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  • Refuge
    920K 31.1K 54

    BOOK 2 • YOU MUST read book 1: Shelter otherwise you'll be lost. ▬ ▬ ▬ YA/NA (18+ recommendation) # 3/4 of this book is a SHIT LOAD OF SEX SCENES & Dark themes # READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! ▬ ▬...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shelter
    2.1M 60.3K 57

    BOOK 1 ▬ ▬ ▬ YA/NA (18+ recommendation) # 3/4 of this book is a SHIT LOAD OF SEX SCENES & Dark themes # READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ Ruthless, cold hearted, a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Temptations
    12.7K 207 4

    ---------- Read at your own risk, Mature contains explicit sex scenes etc ---------- 25-year-old Teresa loved the idea of being a successful business women who sleeps her way to the top. Her high school ex, 25-year-old Elijah is her next competition. Love was still in the picture, but for Teresa it was just business...

  • Beautiful Nerd
    3.1M 112K 25

    Pauline June is the nerd of the school. But why is the schools bad boy, Nicolas Witmore suddenly interested in her?

  • Loving Her
    27.1K 797 1

    Love and hatred are two strong feelings. But always, love wins. But what if a pint of revenge is added to them? Still love wins? Maybe. Noah Williams is so consumed with anger when the most trusted friend of his father betrayed him. He wants to avenge Jackson Miles, the very person that betrayed and insulted his fathe...

  • His Very Personal Assistant
    17.4M 450K 38

    Nicolas Witmore is the hot beast and hot topic for Los Angeles paparazzi. He is the C. E. O and a billionaire. He is a playboy with an arrogant attitude. He is known as the most cold hearted person a person could ever meet. But why did he become like that? It is the reason only he knows. But once he finds the person h...

  • Alpha Jordan
    852K 19.4K 24

    He caressed my soft cheek with his rough hands yet so gentle whenever they touch me"Jade,my love don't leave me come back with me" He is so vulnerable. I have never seen him like this. His eyes show lot of emotions , in which love is the most "No Jordan! I don't want to live in a cage! I don't want to be with you",wit...

  • His Dark Heart
    670K 14.9K 11

    "You are a vixen Helen", he said while kissing my neck. I angled my head to side, to give him better axis. I can't hold him cause my hands are tied back with metal cuffs. He suddenly caught my hair roughly and pulled my head back so he can kiss my from my neck to the valley of my breasts. I moaned as he kissed me. Eve...

  • The Possessive CEO's Love
    9.2M 234K 33

    "Remember one thing Cara", his breathe fanning my face, our lips itching to touch. "You. Are. Mine. No one can ever change that", he said and kissed me possessively. Ace Rodriguez. A billionaire, a playboy. He uses girls like the are his discarded shirts. He doesn't care about anything but money. He has everything he...

  • The Pen-Pal Project (Larry Stylinson + Niam Horayne)
    3.7M 89K 100

    'Hello class, my name is Miss Flack. I am the substitute teacher... So this term i have a project for you. It is in conjunction with my previous school. it will be a pen-pal project. The aim of this is for you to stop using mobiles computers and simply use a pen and paper' these words changed the lives of three boys...

    Completed   Mature
  • MOON
    15M 515K 28

    Project M 31/12/17

  • Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory
    36.8M 1M 37

    Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all rogues. Will he get the life he has always craved or will his pride get the better of him?

  • Love Me Alpha
    26.2M 550K 56

    Holly is a young werewolf who has been singled out her whole life, but when her pack finally pushes her too far causing the thin thread she had been hanging onto to break she thinks death will be her salvation. It’s a shame her plans are interrupted when she meets the alpha of vicious pack though, but is she to broken...

    Completed   Mature
  • So you're the Alpha...that's nice
    629K 14.6K 12

    Chloe is slightly on the weird side, so how will the player of an alpha react when he suddenly finds out that his happily-ever-after is in her hands?

  • Black Butterfly
    20.7M 302K 77

    "Just like in highschool, if you have the rooftop, it means that it is your territory and there would be no one to stop your ascension...but, standing at the top gives bittersweet feelings too in between your glory and your sorry." --- Black Butterfly (Bella Echizen Smith) Copyright 2011-2020

  • Sakura
    1.1M 41.8K 30

    Sakura Lee is the queen bee of Strafford University. She's beautiful, smart, athletic and overall popular. No one can mess with her. But when she meets Sakura Holman, her life changes completely...

