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  • Little Miss Artist
    158K 9.9K 55

    "You're so cute," he leaves a soft kiss on my shoulder, "and beautiful," he buries his nose in my hair, planting another kiss against my neck, "and incredibly smart," he smiles against my skin, moving slightly to tilt my head, "and finally mine." And then his lips are on mine. ••• Three years ago, Aria Brooks became...

  • Falling for the Seat Filler
    2.3M 103K 36

    Seat filler Lincoln Parker never expected to accidentally fall on one knee in front of world-famous superstar Emily Margot. Now, with his face on the cover of every tabloid, he has to pretend to be her lover-and keep hidden his real, growing feelings as their time together starts to run out. ...

  • The Connor's (Watty's 2018)
    460K 19.6K 53

    A new family has just moved in across the street, peaking everyone's interest for they're like nothing this small suburban town has ever seen. You see, the Connor's aren't a real family. As a new street drug begins to plague the halls of Belmont High, six unlikely FBI operative rejects will be sent in to save the day...

  • Drowning
    6.8K 621 10

    No one has the slightest inkling as to why the girl who loved water developed a phobia for it. No one knows what happened on the night her cousin mysteriously disappeared off the face of the Earth. No one except those close to her, of course. Raine Emerson has spent the past year mourning over Gemma's death, blaming h...

  • A Deadly Pain In The Texts
    53.4K 5K 14

    What are the odds that you are dared to steal the cat of a dead person? And, what are the odds that you receive a *threatning* text from the supposed dead person in the middle of the night? Well, the odds are in Adelaide's favor. A text conversation which started because of a harmless dare takes a complete one eighty...

  • Someone Like Juliet | √
    407K 29.6K 51

    "So, Cam? You know what happens now?" I smiled brightly, hoping he would get the hint. But, he was Cam fricking Oreos, the most clueless person on this planet or maybe he was just skilled at acting clueless. Well, that's why I was here. If he wasn't going to do it, then, I could take the charge, now that Oreos were ou...

  • Just a Pinch of Chaos
    23.9K 1.4K 15

    People are strange. That's basic knowledge. However, Yazmin-whatever-her-middle-name-is-Carson puts them all to shame. She's wild, clumsy, and completely pineapple obsessed. But when Yazmin's world suddenly flips upside down, she and her friends - who are almost as reckless as her - are flung into the front seats of...