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    Belladonna was born of fire and steel and broken shadows. She was blood and knives and burning darkness. Bella is a hydra agent, one of the most dangerous around. She has completed every mission and has never once regretted it. Family isn't a thing. Feelings don't exist. She was born into Hydra, the daughter of some...

  • Cynth Malfoy
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    Cynth Malfoy is a 17 year old Ravenclaw, daughter of Draco Malfoy, and unfortunately crushing hard on James Sirius Potter. The only problem is..she's half-convinced he hates her. Not only is she dealing with problems with her family, but she also has to deal with this ridiculous Gryffindor. Can she finally accept who...

  • Percy Jackson: The Next Generation
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    "Yeah, uh, we're here to save the world," I said ------------------------------------------------------------- The Seven saved the world, and went down in history, and a new generation of heroes is here. Can they save it too? ----------------------------------------------------------- I do not own Percy Jackson, or an...