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  • BNHA Memes & Stuff
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    This book is completed! LINK TO BOOK 2:

  • BNHA picture 2
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    You want pictures ( no not hentai ya nasty) I got you I own nothin-

  • Egos conversation
    20.9K 1.8K 96

    ReAd It

  • Medical Love (Chase Brody x Dr. Schneeplestein) [DISCONTINUED]
    4.7K 128 12

    After Stacy and the kids left, Chase started to drink and smoke without the others knowing, Schneep was concern about his heartbroken friend since he have been locking himself in his room. Everytime when he tried to talk to him, Chase will always push him away. Then Schneep finally got a chance....but it didn't go too...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hard to love
    3.3K 88 17

    (y/n) lived a normal life with her friends and her great family but everything went downhill when she got kidnapped by a dangerous manipulative man named Dark, he always watched her from afar and admired her beauty but his crazy love for her will make him do crazy things that a psychopath would do so he could satisfy...

  • Not Robotic At All (Googleiplier x Bingsepticeye)
    2.3K 128 8


  • Danti One Shots
    60.7K 1.1K 37

    One shots on the egos known as Darkiplier and Antisepticeye. Chapter guide All warnings will be in bold at top. I will put letters on chapter title to give an idea of level of sexual content. Light romance - G Heavy petting - A Sex - R None - N Its easer to remember like traffic lights All prompts and ideas welcome...

  • Be Your Own Hero
    41.2K 1.9K 34

    Jackie's always been the hero. Anti's always been the villain. And that's how it's always going to be. Right? Is there anything that would ever change that?

  • wounded beast~Jack x anti(the Art Isn't Mine)
    3.1K 41 17

    anti is found blooded on the sidewalk by a house,Jack walks by and notices he looks like him,not being able to resist,Jack takes anti in,the eventually they become lovers and start dating,thier relationship is more of the sexual type but they like to take things slow and wait till there ready to move faster,anti then...

  • Danti ( Anti Septiplier ) - One Shots
    23.3K 384 26

    (Murder, demons, possible crossovers, YouTubers, torture, sexual actions, violence, and much more stuff in here.)

    Completed   Mature
  • Teamiplier Preferences
    51.1K 968 22

    including your favourite dorks Mark Tyler Ethan Jack no disrespect towards the boys or their partners. requests are welcome

  • ~Teamiplier Preferences~
    26.6K 519 32

    Heya! Welcome to this book about Mark, Ethan and Tyler ❤️💙🖤 🌺- Requests are open! (So ask away :D) 🌸- Sorry but I'm not doing Amy or Kathryn (But if you really want them to join please privately message me) 🌺- if I make a grammar mistake please tell me so I can correct it so I won't confuse the reader if so than...

  • The Egos and you
    194K 4.8K 58

    Preference book of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye's alter egos. Or just what I think they will be like under the given circumstance Includes: Darkiplier Wilford Warfstache Googleplier Host Antisepticeye Henrik Chase Jameson Jackson

  • Iplier and Septiceye One Shots
    37.5K 844 26

    Just a bunch of Iplier and Septiceye one shots. Requests always open!! (The first few are Mark, Dark, Anti, and Jack.)

  • Jacksepticeye ego Scenarios
    28.8K 1K 37

    Just some scenarios with Jack's egos. Enjoy! *Fan art doesn't belong to me, but the owners*

  • You Can't Hate Me Forever! (Anti x Schneep)
    16.8K 814 23

    All the egos seem to despise Anti, no matter how sorry he is. But the good doctor Henrik Von Schneeplestein seems to hate him more than everyone. What will happen when Anti has had enough of the pain? Will everyone still hate him? Will Henrik still hate him? ~Antistein~

  • The Glitch and The Silent Person (Anti x Jameson)
    2.9K 95 11

    Jameson Jackson is very quite person and he never messed with the other egos and he falls in love with another Septiceye named Antisepticeyes. A glitch demon name Anti is very rude also very dangerous but he falls in love with JJ for his quiet and shy personality. Would Anti tell Jameson his feelings or will it be to...

