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  • Miraculous Ladybug One-shots {REQUESTS CLOSED}
    279K 8.7K 73

    REQUESTS CLOSED As the title describes LadyNoir, AdrieNette, MariChat and LadRien are the main 4. Any x readers are allowed to be requested. Also be doing individual one shots as well -Completed- It's been 4ish years since the last update. Thank you to everyone who supported me and this book!

  • C O R R U P T | Vampire Chat Noir x Reader (Two books in one)
    17.5K 508 64

    ♡ Completed| You are known as The Shadow Hunter, and he was known as Chat Noir. Chat and you are both the great-and-famously-known duo for protecting the streets of Paris. Chat Noir and you both keep your identities a secret: You're a hero by day, but one of the many vampire hunters by night- a secret nobody knows...

  • Lincoln Rovio
    8.6K 59 15

    After being declared bad luck Lincoln ran away and vanished without a trace years laters he returned but with a surprise How will his family and friends react let's see

  • Hiccup the Prince of Dragons: Birth of a prince (Rewrite)
    188K 4.5K 20

    Prior to the rewrite, the story will first take place when Valka and Hiccup were captured, and Stoick picking himself up. For now it's their adventures we'll look into before Hiccup takes the wheel.

  • A Loud and a Goddess
    30.2K 394 12

    What happens if Lincoln never went to the baseball game of Lynn's but instead he runs away only to be helped by a strange woman. Shall he stay with the woman or go back to his family?

  • How Luck Destroyed A Family
    60.2K 348 20

    Set in three different decades the late 60s throughout the 70s and 80s this three part story follows Lincoln Loud's life before and after the bad luck incident with his abusive family as they are sent away to jail and Juvenile as he is deported to an interracial orphanage in Johannesburg South Africa during the aparth...

    Completed   Mature
  • On The Brink Of Insanity (Soul eater boys x reader)
    19K 389 27

    cover by: rivila_cher (Y/n) had a normal life until she met the Haichi brothers. After a tough childhood with them she finally met the group we all know and love. The three boys of the group fall for (Y/n) and will soon find out her secret. Who will be the one to get in the goods with (Y/n)??

  • Miracle Paint (Nathanael x Reader)
    161K 5.1K 11

    Ever since he was akumatized, Marinette hasn't been Nathanael's priority anymore. Blank pages suddenly became sketches of his new crush. But would his close friend (Y/N) ever like him back? Cover image drawn by me!

  • What! Chat Blanc X Reader
    57.8K 1.3K 21

    Ok so I have been looking for some Chat Blanc stories and there has been literally NONE! So I decided to write one. Just remember this is my first X Reader. And yes I changed the cover. And yes I'm back to writing this again I won't go on a hiatus. Most impressive ranking #548 in Powers #1 in CatBlanc

  • Always watching. (yandree cat noir)
    2.7K 112 5

    A new girl switches schools and begins to work at the agreste mansion. She wasn't trusted and she slowly began to make friends. a certain teen isn't too happy and tries to lure the girl away into his possessive claws

  • Suppression ~ இ Yandere! Adrien Agreste / Chat Noir x Reader x Yandere! male❓இ
    48.4K 1.1K 9

    [ ON HIATUS ] Have you ever heard that every single person in this world has a fated mate? ...And what? Do you think it's just a hoax made up by story writers, poets and dreamers? Well, maybe it truly is for ordinary people, but not for those who own the Miraculouses. Have you ever heard that since ancient times ther...

  • mine | yandere! adrien agreste x reader
    13.3K 384 2

    •• (This is going to have slow updates for a while FYI) •• adrien secretly had a huge crush on marinette. he was going to ask her out but that all changed when you came into the picture. you were the new student at college francois dupont. at first, adrien didn't really think of you. you were just another student, yes...

  • Blood-stained Claws (Yandere! Chat Noir X Reader) -ON HIATUS-
    13.2K 287 2

    Chat Noir was head over heels in love with Ladybug. At least, that's what he told himself. But one day, a peculiar girl catches his eye and sparks something in him. Desire... Need... Obsession... --- This is a Reader insert (yay!) and is a crack story, so it'll be randomly updated. Oh and this is a slow burn, so ther...

  • Nathaniel x reader!
    33.4K 893 15

    After a big fight with Marinette, you befriend the notorious duo and a whole lot of drama unfolds at a crazy party, including some confessions between you and a certain red haired boy...

  • TAWoG》 Not Gonna Fall (Completed)
    12.4K 369 22

    Both boy's share great memories together. But it seems that most memories don't last long. Anger, drama, than to a runaway teenager who doesn't know how to deal with his mistake, leading up to a revenge full younger brother who has changed from a sweet boy to a full grown angry boy who only wants to show his brother w...

