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  • The Popstar & Me
    5.7K 419 41

    Would you fake-date a popstar to get into Harvard? Sara Wang travels from New York City to Shanghai before her senior year to take a class in Eastern medicine. Her parents think she's there to buff up her college application, but she's actually there to chase her crush -- the one and only Calvin Suzuki (a total swim t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Golden Queen (#5 in the GOLDEN series) ✔
    121K 9.2K 63

    ♦YOU MUST HAVE READ THE PREQUEL, THE GOLDEN PRINCESS, TO READ THIS BOOK!♦ BEWARE--spoilers in this blurb, for those who have not read previous books! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Kings. Queens. Princes & Princesses. Duchesses and Dukes. And... regents? Everything is topsy-turvy in Giroma, with Prudence--now called Marguerite...

  • The Golden Duchess (#3 in the GOLDEN series) ✔
    180K 13.9K 73

    ♦YOU MUST HAVE READ THE PREQUEL, THE GOLDEN GIRL, TO READ THIS BOOK!♦ Mild spoilers in blurb--YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ••• Following their actions in The Golden Girl, Marguerite and Céleste must deal with the repercussions of their recent behaviors. Marguerite has landed herself in quite the shameful predicament, but she...

  • The Golden Girl (#2 in the GOLDEN series) ✔
    328K 24.4K 92

    ♦YOU MUST HAVE READ THE PREQUEL, THE GOLDEN FLOWER, TO READ THIS BOOK!♦ *FEATURED IN "KINGS, COURTSHIPS AND EMPIRES" ON WATTPAD HISTORICAL FICTION* Marguerite, the former Duchess of Torrinni, receives two letters that will change the course of her life forever; and that will impact young Céleste Richel's life too, in...

  • The Golden Flower (#1 in the GOLDEN series) ✔
    392K 20.1K 43

    **WATTY'S 2018 LONGLIST** **WATTPAD HQ EDITOR'S PICK 02/25/21 to 03/31/21** **WATTPAD "From our Stars" list 08/2021** *FEATURED in Historical Fantasy on WattpadHistoricalRomance page!* *Summer Reading Challenge #WP2020* Living in royalty can't be so bad, right? But... what if you're not technically royal? In late eig...

  • The Mafia's Doll.
    6.1M 97.5K 80

    "Close your mouth, princess; you don't want a fly or my d*ck going in there now, do you?" He declares as he grabs my chin, forcing me to meet his shady eyes. - Used to be 'Mines' Now it was rewritten to 'The Mafia's Doll'

  • Echoes of the Past
    48.3K 4.1K 83

    Island Legends Book 2 Island Legends is an epic fantasy adventure series set in a galaxy reeling from devastating wars, filled with countless alien species, a rich history of powerful magical forces and the interventions of many gods and dangerous spirits and demons constantly at war. Among its many influences are the...

    16.1M 707K 83

    Studious seventeen-year-old Maddie must learn self-defense while trying not to fall for her womanizing trainer. ***** When straight-A student Maddie is forced to move to LA, she plans to keep her head down, grades up, and make it through senior year as unno...

  • Fayre
    5.4M 328K 63

    Melissa Crawford thinks she's just a regular teenage girl. She goes to school. She has friends, boy problems, know, the typical teenage angst. But she couldn't be more wrong, for Melissa Crawford is not a mortal. Her adoptive mortal mother refused to give her up and hired a witch to erase the enchanting...