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  • {completed} one-shots 》haikyuu!! x reader
    2M 63.7K 148

    eyo! let's forget about the real world for a minute and delve into a world where hooking up with fictional volleyball players is a thing, shall we? reached 1M reads: 27/04/2020 ??? {i do not own haikyuu!! or any of its characters; all credit goes to haruichi furudate.} ??? requests are currently: closed (sorr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kpop Littleshots
    38.3K 1K 26

    My collection of oneshots/short stories where Kpop idols explore the world as Babies, Tots, and Kiddos! Please do not add my book to any NSFW tagged reading lists! (Ddlg, abdl, cgl, etc.) ~REQUESTS OPEN~ #1 - #sfwlittle - 20.??.?? #24 - #got7 - 20.10.15 #93 - #nct - 20.10.08

  • The Otherside Of The Story
    5.2K 186 12

    Peter and Gen were together since 7th grade. Gen dumps peter for a college guy. Peter cried a little but didn't seem to miss her. There's one more day till Junior year starts. Peters's mom yells from downstairs that he had got a letter in the mail. He looked at it and saw Lara Jean Song Covey had written him a letter...

  • {completed} littlies 》bangtan sonyeondan
    1.7M 46.9K 110

    bangtan feat. little space (+ kiddies) ☆ requests; closed reached 1M reads: 30/10/2019💕

  • Little squirrel 🐿
    155K 1.9K 16

    Stray kids x little jisung. " BANGCHAN YOU ALMOST MADE ME DROP MY CROISSANT".

  • cuties » stray kids
    451K 16.7K 64

    stray kids little space one-shots :) softbinnie-©

  • TXT story~Soobin's struggle
    2.6K 43 8

    Soobin has always been confident about his eating, he has always said to his members, his managers and the public that he was never insecure. he loves eating and hates dieting. so why was he so hung up on his weight? trigger warning, this story contains anorexia, bulimia and self harm (nothing too graphic with the se...

  • Somewhat Forced
    10.2K 383 7

    Taehyung thinks that studying for finals and being a Little are hard enough - that is, until Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin make a mysterious appearance in his life and Taehyung has to face the reality that nothing will ever be the same again.

    877K 20.2K 106

    Reaction/ imagines for TXT ♡ ❥ Tomorrow x Together 🔆Let your imagination do the work 🔆 REQUESTS OPEN SOOBIN ☼ YEONJUN ☼ BEOMGYU ☼ TAEHYUN ☼ KAI ☼ don't translate or copy my book

    22K 1.1K 9


  • Lamb Skewers? || A Little Jungkook Ff
    18.6K 495 12

    "T-twank you for taking care of Kookie..." Kookie whispered out as he fell asleep... ●★✩★✩★✩★✩★✩★✩★● Just a little(no pun intended) story I came up with while I was bored. :P

  • Abducted in the night...(BTS fanfic)Forced To Be A Baby
    77.2K 2.1K 28

    Kim Taehyung was born into a very poor family in Daegu South Korea, his parents loved him so much but found it almost impossible to feed their child everyday. One day Taehyung's parents went out to find food...but never came back. Taehyung was then put in an orphanage at age 6, but he had no luck finding a family. By...

  • Little one J.JK X BTS °•° Taekook°•°
    439K 12.1K 57

    Jungkook has always been the carefree maknae of BTS, but when the strain of their full hardcore schedule begins to take its toll on Jungkook he accidentally falls into little space , not actually knowing him self what it is , leaving a rather shocked BTS. ♢MAINLY TAEKOOK♢

  • Replaced -little space myg
    320K 7.4K 34

    In which Yoongi wants to finally reveal his little side to his band members. ______ This book includes: Non-sexual little space Curse words Suicidal references And depression

  • BTS&TXT GroupChat
    38.6K 977 38

    Basically a Book 2 of BTS GroupChat. Enjoy!

  • h e l l o ! | TXT
    141K 8.4K 31

    -New notification! . . Added to: the clowns🤡 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - May include swear words!!