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  • Coisas que eu aprendi sobre o meu mundo [cancelado :(]
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    { A foto de capa não é minha } Um livro que eu encontrei no meu sótão...

  • It Started With a Job Interview (Ongoing with slow updates)
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    Dalia, a 24 year old, a young Muslim girl working at a school. She is confident and never shows her vulnerability. She lives with her family in Canada, never thinking about guys or marriage after highschool. Waleed, 27 year old, also Muslim,in charge of his dads school, more like a principal you should say. He finds t...

  • The Ground Breakers
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    Zachary and his friends must find a way to escape from the grounds, but their time is limited and the truth isn't that easy to uncover. With the many trials they must face, their only chance at survival is avoiding their enemy: the very ground they walk on. With the endless horizon and silence between them, they must...

  • Love Me or Hate Me? (The choice is not yours ) [On Hold]
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    My simple yet complicated life turned into a well designed roller coaster when I met him. Can life be anymore difficult for me? "Who are you and what are you doing in front of my house???" "Oh you don't know me?! Let 'me' remind you" said the man who was completely drenched in blood. He is quite handsome but this is...

  • Masked
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    For four years, a masked serial killer known as the "Mannequin Killer" has kidnapped and murdered victims in Redwood, Washington. But everything changed, when Jordan Maxwell, son of Detective Robert Maxwell, was kidnapped. Detective Maxwell has to embark on a dark journey to uncover clues to the past and face his demo...

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    2254, the year that things started to take a terrible turn of events for CEO & Technologist Green Ericsson. His son wants to enter the company into uncharted territories of mass military-grade weaponry manufacturing, causing such a rift in the company that it threatens to tear it down from within. The company receive...