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  • Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them
    12.6M 520K 38

    Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns...

  • ~His Love ( Klaus Mikealson Love Story)~
    122K 2K 31

    A Vampire Dairies love story about Klaus Mikealson and Arabella Mikealson. What happens when everyone finds out that Klaus is married to Arabella and for 680 years to......... Enjoy

  • The Other Gilbert
    159K 2.3K 24

    Elena's forgotten sister

  • Mate ( On Hold)
    314K 7.6K 30

    ON HOLD!!! UNDER MAJOR EDITING!!! Monique Gilbert always knew she was a witch.Bonnie's Grams thought her magic at a very young age. After Grams died Spirits and dead witch started to teach her, to improve her magic, because she was special. No one knows she's a witch and every time she witness something supernatural...

  • When Love meets Destruction (A Klaus Mikaelson love story)
    504K 14.4K 29

    What happens when Elena Gilbert's older cousin, Clarabella Reese, moves to Mystic Falls and can't help but gravitate towards a certain Original? And what happens when that same man is so strongly pulled towards her and can't seem to forget about her for a moment? Can they make it work or will they be each others' doom...

  • Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson||
    1.2M 33.4K 62

    One thing Audrey Gilbert was told when vampires started showing up in Mystic Falls was to stay away from them. Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want her younger sister to be involved with vampires in any way. Sometimes temptations over rule morality, and you find yourself giving into the sin.

  • His Queen And Mate (Klaus Mikaelson love story)
    91.4K 1.3K 14

    Aurora Lockwood is the older sister of Tyler. When she was in Mystic Falls people made fun of her and called her fat and ugly, Carol Lockwood sent her daughter away for 3 years to New York. When Aurora comes back everyone is surprised that she is now slim, sexy, and hot Aurora is also a...MODEL.

  • Betrothed for Rejection
    1M 28.4K 46

    He hates me...He hates me to such an extent that even though i am lawfully his he wouldnt accept me or look at me...because i am the reason he lost the one he loved with whom he wanted to spend his life with, the one he would cherish and shower with his love. But he got me and he promises to make my life miserable, t...

  • Klaus' Girl (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction)
    174K 3.3K 17

    Annabella Sterling had dreams that were always beyond her reach, and so when a handsome stranger offers to fulfill her desires she agrees immediately not considering the consequences. From then on she was branded, Klaus' Girl.

  • The Vampire Diaries Lonely
    372K 8.9K 69

    Kylie an eleven year old girl dark hair and blue eyes arrives in Mystic Falls she befriends the gang not knowingly, she mainly keeps to herself because in her mind you can't get hurt if you have no one to care about But Kylie has a dark secret what happens when a certain hybrid takes a peeked interest to the girl will...

  • Rich Kids Don't Die | Featured
    129K 5.6K 35

    (I'll be back soon) A Wattpad Featured Story. Featured on the Watty's 2018 Longlist. 6th in Adventure. | HER LIFE'S BIGGEST ADVENTURE BEGINS IN DEATH | Maddie Dominic is at the top of the food chain in the world of riches and glam; the crown on her head studded with the jewels of every heart she's ever broken. A gi...

  • Always Second (Gilbert Twin 2)
    32.4K 576 18

    During Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries #1 DamonandStefan - 12/01/19

  • Trouble//Klaus Mikaelson
    201K 3.7K 22

    COMPLETED//Klaus Mikaelson fanfic “I told you all I was Emerald Labonair, Elena and Jer’s sister that was put up for adoption, but Im actually Emerald Maison.” I said barely a whisper and I looked at the floor. “Youre THE Maison witch.”Bonnie said standing up and walking over to me “My grams used to tell me stories...

  • Little Black Wolf (Klaus Mikaelson)
    143K 2.5K 24

    Thyra Lockwood. Yes lockwood. Tyler Lockwoods twin sister. She's stunning, funny, sarcastic, loving and a werewolf. What will happen when Klaus comes to town? Klaus always gets what he wants. And he wants Thyra. What happens when Klaus takes interest in this little black wolf. What will tyler think? "Hello Love." "...

  • sleeping beauty ; klaus mikaelson
    126K 3.4K 13

    "aurora darling, romantic, polite, dreamer, respectful, kind and just extremely beautiful" klaus' werewolf side was not the only thing that breaking the hybrid curse woke up. there was a plus in the curse that no one knew, not even the rest of the original family, because niklaus decided to keep it to hi...

  • The Lockwood Sister(Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)
    125K 2.9K 17

    Tyler Lockwood isn't an only child. His twin sister Mckenzie Lockwood has shared every memory with him since childhood. Would Mckenzie's love life change that? Will their un breakable bond finally crack?

