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  • Don't Loose Hope! ~ A KomaHina Love Story
    16K 682 14

    Moving into a new high school, Komaeda wasn't the favorite at all. He would usually get picked on and bullied at all times. But than things changed. He met a male named Hajime Hinata who changed everything. They soon began to be friends until they started crushing for one-another. Of course, they kept it to themselves...

  • Where The Truth Lies
    11K 332 22

    It's going to be a KOMAHINA WEREWOLF AU I don't want to give spoilers so read it only two things one It's startes from second years first day. And it will be a lot of things maybe smut IDK °w° I Don't own any characters they all belong to danganronpa's creators .

  • Living to Die... (Danganronpa version)
    2.6K 87 6

    "Think about it, Nagito. Are we living to die or dying to live?" *********************************************************************** (Komaeda X Hinata) ********** Nagito Komaeda was the name given to the new boy at Hope's Peak Academy. Alone, scared, and accident prone, Komaeda set out on his journey through this...

  • Is this really what we wanted (komahina )
    1.2K 37 4

    komaeda is the last person to wake up and gets a unwelcoming from everyone else let's just say everyone just pushes him away. One day komaeda takes hinata on a adventure to escape the building and to try to survive together. But one thing lend to another and hinata betrayed komaeda leaving him a big hole in his heart...

  • The Hanahaki Disease Epidemic
    30.8K 826 19

    If you have a ship in mind, I'll gladly write about it!

  • ✧ Danganronpa Oneshots ✧
    2.4K 29 3

    just some danganronpa oneshots and lemons i wrote. probably going to be very inactive lol. will write other ships and games in the future.

  • Waiting for you to Awake
    14.4K 650 6

    After Kyoko, Byakuya, and Makoto leave for the future Foundation headquarters the Five survivors are left alone on Jabberwock Island. They care for the island, but they also await for those who are left asleep. Hajime, who now one with Izuru tries his best to keep the mood up, but visits a certain someone who is asle...

  • Hope's Peak Groupchat
    23.5K 591 7

    a terrible danganronpa-centered chatfic for your quarantine needs 😔

  • Nagito X Hajime Despair Fever
    20.4K 369 3

    Some elements of the story is still not done/remade, I apologize for how cringy this gets after the two parts!! I'm working on a really tight schedule.

  • Fvcked Love (Oumasai / saiouma) [discontinued]
    16.4K 459 21

    Discontinued because I am extremely upset with myself for writing this and thinking it would be funny. It has really f*cked stuff in it and I would not feel good about myself at all if I didn't say this before hand. You're welcome to read, but I am unbelievably unproud and disgusted with it. .... The relationship betw...

    Completed   Mature
  • Salty Petals (Kokichi Oma x Shuichi Saihara)
    71.1K 2.4K 7

    So I wanted to write some SaiOma. Now you can have this piece of garbage. I'm writing it somewhat differently than my normal writing style. Enjoy! In this universe, Danganronpa does not exist other than in Kokichi's nightmares. Also, lots of consoling. Kokichi goes through...suffering in this story. WARNING: Fluff, an...

  • In L♥VE with my BESTFRIEND (Oumasai)
    41.6K 1.7K 10

    Kokichi Ouma has a crush on his bestfriend for about 1 year now. They both have been friends ever since they were in those diapers. Sure it's no big deal. Just tell them you like them then see if they do or don't. But what would he do if they both promised not to fall in love with each other? -Credits to the artist :)

  • An Undeniable Feeling <Komahina>
    181K 6.9K 32

    A non-despair AU with Hinata transferring high schools and living his boring life. Until he meets Komaeda, that is.

    Completed   Mature
  • [on hold] SNUGGLE SEASON | hinakoma
    20K 442 7

    remake! ~ hinakoma Nagito is a werewolf, a rare species, he goes to a all human school with one exception that allows him in, he's half human. Hajime, is just a normal human, nothing cool about him, he certainly is unlucky as he rounds up being a roommate to Nagito, the unknown werewolf to the students. Within a coupl...

  • D E S P A I R - KomaHina Lemon
    35.8K 271 3

    The. Moment. Of. Truth.

  • ♡I Won't Give Up On My Hope // komahina/hinakoma //♡
    1.4K 52 3

    Ok my danganronpa fangirl self decided to write a Komahina/Hinakoma we go I guess. --------------------------------------------------------------------- This takes place in post - despair only some things are different. This is when everyone finally woke up, while he waited for everyone else to wake up...