  • List Of My Heart (Published by Bookware Publishing Corporation as The List)
    75.4K 1.9K 16

    (only chapters 1-3 are available for sample reading ^_^ available na siya sa mga bookstore. thank you everyone for sharing with me your thoughts about levi and nadia, sana natuwa kayo sa kanila :D i had fun writing them, hindi kasi sila masyadong complicated, ahihi) Sa totoong buhay, walang masyadong malalim na dahila...

    Completed   Mature
  • Everything (published by Bookware Publishing Corporation)
    152K 2.4K 14

    Rafe Diego Salvatore. Playboy extraordinaire. The one thing Brenda didn't need and shouldn't have wanted. But she did. Once upon a time she did. And she paid for it. And now he's back, playing the same game all over again. (only chapters 1-4 are available for sample reading ^_^ thank you, everyone ^_^) available na s...

  • Wild Heat
    170K 3.4K 23

    What if destiny made a mistake? Mortal enemies. Lycans and Kenites. Werewolves and the Sons of Cain. What if the one person who was supposed to love you all your life was determined to annihilate your race? (only chapters 1-4 are available for sample reading. salamat sa inyong mainit na pagsuporta kay lucian at adrian...

  • Never Without You (Published by Bookware Publishing Corporation)
    185K 3.3K 25

    How do you say goodbye to forever? He loved her. He had always loved her. Ano ba'ng nangyari sa kanila? ( hiya! i've taken down chapters 4-21 of never without you, only the first three chapters are available for sample reading. available na ang libro sa mga bookstores under pink and purple ng bookware kaya kailangan n...

  • Led to You
    69.7K 2.1K 10

    "Let me make you an offer," ani Richard, matapos ilahad ang kagustuhang magbigay siya ng collateral para sa inutang niyang pera mula sa kapatid nito. "Spend one week with me." Nainsultong hinila ni Chantal ang brasong hawak nito. He smiled condescendingly. "You should be thankful, three million for one-week...

  • Seducing Mr. Antisocial (published by Bookware Publishing Corporation)
    1.4M 28.2K 53

    05may2016 ALREADY AVAILABLE IN PRINT! ahehehe, all caps talaga XD mabibili na po ang SMA sa mga bookstores ^_^ sana po ay suportahan niyo si lavinia at evan! ulit, salamat sa mga sumubaybay sa kanila dito sa wattpad. :D ito ang una kong mahabang novel. 95k words siya, dinugo ako. ahihihi XD it's a great experience ^_^...

  • Seducing the Heiress
    56.9K 1.7K 19

    una po, this was published way back in 2010. ito ang first premium ko. medyo nangangapa pa ako dito (as if ngayon hindi na 'ko nangangapa XD) anyway, raw ang version na ito, ako lang ang nag-edit. ang technology na gamit ng mga characters ay outdated na (flip phone, anyone XD).i was a different writer back then, a dif...

  • The Hidden Gem
    1.1M 33.5K 68

    Gertrude Ellaine Mendez, a.k.a GEM, is a lady with an exceptional skill in all aspects. An epitome of genius. Alam na alam ng kanyang ama ang kaya niyang gawin. That's why he decided to hide her for his profit and her protection. After long years of being locked in, she decided to go out. But when she got out, she has...

  • The Virgin Lies (Published under LIB)
    7.2M 153K 63

    Warning : R18 Sa panahon ngayon, rare nalang ang mga virgin sa edad na 18. Based on statistics, the average age to lose virginity is 16. Unfortunately, Maia Elara is one of those rare species at 20 and to have something to share to everyone, she surround her sex life with lies. Okay na sana ang lahat ang kaso lang...

    Completed   Mature
  • Warming the Ice Queen's Tears
    2M 38.9K 66

    Who would save you if your heart is clouded by revenge?

  • Ideas and/or Upcoming Stories
    3.3K 121 4

    Story ideas that bug me everyday.

  • The Wild Cat
    582K 14.7K 46

    Will you love the woman who pretends to be your sister, seduced you while you think she's your sister, kills your uncle and hides your child away? Aiden is angry... very angry at her but things he doesn't expect happens and he realizes that anger can easily be turn into something he doesn't want. Love. ...

  • The Scorned Wife
    1.4M 38.3K 60

    "A scorned woman wants revenge. A strong woman moves on."

  • The Good Between Bad
    755K 22.9K 54

    Marissa Rose Diva. A girl who doesn't want to gamble her heart when it comes to love. Ang gusto niya ay yung kaya niyang proteksyonan ang puso niya mula sa sakit. But what will happen if someone named Seven, the bad boy slash cold pauper prince ask her something she needs to gamble. Her heart. Can she be able to pr...