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  • Tales of a Mother
    631K 20.2K 58

    It was funny when I read other novels that portrays people getting sucked out in a novel or an otome game. Until that happened to me. I wake up, groggy and feeling a bit heavy. My vision was yet to arrive when a sudden pain came from my stomach. And a child was born. From me. I don't know if I'll freak out and cry or...

  • Being a Villainess is No Joke
    263K 12.3K 56

    Adailia de Perinius, the prettiest and bitchiest person of the novel, 'A Lovely Girl' and the main villainess. Being madly in love with the male protagonist, the Crown Prince, she becomes super possessive and did not let any woman come near him. But as in any novel, the male protagonist, Raashid, falls in love with Se...

  • The Villainess
    202K 9.7K 52

    Perry was an ordinary salary woman, she is the everyday face that you see and wouldn't really take another glance at. However one night she died due to an accident and she was transported to the world of the novel "Sweet Idol" where she is the spoiled and prime villainess Kim Sejeong. (Got some inspiration from a cou...

  • My Little Koi
    74.8K 2.3K 71

    When Qiao Moyu awakened, she found herself in a novel world and had become the villainess who was loathed by the President, the novel's male protagonist. Qiao Moyu, the President's childhood friend, came to his door whilst holding a baby, but the man said he won't take any responsibility since the child wasn't his! A...

  • Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant
    176K 3.9K 165

    _ I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY _ _ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES _ Author : Fēng Yǔ Zìrán Country : China Type : Web Novel Genre : Comedy, Historical, Josei, Psychological, Romance SUMMARY: She was transmigrated into a novel where she became the cannon fodder who abused the male lead and ultimately suffered her demise under said ma...

  • What A Cliché....Reincarnated Into The Villainess (Complete)
    163K 4.8K 44

    Angelica Emilia Diamonda...the name of the villainess in that stupid otome game in which the heroine giggles like a drug addict. I guess it's just my luck but to think I would be reincarnated into this horrible game just ticks me off! I can't kill the drug addict...and all the routes leads to death...but will I fina...

  • Trapped in a Typical Idol Drama
    323K 10.3K 112

    Associated Name: 经典款狗血世界 Ye Xi crossed over into a typical idol romance novel as the villainess. For the sake of her safety, she decided to distance herself from the male and female protagonists while silently observing their real-life version of a school idol drama. Everyday, she would repeatedly ridicule the main pr...

  • I Am The Novel's Villain
    235K 9.8K 53

    She was just a typical woman, she loves her family, has a stable job she loves and a cat who doesn't love her. Everything would have been perfect only if she didn't die. When she thought she was dead, she woke up and found out she became a baby...and a male at that! " It's fine, I'll get over this trauma soon and wak...

  • Quick Transmigration: Destroy the heroine system
    692K 26.3K 134

    After getting betrayed by closest ones Sia Wright dies but before her death she somehow bounds with system 606 who gives her mission to Destroy different universe's heroines. She takes her responsibility as a host to return back but somehow while doing mission she seems to attract a certain devil who changes everythin...

  • ♕ virago || bnha x OP reader
    220K 9.4K 67

    She who died, will live and she will tell her story. - "You are a hero." She said with a shaky breath, "It matters not which side you are on. If you wish to save somebody, anybody-even yourself. You are called a hero." In which (Name) has to protect the people as a hero. Her own flair for heroism. - ❄︎ 𝐨𝐧 𝐠𝐨𝐢�...

  • Adopting and Raising the Male Lead and the Villain
    442K 17.5K 114

    #This story is only for offline reading purposes and fan sharing# #Credits belong to the original author and translator# Translator: Fringe Alpaca OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY Zhong Yuhuan had transmigrated into a book and became the female supporting character who was destined to die an untimely and tragic death. Coi...

  • The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times
    184K 8.6K 33

    The villainess who has reborn five times just wants to rest in peace. I am Odette, I was once an heiress who had it all, be it money, status or fiance. When my perfect stepsister appeared, I realized I was just a villain in this story. I, being the evil stepsister, was of course killed off halfway through the story...

  • My Whole Family Are Villain
    280K 7.8K 102

    FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE-MTL Fourteen years old Su Bei almost died when she had a high fever, got transmigrated into another world and finally knew a shocking truth: it turned out that the world they were in was just a novel, and her whole family were villains. The woman who gave birth to them was the cannon fodder...

  • I simply don't care
    396K 11.9K 47

    Sarah was a normal school girl if you count being the smartest in school normal. But she was lazy. One day when she was walking home she got hit by a car and died. Luckily? for her, she was reincarnated. Into an otome game, as the villainess. But with her being lazy she didn't care much.

  • The Insane Beauty: Wife, I'll Kill For You!!!
    64.1K 2.7K 34

    They called her a murderer, a monster, a killer who kill for fun. Their not wrong, she's a killer who kill with out guilt; if she can feel them, that is. Her mind is twisted but creative, she laugh without restrain, she is a parasite, but her soul and heart is the purest in every kind. Ye Chun Zhiming was supposed to...