  • All I Ever Needed (Klaus Mikaelson Fanfiction) DISCONTINUED
    204K 4.4K 42

    Julianna Duquette is Klaus Mikaelson's lost lover. The two were separated on that dreadful night in New Orleans, 1919, when Mikael had come to the city to kill Klaus. However, Klaus had believed Julianna died alongside Marcel that night so he fled and never turned back. For the last century, Julianna had searched for...

  • The Doppelgänger's Wolf || TVD ||
    108K 2.6K 14

    Maisy Gilbert comes home from searching for her birth parents. She's adopted. Reuniting with her adoptive family and doing her best to keep her secret. She's a werewolf. But how can she keep that a secret if there's a power hungry hybrid running around town? Answer is, she can't. Not when the hybrid is her mate. (I D...

  • Taming Klaus
    290K 7.1K 29

    "The sad truth about love is when it's destructive." Klaus, being his usual hybrid self, suddenly encounters a teenage girl named Lisa Mourad. She is mysteriously immune to vampire compulsion and is completely unaware of it. There is something unique about Lisa that will change the fate of everyone around her- especi...

  • The Little Red Wolf//klaus mikaelson☾
    167K 4.7K 16

    Abigail Lockwood, a spitfire, a powerhouse, a compassionate person was always known for her particularly short fuse. She had her moments of rage from time to time - some worse than others. She was always one to look out for her friends and was not a fan of anyone that crossed them. Klaus Mikaelson was just that. He c...

  • 𝐌𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐓𝐨 𝐁𝐞 (𝐇𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐢𝐤 𝐌𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐋.𝐒) **Being Edited**
    315K 6.7K 30

    what happens when the other original hybrid pulls into town, after getting a phonecall from her bestfriend niklaus mikealson? how will the scooby gang react to the sarcastic, bad mannered, short-tempered and high maintanced original female hybrid? will she make new friends? or will she make more enemies? she knows the...

  • The Secret Mikaelson!
    180K 4K 48

    ~COMPLETED~ The Mikaelsons, they are the oldest and most feared family of vampires the world has ever known. They are also the most broken family who carry a lot of baggage. That's where Juliana Mikaelson comes in. You know Niklaus, you know Elijah and Rebekah, you even know Kol and Finn and the terrible parents. But...

  • Child's Play | Oscar Diaz
    51.8K 1.3K 12

    She's crazy and he's crazy about her @alianamawla Bigdickdiaz™

  • Blood Betrayal
    1.4K 36 6

    Will she betray her family for love?

  • 𝙘𝙝𝙪𝙡𝙖 | 𝙤𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙧 𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙯
    22.5K 517 9

    he walked closer looking down at her. "don't play so hard to get chula." disclaimer: I do not own any of these On My Block scenes.

  • ❤️🔮MY BOO🔮❤️~boondocks🔮❤️
    14.7K 236 29

    Idek what this is i just decided to make many scenarios of the show-the boondocks ❤️enjoy😌 Also don't use my shit without asking 😬 ill most likely say yes so just ask

  • Siren
    403K 10.8K 22

    -WINNER OF THE BEST ELIJAH MIKAELSON FAN-FIC IN THE TVD FANFICTION AWARDS 2017 -BEST RANKINGS #4 in TVD #4 in Elijah #4 in Mikealson . "They called her a Siren, Dangerous and Beautiful and Like a moth to a flame he couldn't resist" (Previously named Beauty of a Siren, The story is being re-worked, some parts...

  • Online ✧ tvd & tw au [DISCONTINUED]
    44.7K 3.3K 40

    In which the gang from Mystic Falls and Beacon Hills meet online. ►►► ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE Highest ranking: #4 in random Copyright © 2016 -voidmendes DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES OR TEEN WOLF. ALL RIGHTS GO TO JULIE PLEC, KEVIN WILLIAMSON, AND JEFF DAVIS.

  • Arranged Marriage to The Devil
    642K 17.5K 39

    How would you feel if your parents forced you to get married after the age of 18? With the guy you absolutely despise? Would you allow your parents to plan the wedding? Or find a possible way of trying to escape the agreement? Join Alexandra on her adventure of finding herself, struggling to find love and deciding...

  • Blood Sisters • The Vampire Diaries [1]
    878K 21.9K 46

    ❝We choose our own path. Our actions, and our values, they define who we are.❞ If looks could kill, Lyssa and her twin sister, Elena Gilbert, would have the Salvatore Brothers dead in a heartbeat. Dead ringers for Katherine Pierce, they're doomed to the same fate, falling for Damon and Stefan. But, they'll learn that...