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  • His Greatest Play
    17.8K 1K 15

    18+, Mature, Stand Alone. Following in his father's footsteps, Maddox Hutton is the new handsome face of the professional hockey league. But that highly respected title comes with its fair share of responsibilities - take Charity work, for example. When he's chosen to be the top sponsor for a small animal shelter in...

  • Moondust
    24.1K 1.9K 37

    When Jules spots Luna in the crowd of his College hockey game, the tall and handsome player can't focus, something about her throwing him off his game. One problem, Luna isn't just any girl coming to a game, she's there to cheer on her boyfriend Zander, and yes, Zander is the Captain of the team. Luna can't deny she f...

  • The Adversities Of Falling
    257K 8.1K 30

    Hailey West is finally a step closer to achieving her dreams of becoming a published author. Determined , to not allow herself to be the one standing in the way of her own success , Hailey slowly starts to let go and instead live each moment fearlessly to the highest spectrum and soon realizes that after all the lows...

  • Hopeless Admiration | ✔️
    47.4K 2.4K 34

    [ COMPLETED ] [ EDITING ] Embree is a girl with dreams. Big dreams and that is the only thing her eyes are set on. Finish with high school and get straight into her dream job. A Swatt agent. She doesn't want anything else because it's the only thing that excites her. The rush of adrenaline, the pumping blood in her ve...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Darkside
    10.3K 838 10

    "I'm drowning, Sage. I'm at a place where no one can save me" "Let me in, Summer. My existence is tied with you" A story in which he'll do anything to save her. ------ Check out the introduction for the extended summary. x Cover: @sea_erra

  • Healing Mr. Brown (Perfect For You, #1) ✔️
    26.6K 903 19

    (BEING REWRITING) ⭐ Wattpad Featured Story ⭐ Vincent Brown has a past filled with cuts and bruises. He knows how to transform his pain and rage to bring out the best in him. He has made mistakes quite big to change but Joy wasn't one of them. Joyce Gale has grown stronger than ever. After losing the person closest to...

  • Romance In A Column
    13.8K 586 22

    Avid reader of and aspiring author to The New York Times, Eryn Sallow, has all but luck in romance. From friend zoned to cheated on, you name it, she's lived it. After four romantically unfavorable years of college, she came to the executive decision to veto entirely relationships. At least, in her twenties. But in w...

  • Spring Break
    5.5M 176K 74

    Jessie Samson never thought she'd catch the eye of Alex Anderson, her hot neighbor and childhood crush until he and his brothers came back to Culver Reef for Spring Break. *** Jessie Samson's life turned upside down when the boys next door and long-time family friends returned home from school to enjoy their vacation...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ronin (Ongoing)
    130K 5.1K 34

    Cheyenne "Chey" Dawn has always lived her life under rules and regulations. She comes off as quirky to almost anyone she ever meets. Derek was supposed to be the one. He was supposed to wait for her in college but he couldn't keep it in his pants. So now, Chey had to see his face every day while he flaunts a new girl...

  • Peaches
    4.3K 380 27

    Peaches holds a secret that binds her to a lifestyle she was forced into at a young age. She is made to perform, excite, and to satisfy; a wealthy asset to her powerful employer, Daddy. Forever a servant to the empire he has built, freedom is a dream long forgotten. When in a financial crisis, she settles on a roomma...

  • Broken South
    7.2K 844 14

    [18+] BOOK TWO A war that destroyed the world. It came and it went, leaving death and chaos in its wake. In the resulting turmoil England has split into four regions, a safety measure that was 'essential' to ensure that violence would not reign over the new world. The world as they know it has been wiped away, but th...

  • Fallin' In Love
    2.3K 865 16

    His body was inches from mine. His hot breath fanning over my face. His lips slightly parted. His hazel-brown eyes piercing into mine. "Do I make you nervous princess?" ――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Hazel Cassidy, a sweet unpopular girl, she prefers to be that way, has always had one sworn enemy who won't leave her alon...

  • Perfect Obsession | Coming Soon
    6.8K 365 1

    There's a thin line between love and hate. One thing Rosalie Jackson knows for sure is that how she feels towards star college hockey player Roman King is definitely hate and that feeling is mutual. Having hated each other ever since they met in freshman year under not-so-great circumstances, nothing has changed two y...

  • Behind Office Doors
    1.9M 57.8K 57

    After a sizzling vacay with a sexy stranger in Greece, Imogen returns home--only to find out her summer beau is her new boss! ***** Irresistible party girl, Imogen Saunders, has just dropped out of university and is looking for a much-needed escape...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Burns Within Us | Wildfire Series Book 1
    206K 12.3K 58

    {18+ COMPLETED} "I'm telling you this so that you understand." I opened my eyes, blinking away the rain. "Understand?" "That you are wanted, Madie." He spoke in a hot, husky murmur, raising gooseflesh on my arms. "That you deserve to be kissed. And not just in a shitty frat house because of a stupid dare." I felt his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Burn for You
    1.6M 48.5K 49

    Mason Wells is off limits. Sam Larson is his sister's best friend. When a threat from the past entered Sam's life again, walls crumble between them and the line starts to blur until both learn that sometimes you can't fight whats in front of you. *This book is rated MATURE. That means 18+. If you are uncomfortable re...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fire We Started | Wildfire Series Book 2
    52.1K 4.4K 49

    {18+ ONGOING} For the past three years, Bren Hadaway has been preparing to die. When he was sixteen, he watched his dad murder his mom. And ever since, he's been counting down the days until it was his turn to be at the end of a gun. And Bren has never really cared. His hellish childhood combined with his learning di...