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  • Cherry Kiss
    8.5K 479 1

    "Say, did you know that if you can tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue, it means you're a good kisser?" Kimura brings a batch (bunch? bundle?) of cherries from his family's produce store for the team to enjoy....... of course Takao has to open his big mouth..... Midorima-1, Takao-0 (Sorry Kazu-chan, Shin...

  • 傷 Scar // Midotaka Fic
    18.9K 769 7

    Takao got injured trying to protect Midorima, but winter cup is just around the corner and Takao forces himself to play even though his injury isn't healed completely. //Completed//

  • Reincarnation- MidoTaka (boyxboy)
    12.5K 608 7

    Takao has been severely injured and doesn't have much time left so he wants to spend as much time with Midorima as much as he can. But with his injury he no longer can play basketball. DISCLAIMER- I do not own any of the characters

  • You're my lucky item. [Midorima x Takao] (COMPLETE)
    30K 1.5K 27

    Midorima's a neat freak who loves his clean neighborhood. Takao is trying to promote his band's upcoming show by throwing flyers everywhere. Midorima didn't have to clean up some strangers mess, but he did and he's pissed. Long story short he's going to that damn concert to yell at that handsome bastard.

  • "Jacket" [[Midotaka Oneshot]]
    6.4K 132 2

    OneShot Yaoi Midorima Shintarou X Takao Kazunari (KNB) Boy x Boy don't like, don't read okay? XD Rated M for sex and masturbation (I guess XD)

  • Isn't Green Your LEAST Favorite Color? (MidoTaka)
    2.5K 123 1

    Soulmate!AU: On their sixteenth birthday, one of their eyes changes color to their soulmate eyes and stays that way until the two look at each other for the first time. (I didn't make up this AU I found this in an 'imagine otp' thing. So kudos to them whoever made this AU.) --- Ever since Takao have been born, he hate...

  • Happy Birthday Shin-chan!!
    18.9K 758 5

    Midorima x Takao fluff. In honour of our favourite tsundere's special day.

  • Shin-chan's Property (COMPLETE)
    52.3K 1.4K 21

    This is my very first story please don't hate me Disclaimer: I do not own KnB, KnB characters and Midorima and Takao but I do own the story this is yaoi (boyxboy) if you dont like it please dont read it if your homophobic please dont read it I warned you but if you, like it read it so please ~Enjoy ^_^