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  • Guardian Angel [Among Us Fanfiction]
    140 12 4

    I'm make a good description later. It's basically your average Crewmate x Imposter love story but slightly different in a way.

  • 50 Shades of Sabotage [Among Us Fanfiction]
    571 45 13

    There's an Imposter (or two) among the group. The crew on this spaceship starts to distrust each other after bodies begin piling up all over the ship. To make things worse, Black can't seem to get his eyes off a certain other "crewmate". But is the crewmate Black admires someone trustworthy? Or will he get just eaten...

    Completed   Mature
  • Over The Grey Line
    108 28 15

    Get ready to c r i n g e

  • ThyStreet
    384 132 48

    MyStreet just with me and my friends OCs. Season 1: Join Vi, Taylor, Logan and Sky as they try to get along with their new neighbors. ~~~~ Season 2: With Solvius & Kai gone, Vi and Tay find themselves with some new faces. Just like before they attempt to get to know their neighbors. But, things seem a little weird...

  • The Unholdy Doctrine of Shadows and Other Dark Entities
    11 4 1

    [also know as the Shadow Bible] You may take this book as seriously or as jokey as you would like. {The cover is irrelevant.}

  • The Worst Assassins
    200 42 22

    Don't read this unless you want to be confused.

  • I Made An Actual Art Book...
    436 78 26

    My confidence magically increased over night, and now I have a real art book that isn't just filled with random crap. Please keep in mind while reading this that I'm not the best artist to exist so- I'm not very good.

  • Tag, You're It
    38 6 2

    Tag book.

  • Danganronpa: Death Penalty [Fanganronpa]
    156 13 6

    A group close friends find themselves trapped in a school after a late night DND session. And- since there's Danganronpa in the title of the story, they get to play a killing game. ~~~~ [ I do not own Danganronpa.] [ The characters belong to me and my friends. ]

    Completed   Mature
  • Danganronpa/Fanganronpa Random Garbage
    2.3K 109 35

    So, it's pretty much what the title says. It'll be mostly Fanganronpa stuff, cause yeah. This will include: Predictions, Theories, Opinions (not necessarily for ships), and anything else I might put in here (such as me play Smash or Pass & F*ck, Marry, Kill at 1 am). Yes can request stuff, like my opinion something...

  • Danganronpa/Fanganronpa Ship Opinions
    6.2K 406 135

    I've seen so many people do this, so I decided why not do it myself? My opinions are really weird half the time, so this will be fun. * * * -Requests Open-