  • A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem
    4.9K 163 117

    He is the master of six kingdoms. As long as he wanted, his cavalry is ready to wipe out any country. She is one of the world renowned and talented Qing Family sisters. But because of his words, her family became destitute and homeless. He wanted to tame her, she will not submit to him. Two similar unbending people wi...

  • Return of the Malevolent Princess
    1K 33 9

    "Reincarnated? So what! I don't care if my 'villainess' route ends with death. If I'm the villainess, then I'll be a proper villainess, you heroine. Shall we play, Sister?" - Asteria Algol Af De Asmodeus

  • The Bodyguard (An EXO Fanfiction)
    77.7K 2.8K 77

    I walked through the grassy area outside the kwoon, heart racing. I hadn't thought this moment would ever happen. I turned the corner and stopped at what I saw. Tao was kissing the cheek of another girl that I hated. I froze, angrier than I thought I had ever been in all of my eight years of life. As I noticed Tao st...

  • Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (PART 1)
    1M 32.3K 201

    Yun Luo Feng, Hua Xia Medicial School's genius, died from an accident and her soul attached to Long Xia mainland's General family's useless eldest miss. This waste of an eldest miss not only can't read or practice martial arts, but is big chested, has no brain, is arrogant and self-willed. Since having the crown princ...

  • Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss ( PART 2 )
    218K 6.2K 166

    Yun Luo Feng, Hua Xia Medicial School's genius, died from an accident and her soul attached to Long Xia mainland's General family's useless eldest miss. This waste of an eldest miss not only can't read or practice martial arts, but is big chested, has no brain, is arrogant and self-willed. Since having the crown princ...

  • Jun Jiuling (Book 1)
    104K 4K 200

    So when I was looking for Chinese translated novels I accidentally came to this one, I really like the story though the pacing was a little bit slow but for me it really is great so I decided to put it here. I've already read it so many times and everytime I discover something I didn't notice before, so I hope you enj...

  • A Phoenix With No Wings
    529K 15.7K 59

    She was born to be an empress. Beauty like immortal, talented in many aspects and a great politician. She married to the crown prince at the age of 11. Engendered two heirs for the kingdom. She really lives a perfect life. Shining crown and beautifully embroidered gown. Tingling hairpins on her head, doesn't make her...

  • Shen Yi Di Nu Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife (神医嫡女)(BOOK 1) (1-200)
    56.8K 1.9K 200

    Synopsis: A high-ranking officer in the Marines and a master of both Western and Chinese medicine, Feng Yu Heng is transmigrated with a duang sound to the Da Shun Dynasty. Her father is distant, her grandmother is unloving, her mother is sick, her brother is young, and her sisters are hateful, with each more ruthless...

  • Stunning Edge
    184K 6.6K 134

    Not mine! Starts at Chapter 41! Synopsis: When a cold and crafty girl travels into the body of a foolish, man-crazy, young female aristocrat, what will happen? A young girl, Claire, falls off a horse while chasing his Royal Highness, the second prince, and becomes unconscious. But when she finally opens her eyes, no...

    68K 1.6K 34

    After a long struggle to get through, all those merciless pain surrounded by unending fight, peace is the only thing she has ever been wishing for. With all the tangles and all the stings of betrayals, nightmares and heartaches, freedom is the only price she has strived for. Could Xiara Vermont afford to hold on unti...

  • The Priestess
    35.4K 2.2K 10

    The Priestess of the Southern Empire fell asleep for a hundred years and when she roused from her deep slumber, so did the Demon King. original story•••

  • The Legendary Female Strategist
    1M 61.1K 50

    Eight years after the Great War, the world is now ruled by four kingdoms. On the surface, there is peace and prosperity. However, nothing is ever what it really seems. Each Emperor seeks power. Each ruler is searching for the key to winning over the others. Each one is looking for the unknown legendary strategist. Oh...

  • [Dreame] Valiant Princess
    1M 41.2K 145

    [This web-novel will be re-published on Dreame starting from 08 February 2019 so Chapter 5 and onwards will only be available on Dreame]. Upon being reborn, she know that she have to change. She have to change so that her family will be saved from the man that she loves. In this lifetime, she'll choose her beloved fam...

  • Hail the KING!-1-
    419K 11.8K 165

    ✓ [Chapter: 1 - 299] Description: An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a "Cheating Code" of life and was able to complete something extraordinary. This is the story about a king that was able to conquer continents and leave behind him a...

  • The Villainess will rule the world
    119K 3.6K 39

    A girl with a cruel fate reincarnates in another fantasy world based on her favourite otome game. Will she surrender to the game plot or defy the fate bestowed upon her and become the overpowered villainess through constant hardwork?Lets take this journey together and see her journey to rule the world. "The pictures u...