  • Deeper Than The Seven Seas // komahina
    13.4K 746 12

    [ komahina pirate! au ] "You may not have gained my trust fully yet," said the pirate as he looked up and locked eyes with the albino. "But after what you just did for me, I guess it's safe enough for me to consider you my friend." A small smile tugged at his lips, extending his towards the pale prince. "What do you...

  • Bird In A Cage | Oumasai
    29.3K 1K 6

    What if Kokichi really had a secret organisation of over 10,000 members? When Shuichi is kidnapped by an infamous mafia gang, DICE, for trying to solve the identities of the members behind it, he meets the leader; a certain purple-haired boy who seems to like lying a lot... [OUMASAI] [Began: 9/09/19] [Ended: ?/?/??]

  • Vampire Kisses
    113K 4.9K 116

    A burning pain erupted through my throat. How could I let this happen? I was just trying to do a job with my partner Kyoko and then it happened. The stinging pain in my neck. She couldn't do anything to stop it. I just let the darkness consume me. Is this what it's like to die? "Shuichi!" "Shuichi!!" "SHUICHI!!" ... M...

  • My Prince~ (OumaSai Fantasy Au)
    76.7K 2.7K 21

    COVER WAS MADE BY @forever_multi CROSS-POSTING ON AO3 UNDER @Me_nobody UPDATES TEND TO BE SLOW BUT IM NOT ABANDONING IT I PROMISE - - - - Shuichi was ready to rule his kingdom after his fathers death, but suddenly he finds himself kidnapped and saved by a runaway. When he try's to return he realizes he doesn't know wh...

  • ||The Unsolved mystery|| Omasai ||
    101K 4K 24

    || Omasai || Detective Shuichi Saihara is one of the best detectives in his area. Solving cases with ease. Until, his uncle, who asked for his help in an unsolved case. Shuichi despite his talent struggles. Who is the one beneath the mask, who's known as the phantom thief? And who exactly is the new kid in his school...

  • Book Buddies : Komahina fanfiction (danganronpa)
    58.5K 2.3K 13

    Dear diary, Have you ever wondered what it's like to be stable? Maybe you are stable. Someone who handles their own emotions without even thinking. Just going about your day, knowing you have plenty of days ahead of you. Everyday has the possibly of hosting a 'life changing' feature. Many people are naturally that way...

  • Death's Harvest | Komahina Fanfic
    191K 8.6K 37

    Death has come to collect its dues and so, Hajime Hinata dies. He gets transported to the Afterlife and is sentenced to Hell for his crimes as a Mafia Lord. But how can he possibly fulfill his five-year sentence when his mentor, the Grim Reaper, is attractive as heck? (Simply, the Komahina Grim Reaper/Afterlife AU tha...

  • The things written in pen - Komahina
    853 47 4

    After the killing school trip, the group decides to have secret pen pals while they live on the real world island. Aside from that, the former ultimate lucky student, Nagito Komaeda, has taken an interest in writing poetry. Another boy, Hajime Hinata, is intrigued by this. As he attempts to get Nagito to open up t...

  • Beware of him - Komahina fanfic
    56.3K 2K 13

    "Do not talk about him. Do not write about him. Do not refer to him using any name. The more you know about him, the more he knows about you." (Might I add, this isn't some kind of yandere story like the title may suggest)

  • komahina vampire nagito x hinata
    172K 4K 27

    ok so probably gonna be sum smut not gonna lie so plz be aware of that. Hinata goes to a bar after being rejected by someone only to find a certain someone there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) if you wish to find out what happens from there you may read this book.

  • ~ the only hope for me is you ~ ~ (finished) ~
    31.4K 978 16

    Hi I'm re-writing this coz I can! This is a komahina fanfic Nagito and hajime meet at college and end up being in the same dorm (soda is in the dorm to) They both end up developing a small crush for each other and then... Komaeda; he went to the same school as junko, mukuro and kamakura and they bullied him ALOT thi...

  • Purple Eyes - An Oumasai Fanfiction (ON HOLD)
    8K 358 7

    A witch called Junko Enoshima who lives in the forest is known for her dark powers and has been rumored to have kidnapped kids from the village. When Shuichi was very young he lost his closest friend, Ouma to the witch and many years after when Rantaro goes missing, who was last seen near the forest, Shuichi and his f...