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  • 🌆DOG'S LIFE🌆
    708 48 6

    it's a story about Sonic as a gray-bluish Border Collie move to the city from the country with his owner tails and a new life one day tails wanted them to have a break from unpacking boxes so he took Sonic to the dog park as sonic was playing and making friends an accident bump into a black white fur chess K9 the cani...

  • From Hate To Love [Sonadow Love Story]
    8.6K 276 9

    Both hedgehogs need to go on a mission. As always they argue a lot... Mission is paused because Shadow doesn't feel so good. They are trying to do this mission once again in the next day. After a couple of days Shadow have a wierd feeling when Sonic is around but he don't know what is this feeling exacly. After few we...

  • Western Love
    15K 661 15

    Sonic has been being chased by some sexual bandits and guess who's running them... Scourge the hedgehog! He's been planning to make Sonic his mate by force! Will he ever be safe from Scourge or will a certain hedgehog come to the resque and save the sweet uke! find out when you read Western love!! sonadow story.. son...

  • A World In Chaos
    5.7K 333 15

    Its had been thousands of years since the mortal realm and the realm of the night crawlers collided. Now, the world was infested with monsters. In a collage known for its mystery and unusual students. One student in particular is very curious as to what one student with some unusual habits is up to. Sonic, never s...

  • Desert Emerald - Sonadow
    14K 638 15

    Sonic and his friends get captured, sold, and separated after crash landing in the middle of nowhere. However, when Sonic catches the undivided attention of the Sultan, and has lost his voice somewhere along the way, what is the little blue hedgehog to do? Will the Desert Emerald flourish or perish amongst the rolling...

  • A Real Relationship
    19.9K 1.3K 40

    No childhood, no love life. Since Sonic was five he dedicated his life to the war against the Robotniks. fighting the first Robotnik until he was twelve before the next came along. The second Robotnik changed his name to Eggman, the villan Sonic fought in the present at age 15. No family to counsel him or teach him, a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sonadow- Chapter 1- Say it Sonic!
    49.7K 1.3K 19

    When Sonic confesses his love to Shadow on a stormy night he makes a promies. A promise thet his lover would never lose him. Just as things seem to be going so very well... theres sudden infection in the water killing almost everyone! And an invador who's come for pay back.... Will Sonic be able to keep his promise? (...

  • School scandal (18+,blackmail,sexual content,rude language)
    36K 589 9

    Sonic is the new kid,and brings its own problems but once the school president and most popular Hedgehog in school falls for him a scandal starts up and his social life could be ruined.

  • Rivals with benefits
    13.2K 415 28

    Rivalry is a serious thing but when a certain black hedgie makes the decision to do something out of the ordinary, he turns what is a hate for two, that soon turns into something definitely no one would ever expect. #1 in #sonicyaoi !!!!! #5 in #sonicyaoi

  • That Hedgehog
    11.1K 246 7

    Shadow is the most popular Hedgehog in diamond high-school,his life is perfect until one day he connects eyes with a blue hedgehog and his life changes forever.

  • Sonic And His Friends Image Pictures..
    1.2K 57 10

    It's just a bunch of random pictures that I download on the Internet!! Lots of pictures doesn't belong to me.. And I hope that you enjoy it☺

  • Ask and Dare Sonic, Shadow and friends
    280 10 5

    I know my updated are so so so slow so you can ask me Sonic Shadow and our friends question and dare.

  • Foster love
    945 55 5

    Sonic: 15 years old and uke shadow: 17 years old and seme

  • Alphabet Boy
    431 41 3

    shadow: seme Sonic:uke shadow is a kid with a special need, his deaf so he wears a hearing aid. he's bullied by the kids at school and abused at home by his mother and father. Sonic is the new kid at school and already very popular. one day, shadow gets to meet Sonic and turns out they have something in common.

  • The Speed Demon
    50K 1.6K 36

    Sonic has never told any one his most dangerous secret But when him, Shadow and Silver swap body's he will have to tell or the whole world could be destroyed ~ please read notifications for any information Thanks Dream7896

  • The Prince and The Knight[Sonadow]
    6.7K 116 10

    Sonic,15 years old boy who has a dream about having a knight who always cares about him. One day, he discovered that his dream knight was his friend named Shadow. Now, Sonic must make his dream come true by giving Shadow his true love.

  • Art book
    8.2K 629 33

    A book of drawings. I draw a lot so I thought why not? I don't normally do this but sure.

  • Sonic Ship Review
    2.8K 152 16

    I review ships based off request. Give me a ship, I'll analyze it.

  • ROFL!!!!!
    1.7K 82 1

    My sister read this joke to me on Facebook n I just HAD to do a quick short. ^^ Pic is by xXreshro-the-wolfXx on DeviantArt

  • Perfect
    23.1K 717 15

    A certain love potion gets mixed up with a bottle of whiskey at a party. Amy's plan to get Sonic to love her fails as Sonic is dared to drink the bottle. The effect is strong than anyone anticipated. Futa Lemons (No warnings)

    Completed   Mature
  • ImAgEnEs SoNaDoW Y MaS
    277K 10.4K 208

    Imágenes de: Sonic Shadow Scourge Silver Mephiles Sonic boom Classic Sonic Sonic exe Sonic dark Supers y Sonadow Sonadow sonourge sonilver mephonic sonexe y mucho más

  • A Secret [Might Rewrite]
    2K 67 14

    Shadow has a secret. He has told no one He has a crush on his rival. ⚠ warning sonadow ⚠

  • The Quest
    666 46 3

    Comic! Read to find out.

  • We Learn To Love (SONILVER)
    13.3K 671 19

    After secondary school, Sonic is sent to a special school by his parents. They notice he has difficulties with loving another, they don't even know if he is gay or straight. So to teach him how to love someone, he is being sent to the Love School. His chosen partner is a girl but teachers soon notice that he isn't int...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sonic.exe: a change of fate
    641 10 9

    After waking up in the forest with no memory of who he once was, Exe must remember who he is with the help of Mephiles. Unfortunately, everyone else knows Exe very well.

  • lover. Fighter.
    1.2K 122 9

    We all know that Sonic has never really had any interest in dating, for the fear of being forced to settle down because of experiences with his abusive ex, even though he has crushes on a few others, all of them guys. But little does he know most of them return his feelings and are trying to win him over, despite how...

  • Broken
    23.5K 586 24

    "I was left behind..."

  • King and Knight
    9.2K 296 20

    Shadow is king. He mostly trust his knights Percival and Gawain. But, when a masked knight comes claiming that they have the ability to wield the legendary sword of Excalibur. Shadow starts to question them.

  • The camping trip (sonadow)
    2.2K 69 10

    Sonic and his friends go in a camping trip for the first time in years! Since sonic has been busy fighting off eggman and the other's were doing there own thing. Sonic also wanted shadow to tag along to, and surprisingly, ( after 10 minutes of begging and arguing ) sonic finally convinced shadow to come along. But wha...