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  • Where You Worried About Me?....[A Noct x Prompto Story]
    1.7K 34 2

    Since Prompto is trapped with the immortal Chancellor Ardyn he is stuck in a cross type of holder he really doesnt like as he has Claustrophobia, he feel that since what he is being held in has no room so its digging into his Ankes, Wrists and his Rib Cage...But what happens when the one he has had a crush on since hi...

  • Promptis - (To be named) - ( Noctis x Prompto Smut )
    1.7K 21 2

    HA I guess this will be a thing. These chapters are gonna be real rough since I'm a year later trying to write again. So this will be a practice fic, I'll write a few chapters, and we will see where it goes from there.

  • The Book of Promptis
    10.6K 193 9

    I love Noctis. I love Prompto. I love them together. Now I've never been good at math, but I think that warrants a book dedicated to these two and their ship. READ OPENING AUTHOR'S NOTE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION

  • Promptis (Prompto x Noctis) -yaoi/boyxboy-
    22K 328 7

    Prompto x Noctis -smut/lemon warning-

  • My boyfriend is a Prince {Promptis} ~ FLUFFY YAOI (will continue soon)
    11.6K 334 8

    Hey guys ! my name is Prompto. Prompto Argentum! I go to school and um- I'm usually very lonely and I don't talk to a lot of people. They think I'm awkward. Oh, or maby because I'm fat and round ? I eat very often. But how funny... It seems that the prince of this school dosen't say anything about it. He always star...

  • Blind! Prompto AU
    3.2K 59 6

    Collection of Blind!Prompto oneshots and drafts I've done for practice writing blind protagonists. Very loosely follows canon. Individual parts have no correlation to one another. May contain Promptis.

  • Cold Water || Promptis
    2.1K 52 3

    Noctis and Prompto are an unlikely pair of friends, but with Noctis' 18th birthday on the horizon, Prompto begins to realise that the feelings he has for Noctis might be more complicated than he first thought.

  • Noctis X Prompto | SMUTTY HANGOVER
    158K 2.7K 84

    [SMUT/Extreme Mature Content] When I say smut it's because its explicitly SMUT. WARNING 18+. Do not READ if under 18. Viewer Discretion is advised. When 20 year old Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prince of Lucis, goes over to his best friend Prompto's house for a "sleepover". They drink a little too much and things~ start to h...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Smut MxM Yaoi) Noctis and Prompto: A Trip To Remember
    2.6K 74 7

    [Yaoi/Slashfic] While on a surprise camping trip, Noctis finds himself falling for Prompto. *Disclaimer: The images I've used for this story do not belong to me. *Writer's Note: I apologize for this story not being longer anyway, thank you for reading about my precious cinnamon buns, I hope you like it!

    Completed   Mature
  • In love with my best friend (Canceled)
    5.2K 107 10

    (Canceled) 18+ this is based off of an rp with a friend on amino It's a few nights before Noctis and lunafreya's wedding. Prompto, ignis, and gladio all decided to throw a nice party for noctis for the 4 of them. little did any of them know this would lead to an event that could change noctis and prompto's friendship...

  • Hard To Love (Noctis X Prompto)
    8.6K 260 18

    Prompto has always been striving to mold himself into the best person he's always wanted to be. He's never had any faith in himself and all he wants is to achieve his dreams that seem so unattainable. Always being left behind, never good enough to succeed, no one to help him to his feet when he falls. Prompto believe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Growing love // Promptis (Noctis x Prompto) // FFXV
    14.5K 379 26

    Welcome to this story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. This is still ongoing ♡ SLOW UPDATES CAUSE I'M A JERK EXTREME GAYNESS AND FRIENDSHIP BECAUSE !!! ALSO SLOW BURN This is a heartwarming story about Ffxv and how Promptis met. Prompto has been alone all his life and he lived in poor condition...

  • || Dreaming The Truth || Promptis ||
    5.5K 152 12

    The weight of Luna's death, his fallen kingdom and his best friends dilemma, leaves Noct ruined. As he learns to cope with the sudden changes in his life, he also begins to accept them, one of those being his attraction to a certain blonde photographer... W A R N I N G ! Angst, Major Deaths, Etc... You know triggerin...

  • Angels: A Promptis Story.
    4K 162 8

    [Content warning: Self-harm, suicide, brief non-con mention] Prompto Argentum has been losing a battle with himself for many years, and has never let anyone in- not even his best friend, King Noctis Lucis Caelum. He fears that his friend will find out who he really is, but can he stand up in the face of fear? Or will...

    Completed   Mature