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  • Venus Rouge
    195K 9.2K 39

    A cold cynic dies after angering the goddess of love only to be reincarnated as a male capture target in a fantasy otome game (dating sim) with the added twist of a powerful attraction blessing and excellent magic aptitude. Now he tries to destroy the death flags of the younger sister fated to be the snobbish villaine...

  • reincarnation
    83.7K 3K 14

    Just your typical reincarnation story with a cool-headed protagonist who died in a successfully attempted murder. WARNING: may contain adult themes towards the further chapters

  • to be loved. || Who Made Me A Princess
    31.8K 1.9K 11

    To be loved; or the action of 'love' in general, was a word unbeknownst to Amadea long before she had died. When she wakes as Arius De Alger Obelia, the Crowned Prince to a kingdom ruled by a relentless and cold Emperor, the term 'love' continues to escape him. A grounded rendition of being reincarnated in a world hi...

  • reincarnated into a sadist's body ✓
    594K 21.7K 101

    [REINCARNATION] A sudden change happens in the body of this infamous, but young beautiful sadist who no longer contains its core- the sadistic soul. As she was found out to be a very sadistic and impure girl, by the aristocrats, she was grounded in her home, for one whole year, but escaping will be easy, of course, e...

  • Reincarnated into the Otome Game as the Princess Villainess?!
    875K 30.9K 36

    When Primrose, an average everyday girl, walks home in the rain, she spots a kitten sitting in the middle of the road and a truck approaching at high speed. And as a closet animal-lover, how could she not save it from the ever so devious and doomsday device truck-sama? Follow her rebirth in a well-known and loved otom...

  • Reincarnated as the Villainess' Brother
    153K 4.8K 40

    This is one of your typical transmigration into a otome game stories, but as the villainess' brother. I was just one of the normal people on Earth. God suddenly made a mistake, and I transmigrated into an otome game. I accepted life as it is, but I don't have a happy ending. Therefore, I strived hard enough to change...

  • How To Become A King
    90.7K 3.6K 36

    A child, only fourteen, dies. Reborn into another world as the prince of a monarchy, what will he do with the absolute power he was reborn with? Lose it, obviously.

  • villians~dream smp
    8.9K 389 63

    as kids we worshipped the heros, as teens we understood the villains dream smp story started: 2.2.2021 finished: 5.11.2021 t.w: gore, descriptive scenes, death, heavy topics, cursing, blood, suicide implications Will not be canon. There's are some bits that reflect off of the main story, but it's altered for the timel...

  • Bad Girls
    10.3M 222K 22

    Finally, the "villain" gets to tell her version of the story. At first glance, Avery Chase seems to be the typical head cheerleader: she's pretty, has an equally gorgeous boyfriend, and together, they have won the hearts of Crescent Grove High. Avery's life starts to fall apart when she meets the goody-two-shoes Charl...

  • Enemies | Dreamnoblade
    48.7K 1.8K 13

    During the war of the DreamSMP kingdom and the soon to be kingdom of L'Manberg, a mysterious assassin shows up by the name of technoblade. He joins L'Manberg, despite knowing that they are against Dream. What happens when they send him to go spy on the team?

  • Technoblade's Disastrous Life at Daycare
    4.2K 365 2

    Kicked out from his home and in desperate need for money, it wasn't a surprise when Techno found a job at a Daycare. Let's just hope he stays long enough to get his pay.

  • ‧͙⁺˚ ✦*・༓☾ ֆɦօʊʟɖ ȶɦɛ ʋɨʟʟǟɨռ ʀɛɢʀɛȶ? ☽༓・* ✦ ˚⁺‧͙
    548K 26.7K 64

    。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Al Hensworth was a normal college student that struggled with tuition and renting fees until he was brought into a webtoon he read upon dying. He was reborn as the infamous villain that would do whatever it takes to obtain the female protagonist for himself. Of course, like most t...

  • Cant I Just Be A Background Character?
    179K 9K 18

    All Suna Katsumi ever wanted to be was a background character. But fate has other things in stored for him. Now that the spoiled son of the duke has had a change of heart, his butler, and the capture targets starts to take advantage. "Young Master, he looked at you wrongly. Do you want this servant to gouge out that...

  • Luminous
    638K 28.4K 80

    Born with glowing green eyes. Destined for rotten luck. Peasant girl Meya Hild is offered the chance of a lifetime to become a Lady---at swordpoint. By mercenaries. Engaged to a dying nobleman. Poisoned with one month to live. Tasked to loot a castle. In a kingdom running out of resources. Little did Meya know that t...

