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  • Danganronpa Lemons
    425K 4.3K 58

    danganronpa smut for all you horny bastardz

  • They had to do it to 'em
    13.8K 362 28

    Rantarou makes some friends

  • The Remnants of Despair (v3)
    12K 145 8

    heya there kiddos and kiddos who are older than me! this is a Remnants of Despair au!! for the v3 cast there will be no lemon/smut/other nsfw i dont know if there should be ships but i dont see why not so in that case here are the main ships - Saimami kiibouma kaemaki sorry that there is only 3, i cant think of who to...

  • Give Me Your Orange Juices - Hajime Hinata x OJ (SMUT)
    7.8K 134 1

    Our next story made by my friend and I. We need help. Anyways, enjoy our Hajime Hinata x OJ LEMON (or shall I say orange) crack fanfic. VDGaming - TakeMeNagito -

    Completed   Mature
  • Danganronpa Ask or Dare
    123K 1.2K 200

    Just a nice game of truth or dare, maybe. Disclaimer: I do not own Danganronpa nor their characters or the photo

  • Truth or dare
    828 13 5

    This is a v3 ask or dare, or known as ttruth or dare! This is my first story (kinda) so plz no hate! Rules: Will be assigned in my part of the story but anything is allowed! :))

  • A Pathetic, Sad Boy ((Pregame AmaSai))
    23.5K 461 9

    please stop reading this. its bad. go read my oumami one instead.

  • Uh Amasai Smut Thing-
    9.2K 122 1

    I was in the mood for Amasai and I think I've read it all so like I'm gonna write my own cus I'm bored and stuff yeah okay- akxjkscjsjjkfd

  • tsumugi goes nyA
    1.2K 80 3

    uhhh ndrv3 au where everything is the same except tsumugi is a furry drv3 spoilers 😩

  • Roommates | Saiouma
    74.3K 1.6K 6

    and they were roommates ohmygod they were roommates I'm sorry I had to but anyways this is a fluff book for Saiouma because MINORS and uh yeah lets get it (cover art is not mine)

  • Behind Locked Doors
    4.8K 136 3

    A Komahina College AU Hajime was just accepted into Hopes Peak College and met a mysterious white haired boy in his class. The boy didn't speak much and nobody seemed to really know anything about him. Luckily for the curious Hajime, they happen to be assigned as roommates.

  • Powers <Komahina>
    6.3K 305 3

    An AU with some selected people with specific powers... Who are those selected people? The 77th class. !!The characters aren't mine!! (violence and alcohol warning)

  • Panta
    103K 3.7K 28

    Sometimes a lie can be better than the truth.....

  • Yandre Kokichi X Shuichi (lemon)
    39.6K 478 6

    this story is based off of the song N.M.E by set it off N.M.E reminds me of how much I despise Kaede =3=

  • not continuing
    63.3K 11 1

    this used to be a story. took it down. have a pic of my cat as the cover

  • saiouma oneshots (mostly smut)
    191K 1.5K 16 just a dirty person so let's have fun with this

  • Crazy Love: A KomaHina Fanfiction
    7.1K 281 16

    A Fanfiction with the characters Hajime Hinata and Nagito Komaeda, from the series Danganronpa

  • Lucky Me | Komahina Fic
    4.4K 144 4

    Nagito Komaeda is a student born with the talent of luck. Hajime Hinata is a student forced with the talent of hope. Nagito Loves Hope. Hajime "Despises" Nagito. Suicidal Nagito and Hajime being a Tsundere. Despise now means concerns.