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  • Manan ff : Best Friends Forever
    387K 38.5K 58

    Soulmates trapped in a sweet conspiracy of destiny.

  • 𝖫𝗈𝖼𝗄𝖽𝗈𝗐𝗇'𝗌 𝖮𝗎𝗋 𝖢𝗎𝗉𝗂𝖽
    5.4K 521 3

    Sugar, the most important ingredient for all chai lovers. 𝘜𝘯𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘶𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘺, Nandini runs out of stock of the most important element for her morning tea. Desperate, she decides to ring the bell of her neighbour to lend some sugar but instead is left bewitched by a man in blue boxers. Well, let's just say, th...

  • The Bachelor
    142K 13.2K 31

    Manik Malhotra-the only son of India's leading business tycoon, is famous for his short temper and numerous flings. His name makes regular headlines in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons! What happens when his family's plan to do some damage control about his image becomes more than he can handle? Curious? Read t...

  • Journey from 'Humesha' to 'Hum'
    5.9K 248 10

    Hi guys! I've been a big fan of 'Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan' and 'Manan' ever since i started watching it on Voot last year.I loved the first season ,but like most other fans I was highly disappointed with the dissatisfying conclusion of the show in season 2. So you can imagine my delight when a third season of the show was a...

  • The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Adventures of Manik Malhotra's Cell Phone
    3K 374 3

    "Aiyappa, isne phir se mera phone kaat diya! Yeh ladka kab sudrega?!" Kabhie nahi sudrega, Nandini! Kabhie nahi! I guarantee it! And you best get used to his bad habits, if you're going to stick around. You guys are surely trying to guess my identity, as you read this. Who am I? How do I know Manik so well? Nah! I'm n...

  • Wrong Number ✓
    186K 18.7K 24

    Nandini Murthy is the normal college going girl with most of her focus on the academics. She's neither that popular nor that invisible, she just ─exists. So what happens when her friend decides to prank her, by giving her the wrong number of the person she has a crush on. Her message rather gets delivered to someone...

  • MaNan ~ The Sweethearts
    71.5K 6.4K 17

    Manik Malhotra is a 25 year old MD of the 'Phantom Productions' which was owned by his grandfather, Lt. Gurukant Malhotra and was headed by his father, Mr. Inder Malhotra until Manik was made the Managing Director recently. A sass and a paparazzi's favourite but also an adorable family and momma's boy who sleeps till...

  • Tender Passion | MaNan OS Book
    19.5K 809 7

    One shots on MaNan

  • Tu Hi Yaar Mera
    19.5K 1.6K 13

    Crazy! Unexpected! Full of surprises! Unusual in a strange way! That's how life is. And indubitably, life can unpredictably hurt as well. A lot. Life is never meant to be our way but our greatest loss is the moment when a part of us dies within our own selves as we live. The moment Aarti died, something shattered with...

  • The Accidental Matchmaker
    239K 30.4K 66

    previously known as: The Taming of the (Male) Shrew. Anika Trivedi had a simple life plan: • graduate • get amazing work-experience • open her own event-management company • marry a nice boy Of course, the last point was added by her mommy dearest, word for word. So you see, nowhere in this plan did she include findin...

  • Let's Play a Game
    42.9K 3.9K 15

    A boy and a girl were asked to marry, did they agree? Ofcourse! Do they hate each other? Ofcourse! Can they kill each other? Ofcourse! But what will happen when someone else comes in and makes them play a game? Will they play? Ofcourse! Will they win? Ofcourse! Will they love each other? . . . . . . . . Ofcourse! ~~~...

  • When You Find The Right One ~ MaNan Ff
    31.5K 3.7K 14

    Suddenly you bump into someone, he holds you from your waist, protecting you from falling down. Your eyes lock with his. Everything blurs around you expect for his face. You could feel a genuine smile appear on his face as he sighs feeling you safe in his arms. He gently brings you up making you stand on your feet. W...

  • Furqat (MaNan FF)
    158K 18.2K 19

    Copyright © 2018 MaNanlicious_Angel Two people met, Two people hated each other, those same two people got united for their loved ones and when... when they fell for each other fireflies glow for them... for their true love! ♥️ It was going all good... Until that one day when Manik had to choose... And Nandini left s...

  • Manan-Love And Attitude
    3.2M 240K 153

    #01 in fanfiction on 23/02/18 Nandini murthy:-) A girl full of life and fun, wants to be independent and stand on her own feet. Loves her family. Manik malhotra:-) A reserved independent boy, opens up with his friends and family only. A strict and perfect boss sometimes judgemental too. Loves his family. Both have dif...

  • Lockdown on London Lane [PUBLISHED w/ WATTPAD BOOKS]
    484K 33.3K 26

    ***Published in the US with Wattpad Books and in the UK under the title 'LOVE, LOCKED DOWN' -- out now in ebook and paperback, and also audiobook in the UK!*** When the London Lane apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Imogen's stuck living with a one-night-stand in Number 14...

  • MaNan FF ~ Life Partners??
    739K 56.1K 53

    What happens when two people are bound together without their agreement?