  • Reincarnated as a Yandere Villain [BL]
    1M 54.4K 34

    [Historical Reincarnation Series : Book 1] ※THIS IS AN ORIGINAL STORY. #RAYV: About a gentle kindergarten employee that was reincarnated in a mysterious book as its Yandere villain, and his quest to eliminate his death flags along the way by befriending the novel's characters who were supposed to lead him to his death...

  • Second Male Lead
    379K 13.9K 92

    [Cover by @emmamlarge] The God of Transmigration, Ru, has given his friend The God of Magic, Yu Longwei, a opportunity to find and feel love as he had a tragic past that has tinted Yu Longwei's heart. But will Yu Longwei allow his destined partner into his heart, or will he continue to make himself suffer when it come...

  • Heat Waves
    1M 36.8K 12

    - the OFFICIAL upload of "Heat Waves" from AO3: posting my work here to tackle the issue of re-uploaders going against my permission to have the story on this platform. Please take down and report any other uploads, this is the only version from the REAL author (link to my twitter page for confirmation below) - cover...

    Completed   Mature
  • Twisting Destiny
    380K 14.4K 40

    After dying in a tragic accident, Rhianne found herself transmigrated in a novel world as a character. To her much disappointment, she became the character who has a tragic fate in the end just because she falls in love with the wrong person. To avoid her tragic fate in the novel, she decided not to do all the stupid...

  • Rebirth of MC Chpt 1 - 101 (unedited translation)
    526K 22.8K 101

    The MC died during the apocalypse and then he was reborn 1 year before the start of the apocalypse. He then suddenly opened/found out a heirloom's secret, he possesses a magical space, a guide book to cultivation, a magical lake and a magical peach tree (immortality peach tree). His goal is to live a relatively nice l...

  • Teaming Up With System 225
    28.1K 1.1K 20

    Disclaimer: This only has Arc 1. If you want to read the rest, please go to Tapas or CG! This is a story where the Host and System 225 will come together to save the other Systems from the creator of the "Villain System." They jump from wo...

  • Quick Transmigration: Villain Counterattack
    133K 4.7K 17

    Yu Xulia dies. Betrayed by her family for her fortune, she died a painful death. She swore that if she had a second chance at life, then she will make all those who wronged her die a painful death. A certain system gives her that chance at revenge. Follow Xulia's journey in different worlds to take revenge against who...

  • When You're the Owner...
    218K 10.7K 89

    There exists a young woman who has alot of power in her hands. She is innocently cruel, and mercilessly arrogant. She is the all powerful overseer. Someone who must watch worlds. However for someone like her who has as many worlds as snow globes stacked in her shelves, she is always very bored. For a very simple reaso...

    Completed   Mature
  • System Transmigration Goal: Come Back to Life
    536K 16.1K 55

    What would you feel if for the first time in your 29 years on earth and after so many bloody trials called blind dates, you would meet your potential love interest but died in the end? You: Your grandpa! There were so many people jaywalking in the street! Why chose me, this innocent passerby at the sidewalk?! Certain...

  • I Wish I May {News & Updates Only}
    1.6M 2.8K 1

    [Story removed for querying and publishing] Fairy Godmother in training, Zelda Ravensdale is starting her fourth and final year at Madame LeBleu's school for godmothers. She hopes to earn the title of First Fairy and graduate at the top of her class, but there are forces working against her. With a prince in distress...

  • Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire
    282K 9.3K 64

    NOT MINE, ALL RIGHTS GOES TO THE RESPECTIVE AUTHOR & TRANSLATOR Even if he was utterly ignorant about baking, Yu Yi, as the CEO of a Restaurant Chain Corporation, had an even pickier palate than a top-class Michelin Chef. And Tang Mi, nicknamed Sweetheart, was the most delicious dessert he had ever eaten. This is a n...

  • •Tea Of Summer•|✓
    281K 8.2K 56

    Xia Liang remembered the first time they met, she nodded to him but he coldly turned his eyes away. But after she had heard his voice, she helplessly became his diehard fan. Song Qiyan remembered the first time they met, she nodded to him but he tightly held his sweaty palms and turned his eyes away. He feared that sh...

  • Marriage Concerto (Small Thing Called Love)
    487K 14K 82

    NOTE: Not my story nor did I translate this. for offline reading purpose only ALL RIGHTS GOES TO THE RESPECTIVE AUTHOR Author: Ban Li Zi For Translation Visit: Description When they were studying, Ding Meng was a student who excelled in studies, whilst Qiao Yi Chen was a pro...

  • Wipe Clean After Eating
    245K 8.1K 45

    Xia Ye is pressured by her mother to either land a golden rice bowl (good paying job) or find a golden turtle (rich husband). So the stakes are high at her latest job interview. Driven by desperation, Xia Ye comes up with a devious plan to drive away the other candidate. Of course, things do not go as plan when the ot...