employee to be hired or her co-workers spreading rumors about her. Soooo she went home very pissed off and not in the mood to talk to anyone...