    Completed   Mature
    240 9 11

    WARNING: THIS BOOK WILL HAVE A LOT OF BLOOD AND CURSING! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM THEN I SUGGEST YOU TO NOT READ THIS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Lizzy and Amy are in a relationship. Everybody is happy for them. Well...not everybody. Jessica is that person. She wanted Lizzy to her self. She wanted to be with her. Not Amy. Ev...

  • FOREVER MINE~ 🔪 Sequel to MINE from the bad ending
    116 3 4

    WARNING: THERE WILL BE BLOOD, CURSING, AND SEXUAL SCENES! CLICK AWAY IF YOU DON'T LIKE THESE THINGS! This is continuing from the bad ending ending of the last book. I suggest you read that book if you haven't before you read this one! Btw, I don't think that I'll make a book continuing from the good ending because Je...

  • " L O V E M E " | COMPLETED!
    21.3K 408 7

    "Come on Ames, love me." "S-Sonic.... you're crazy...." "Yeah, crazy for you~~~" Created on 3/31/20

  • " Ɏ Ø Ʉ ' Ɽ Ɇ ₥ ł ₦ Ɇ" | (SEQUEL)
    2K 51 2

    "Okay, Ames, since you tried to escape from me, you'll get punished. So, would you rather have me break your fingers or burn you?" Sequel to "Love Me" Make sure you read that book before reading this one!" Created on: 5/23/20

  • Onceler x Reader One-Shots
    521K 12.2K 56

    Onceler x Reader, Greedler x Reader, Jojo x Reader, Ted x Reader, ECT. I hope you enjoy these one-shots. My writing gets better as the one-shots go on. So slow updates.

  • Tangled the series: Rapunzel's sister (reader insert)
    23.6K 556 14

    Join (Y/n), her big sister Rapunzel, and the rest of their friends as they seek adventure and unlock mysterious of Sun Drop and the Moon Drop. Another little information, (Y/n) and Varian develop some feelings for each other. Started: January 16, 2021 Ended: ???

  • It's been 10 years...
    12.9K 358 30

    "Hey anytime Poppy see you in 10 years!" Imagine a world where Chef never found them,a world where Poppy never learned that the world isn't just cupcakes and rainbows, a world Branch never got his colors back... A world where Branch really did stay in his bunker for 10 years...

  • Branches Haunted Life (Broppy Fanfic)
    6.2K 141 17

    Branch was kidnapped by evil professors and taken to a lab. The lab had experiment rooms made for trolls and heaps of unknown liquids. What will happen to Branch? Will he be ok? (The images used in this book aren't mine....sorry).

  • A Soul Reborn
    9K 229 17

    The battle WAS over, but was it won?. The Gangs back in business with a whole new story to tell. After the events of Corrupt Heart, Jestro and Clay are happily living together, but Mircuol is STILL after Jestro's body. The knights have been warned, but Clay has something more on his mind that may lead to his downfall...

  • Haunted Nightmares
    5.4K 140 18

    Years after the events of A Soul Reborn. Clay, Jestro and the rest of the Knights thought that they had finished Mircuol off for good, but they were wrong. Mircuol managed to survive his injuries and push through to become more evil than ever! Seeking revenge, Mircuol is now trying to re-corrupt Jestro through his dre...

  • ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʰᵃᵗᵉ ꨄ︎Alastor x Readerꨄ︎
    198K 5.7K 43

    -𝚄𝙽𝙳𝙴𝚁 𝙴𝙳𝙸𝚃 -𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙾𝚁𝙸𝙶𝙸𝙽𝙰𝙻 𝙲𝙾𝙼𝙿𝙻𝙴𝚃𝙴𝙳✓ Y/N, yes y/N. weird ass hoe who hates that sexy ol' radio demon😍 yet he fell in love for the first time and will never give up on her. The audAcity. He's the radio demon after all, he gets what he wants.... (crackfic)

  • Fate's Desire [Sesshomaru x Rin]
    141K 4.5K 39

    Seven years since the ending of Inuyasha The Final Act, ten years since the death of Naraku, a new adventure begins, filled with excitement, love, and new dangers. A Sesshomaru and Rin Love Story. **this story is currently undergoing editing as of 12/26/2019.

  • Blended (Beastars Cafe AU)
    24.8K 813 8

    It was a pretty slow day at Legosi's small cafe. The light chatters of the animals inside were a calming white noise to Legosi's ears. And with the aroma of coffee drifting through the air, it made for quite a relaxing atmosphere in the cafe. Everything was like usual. At least, until a certain red deer came, that is...

  • For AriaUknown8(RadioDust One-shot)
    32.3K 662 19

    I hope that you like this and yes this was a request and I do not do the art work! okay? good!