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  • Static Pulses [Peter Parker] (Completed) {1}
    273K 7.5K 42

    Sequel is out!! "The static pulse of a heart is how everything begins and ends." Thea is no exception. As she grows to know Peter Parker she finds her heart starting to beat. Book One in the Pulses Series Extended Summary inside [peter parker/oc] [avengers aou - avengers civil war and au]

  • mended 🕷️ peter parker [3]
    217K 6.7K 29

    The world has been saved but everybody lost something in the process. Jessica and Peter face the aftermath of losing someone very important in their lives as they encounter new threats in an adventure overseas. Set during the events of Spider-Man: Far from Home

  • faded 🕷️ peter parker [2]
    301K 8.8K 25

    Jessica has finally learnt to control her powers. She is fully committed in her relationship with a certain superhero and her duties as an Avenger. But everything will fall out of balance when Thanos begins his quest to get all the Infinity Stones. Following the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

  • Phoenix [1] Peter Parker
    306K 10K 23

    "In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn." Spiderman: Homecoming (1) Phoenix [] Peter Parker (2) Now We Fall [] Infinity War (3) To the Sun [] Endgame (4) Sinners [] Far From Home >> all characters and universe belong to marvel. all rights reserved to marvel comics