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  • The kings and the prince
    1.2K 78 11

    rewrite of the N.L.A. series, it follows the manga and has a stronger plot linee overall Life has been going well for Rin, his friendships have been going well, his grades have been getting better, and he feels happy. What happens when Mephisto gives Amaimon the task of being Rin's first mate? Lies are told and secret...

  • novus au
    429 49 15

    one would think being a god was easier, but it comes with its own challenges like any job, between the betrayal, constant stress, and overwhelming fear of history repeating its self. Rin established an academy to train his disciples making his life as god just a bit easier. What will happen when the top students are n...

  • A single truth and a lie
    4.9K 299 12

    (Rewrite of the truth {with a twist.}) Rin has been found out and abandoned by almost everyone. His mind has become darker every passing day. what happens when his demon brothers find out what has happened to their youngest brother? Warning. Mentions of blood, depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse, blackmail, hate spe...

  • Pardon me (Neko Rin)
    20.8K 1.2K 26

    So when a human turns 16 they find out what creature they are. This applies to half-humans as well. They can be Vampires, Werewolves, Sirens/Merpeople, Nagas, or Nekos. Everyone either hates Rin for being the son of Satan or fears him. Will they still feel the same way when he is revealed to be a Neko after his sixtee...

  • Neko Rin sequel (On hold)
    2K 156 12

    so this occurs before the last chapter fo pardon me. Rin is living his best life as his Neko self. so yeah read to find out what happens out. Warning fluffy and cute scenes. may get a heart attack from cuteness

  • Beauty and the demon LuciferXRin
    9K 539 32

    Beauty and the beast au-ish. The Illuminati have won. They opened up a Gehenna gate allowing demons to walk amongst humans in their true forms and now all humans can see demons. The true cross order signs a treaty with the Illuminati. One-third of the captives the Illuminati has will be set free. In return they get Ri...

  • letters to the new me Mephisto X Rin
    5.5K 238 16

    One day Rin gets a mysterious letter from a demon king. One stronger than Lucifer but younger than Azazel... Confused Rin takes the letter to Mephisto. Who is this mysterious demon and what connections does he have to Mephisto?

  • holiday book
    172 11 2

    just holiday one-shots

  • rebirth
    763 50 1

    Rin is executed by the Vatican without any reason. Rin is reborn in gehenna as a baby. What will happen now that Satan has Rin and Mephisto's plan to turn Rin into Satan's host has practically gone down the drain? Oneshot I wrote this because there are so many books where Rin dies and is either brought to Gehhena aliv...

  • treat you better Amaimon X Rin
    5.8K 333 21

    Years since graduation Rin gets into an abusive relationship. It takes the abusive partner leaving, and Rin bleeding on the floor, for Rin to realize the being he loved is never coming back. So he goes for a walk. And he runs into someone he thought he would never see. Amaimon. What happens when Amamaimon starts to fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rin X Amaimon, Mephisto, Lucifer one-shots
    1.5K 38 8

    Just gay stuff Rin X Amaimon, Rin X Mephisto, Rin X Lucifer

  • Blue exorcist Pride month Special!!!
    2.4K 97 6

    LBTQIA+ One-shots. Blue exorcist style. warning gay and supportive fo the LGBTQ+ LESBIAN PRIDE GAY PRIDE BI PRIDE TRANS/NON-BI PRIDE QUEER (ACE, OTHER) PRIDE I made this because I see can LGBTQ+ in Blue exorcist

  • Ask or Dare blue exorcist/ ao no exorcist
    1.4K 65 10

    Ask or dare blue exorcist addition!!! Give me your ask or dare for the blue exorcist characters in the comments. This includes the demon kings so don't leave them out of the fun!!! You can ask for ships but still don't expect smut. Although I will do lemons... but I am less likely to do straight ships. So anyway leave...

