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  • My Forever With You
    2.4K 92 6

    This a collection of Kirisuna Short Stories by @RBcanary, @stella_celestia, @MrMcGibbons, and a few other friends. We hope you enjoy each and every one of them!

  • The Story Of Broken Lives (SLOW UPDATES)
    7.9K 89 8

    It's been four years. Four years since they've seen each other, and four years since they've talked to each other in person. ********** 2 years ago they broke up, due to the connection not being there, and it pained both of them do not know who they're with. Kirito finally made his own game, which was announced bett...

  • In Love With The Swordsman
    31.7K 386 20

    Princess Asuna's Life was tough, With her mother trying to pair her off to the richest prince or her tough decision to run away with her most true love, Kirito Who was the local swordsman in the kingdom of Aincrad. But in the end she returns home not only married but with the next heir of Aincrad

  • Say you won't let go( Kirito x Asuna)
    4.8K 106 14

    Asuna and her friends talk about a new boy transfering to her school, but she didn't know he would be her roommate. This is my first story so please dont hate. Also my grammar isn't the best.

  • Sword Art Online - Hero and Villain
    15.3K 515 58

    My name is Kazuto Kirigaya, I was one of the many players stuck in the death game called Sword Art Online. You might know me as the hero who defeated the last boss and set everyone free but you don't know the whole story, you see, I'm not the hero you think I am, I was actually a villian.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Prince's Maid
    3.1K 79 17

    People, I'll say this once; the characters are NOT mine. Only the story plot is. And I am currently working on it. This is a story of my favorite ship of all time: Kirisuna. In this story, Kirito is a Prince and Asuna is the same person, but applying for this maid job at the castle. This also includes so language so n...

  • Love is Stronger Then Words (Kirisuna)
    72.9K 1.2K 22

    After Kirito rescues Asuna from ALO, she goes though recovery and rehabilitation. Once she gets out, they and the rest of the gang go back to the world of virtual reality, and, another threat is awaiting Kirito and Asuna. (slightly mature content)