  • Septiplier/Danti Smut/fluff-shots [REQUESTS OPEN]
    246K 3.5K 129

    Here is a collection of Septiplier and Danti smuts and fluffs for your enjoyment. REQUESTS ARE OPEN! ~Updated every Tuesday~ (Cover image and some of the images used in this book: Credit to CartoonJunkie, ErikktheArtist, Cosmicchara, Jewfross, MaskMan626, Tails-Crossing, KLRyusaki, Glamist, ishtrash, DarkMagic-Sweeth...

    12.5K 334 14

    a one shots book that contains short stories of Markiplier shipping between him and/or his egos. most ships include: ∆ Dark (top) and Mark (bottom) ∆ Dark (top) and Wilford (bottom) ∆Host (top) and Dr.Iplier (bottom) ∆ Illinois (top) and Yancy (bottom) ∆Randel (top) and Eric (bottom) warning contains : smut fluff an...

  • Markiegos preference book
    103K 2.1K 24

    Hello! I'm Ghost, here to bring you the one of many preference books ^^ The egos I will be doing are: -Darkiplier -Wilford Warfstache -The Host -Googleiplier -Bingiplier -Yandereiplier -Bim Trimmer

  • ipliers and septiceyes x reader [REQUESTS CLOSED]
    236K 6.4K 83

    Boi why are you even reading this all the information you need is in the title

  • Iplier and Jacksepticeye egos x Reader one~shots
    107K 2.5K 51

    I hope you all enjoy my silly attempts at making this story remember I own none of these sweet babies or any of the art they all belong to Mark and Seán (Jack) or respectful owners. I take suggestion so don't be afraid to make requests it makes making these a lot simpler No Lemons or No Limes please thank you~ Anyway...

  • SepticEgo Imagines
    33.8K 675 13

    People have been requesting some SepticEgo x readers in my Anti Imagines, but because it was an ANTI imagines book I decided to make this book dedicated to other egos. This is simply just a book containing imagines/one shots with the SepticEgos! You may request, I do all kinds of one shots nothing is too weird,too gro...

  • Markiplier Oneshots/Imagines
    35K 811 8

    Some random ideas of imagines I've had in my head :) you can request a personal if you'd like!

  • Unexpected (Reader x Jacksepticeye)
    140K 4K 21

    You're Markiplier's younger sister. You've heard many things about Jacksepticeye but you never watched his videos or met him personally, that was, until now...

  • Demon School- Danti
    97.1K 2.9K 41

    (My first story) Anti isn't a very powerful demon (or so he thought) he gets picked on a lot by the more powerful demons. But when something happens to Anti, something that would change his life forever. But would it be a good change or a bad? He might not be on top of the world but he's on his way. None of the art i...

  • {COMPLETED}My Brother's Best Friend (Tyler Scheid x reader)
    53K 1.3K 60

    You have feelings for Tyler. The longer you are around each other, the stronger the feelings get. But Mark doesn't approve. How will things go for you and Tyler? Please give credit if an idea is used :)

  • Markiplier, Jackscepticeye & Alter Egos One Shots and Scenarios
    95.4K 2K 25

    A book of Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, Natewantstobattle and their Alter Egos book starring you as the reader! Please leave requests and continue to give feedback. Pictures are not mine! Cover photo: Sinfonia-Agridulce and KikyoYuuki

  • Iplier and Septiceye One-Shots and Imagines - Book 2
    107K 2.7K 41

    * CLOSING REQUESTS/SUGGESTIONS DUE TO OTHER PLANS * This is a continuation of the first book, named aptly (minus "Book 2"). Some one-shots will be part two's of some imagines from the first book, so if you are new, I apologize in advance and hope that you will read the first one if only to get a bit of backstory to s...

  • Roommates with Markipilier and Jacksepticeye || Jack X Reader [Complete]
    184K 5.9K 33

    [JackXReader] You are a 23 year old YouTuber that has 7 million subs and is also good friends with Mark and Jack. One day when it seems to be just like any other day Mark asks you to move in with him and Jack so that we can all get to know each other better. But as the days go by you start to fall in Love with the one...