  • the little kings
    6.2K 377 19

    In a desperate act to win the war, Mephisto transforms all of the demon kings into toddlers or babies. On purpose or by accident is up to debate. He puts Rin in charge of all of them and Rin has to deal with his senior year and taking care of the young demon kings. With the True cross order breathing down his neck an...

  • story one-shots
    2.1K 51 40

    forgotten chapters so ideas I have for some of the other books that I have already completed. This book is basically me writing different endings, chapters, or storylines using my other blue exorcist books. Or a place for me to put my unwritten story ideas I have had for books. Just because I don't want to delete them...

  • Prince Rin
    3.2K 121 15

    book four The time of Asshia is over. Lucifer accomplished his goal. All the humans know the truth about demons and have pledged their allegiance to the Illuminati or to prince Rin himself. Everyone who fought aginst demons still knowing the truth is dead. Now Rin and his family live in Lucifer's castle as the demons...

    Completed   Mature
  • spawn of satan
    4.6K 208 23

    Rin is now an adult. he has his powers under control and one is the highest-ranking exorcist. Satan had another son. This one is a Nephilim like Rin and Yukio. But doesn't have any powers. So Rin is assigned to look over his youngest brother. Who is this kid? What do Satan and Lucifer want with him? Where did he come...

  • Healing you Lucifer X Rin
    15K 694 43

    Book 3 Its been three months shy of three years since "a new courting took place. Rin has been losing sleep because of the nightmares. The cause of the nightmares? Trauma from all that has happened to him. It is getting worse by the day. Rin has also been hiding his feelings and nightmares from Amaimon and Mephisto. R...

  • A new courting (Rin X Mephisto)
    12.8K 606 30

    Book 2 Sequel to "Not lonely anymore". Now it is Mephisto's turn to court Rin. But not everyone is as patient as Mephisto. They want Rin. What lengths will they go to?

    Completed   Mature
  • Not lonely any more (Amaimon X Rin)
    36.6K 1.6K 33

    Book 1 The exorcists have finally accepted Rin for being the son of Satan. But, Rin still feels lonely. Yukio still ignores him a bit and Bon is crush will never like him back. What happens when Amaimon sees Rin's loneliness. (It is a year after the events in the anime and manga. Although the season finale in the anim...

  • Royal life
    10.3K 442 22

    This take place 25 years after the truth. 25 human years. This is a sequel to the truth. Rin is enjoying his life in Gehenna. But he is tired of Mephisto and Lucifer having to leave. So he desides to go to asshia with for awhile.

  • To be a prince of Gehenna (Adopted from @ElisaBlow)
    14.6K 588 17

    Rin has never met any of his demon demons brothers. (Mephisto is not the headmaster.) The Grigori has made a deal with the demon kings. How will rin react when he finds out the true opinions of his friends and his family. I adopted this story go check out the original by @ElisaBlow.

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood bonds us all (adopted from @Geckos9)
    21.5K 746 20

    I adopted this story from @Geckos9 So basically. Lucifer is tired of Mephisto keeping rin away from him so he takes Rin with him to Gehenna. How will Rin react? Will Rin want to return home to an abusive Yukio? or stay in Gehenna with the rest of his family?

    Completed   Mature
  • At last
    5.3K 213 20

    Sequel to You had your chance Rin is enjoying his new life as prince over both worlds. But Being prince over two lands can get difficult. But Rin enjoys a challenge. So what exactly has changed in 90 years?

    Completed   Mature
  • you had your chance
    54.5K 1.3K 32

    We all know what happens rin is satans son and almost everyone hates him. he feels so lonely he was abandoned by all of his "friends". Even Yukio. he is so tired... of life. of his friends. what happens when his older brothers on Assiah find out that Rin has been mistreated? Also angst and blood warning. It can get i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue exorcist none shots (some up for adoption)
    1.7K 110 57

    One shots that I will never get aorund to writing. Some prompts I made because others asked me to. Some were inspired by other authors. And some I made up on my own. Not all of them are up for adoption. The ones without taken or used at the top are up for adoption. Just make sure to ask before adopting Please credit...