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  • MARAHUYO ⁞ sakuatsu.
    48.4K 3.1K 25

    MARAHUYO (adj.) to be enchanted or to be attracted. ↷ in which guardian angel sakusa has to work with guardian devil atsumu. © SUNAVLOGS 2020

  • periodt. || haikyuu bitch squad
    61.4K 3.3K 26

    kuroshou || sakuatsu + some iwaoi ! oikawa added tsumu and 2 others to "💋👀 💅" oikawa: aight bitches the tea is pipin'

  • simps. | hq chatfic
    6.9K 630 7

    [oikawa added kuroo, terushima, bokuto, daichi, and futakuchi to the chat] oikawa has changed the chat name to simps oikawa: okay losers, shut up a 10 is talking kuroo: ur the only loser here fucker daichi: oh my god n o ©puddin-g

  • fear | sakuatsu.
    3.7K 225 2

    "you must erase your memories of me, im poison." - sakuatsu oneshot.

  • SUMMER BREAK | sakuatsu
    202K 12.4K 68

    atsumu messages sakusa in hope they become friends ---- tw: unhealthy/abusive relationship

  • DISGUSTANG || sakuatsu ✔
    147K 8.2K 33

    ━━━ ❛ 𝗶𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 Atsumu slides in Sakusa's direct messages and pesters him everyday ༉˙⋆˚ ❨ 06/25/2020 ➤ 12/20/2020 ❩ ↳ 𝗛𝗔𝗜𝗞𝗬𝗨𝗨 © Haruichi Furudate

  • How to fly with clipped wings (English ver.) HAIKYUU!! FAN FICTION
    247K 11.9K 73

    "You can't play volleyball anymore." To which she replied, "Watch me." The accident that destroyed her dreams is what forces Kageyama's cousin to transfer to Karasuno. Between family, school, and health problems, she's got a lot on her plate- but she's determined to do whatever it takes to make sure she can fly again...

  • Haikyuu Chatfic
    125K 3.4K 73

    This is my first book also my book is inspired by @uWuYeEtuWu and @Antisocial_bean by how the characters act or some of the ideas so credits to them

  • 𝐬𝐧𝐚𝐩𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭, sakuatsu.
    26.7K 1K 8

    miyatsumu has added you in snapchat! [WILL NOT BE CONTINUED, NEW STORY FOR THIS IS OUT NOW. CHECK MY PROFILE FOR A BETTER EDITED VERSION OF SNAPCHAT!] ↺ au - social media ⸙. © 2020 ┊yourtommy ➯ a haikyuu fanfiction.

  • Shiratorizawa Chatfic - i don't know what i'm doing
    62.7K 2.2K 15

    hi i wanted to make a chatfic so here we are lmao i've seen many great ones and i love shiratorizawa so yeah

  • crackhead haikyuu chats
    43.8K 1.5K 21

    basically a shitty hq chatfic based on my real life friends woah highest rank i'll probably ever get: 3/26/2020 #8 in iwaoi <33 5/10/2020 #39 in kenmakozume 5/21/2020 #19 in daichisawamura 5/27/2020 #26 bokuaka

  • pretty setters ; chatfic
    382K 21.8K 82

    discontinued as of 8/8/18 ➳ a chatfic dedicated to the pretty setters of haikyuu!!

    Completed   Mature
  • • r e m e m b e r • sunaosa fic
    22.4K 1K 34

    samu: i didn't mean to say i love you read 9:46 am • suna rintarou x miya osamu • Notes: • i will not be writing the characters with the kansai dialect bc i don't understand how it works and i don't want to be rude • • warning: themes of suicide, drug use and abuse • • I don't use the Japane...

    Completed   Mature
  • spider | sakuatsu.
    892K 53.1K 107

    unknown number: SAMU THERES A FUCKING SPIDER - sakuatsu au.

  • [ Atsumu x Sakusa ]
    172K 5.5K 18

    [ Weekly updates ] Being in the same team is really hard for both of them, because they can't stop arguing. One day they get in a big fight, leading them to not even talk to each other. As they both notice the hole the other fills, they apologize, and become closer than ever. But how close will they finish by being? ...

  • Strategize: Haikyuu Fanfic
    2.6M 101K 97

    Play it safe. Push people away. Don't take risks. Don't try hard. Keep your standards low. Those things are to guarantee you an easy life. But there was one time. One time you mindlessly broke that rule. You had broken one of the biggest rules in your book. And oh how bad you broke it. Don't fall in love. Ayame Yamamo...

  • haikyuu ; chatfic
    243K 9.3K 55

    ❝maybe memes, idiots, and volleyball all together was not a good idea. is it?❞ || yamaguchi changed his name to yamagucci yamagucci: because im made of a whole lotta gucci ushijima: GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG shirabu: stop i hate that song

  • the prodigies | hq chatfic
    68.8K 4.4K 26

    [terushima added yahaba, shirabu, kenma, akaashi, ennoshita, and futakuchi to the chat] terushima has changed the chat name to the prodigies terushima: okay bitches shirabu: no akaashi: what the actual fuck ©puddin-g

    Completed   Mature
  • Here We Are
    257K 15.9K 56

    "We don't need things like memories" ~~~~~ Being one of Inarizaki's Volleyball managers is tough, the countless responsibilities and duties could easily become too much for anyone. If it wasn't for her attachment to the team, maybe she would have quit. Y/N is a second year at Inarizaki High School, constantly trying t...