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  • The Fight (Patton angst/Abusive Logan)
    3.7K 100 8

    Patton has been feeling down lately and has been wearing his hoodie a lot more but nobody has questioned it until virgil asked him about him and Logan and ran to his room crying. Why did that make him cry? What happens? We'll see together in this fanfic. (Me and my friend rolplayed this and I wanted to show everyone)

  • Dorm Buddies {Sanders Sides Fanfiction} {Moxiety} {Logince}
    30.8K 1.2K 27

    Ever since they were younger, Patton and Virgil have been friends online. Recently, however, Virgil has moved up to where Patton lives to live with him as they go to college together. The two are gradually learning to live with each other better. Virgil struggles to deal with his anxiety and dysphoria, and Patton trie...

  • Sanders Sides Head Canons
    464 14 8

    ^w^ Random head canons I have about SS (this sure as heck is original-) Cover art and art featured are DEFINITELY NOT mine

  • Amorality
    2.7K 101 15

    {Book 1 of the Deceit Series} Something's wrong with Patton, and if his friends don't figure it out in time, Morality will never be the same.

  • The Golden Rule || Sanders Sides AU
    49.1K 2.2K 12

    Treat others the way you want to be treated. That was the number one rule, the golden rule. It was the most important thing. It always had been. Ever since Patton was old enough to understand, that was what everyone told him. So, that's what he did. The feeling wasn't always reciprocated. Apparently, the world that to...

  • Secrets
    208 10 11

    Patton is hiding a lot from his friends and, more importantly, his crush. He starts to get better but it may take a while. Warning - Gay - cutting Main ships - Moxiety - Logince - Demus I don't own Sanders sides! All rights go to Thomas Sanders.