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  • Disney Descendants Trilogy x Princess Y/n
    93.2K 1.8K 25

    In the main land of the Kingdom of Auradon where Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Heroes and Heroines lived is ruled by King Adam aka The Beast and his Queen Belle with wisdom and respect after the heroes and heroines rounded up all the villains to locking them all up on a isle in the middle of the sea. Quee...

  • Living with the Marauders (Remus Lupin x Reader) [Book 1] {COMPLETED}
    281K 8.2K 21

    "Whatcha arguing about there, girls?" "Your dear sister here has a little crush." "I don't." "Your Gryffindor supporting cheeks tell me otherwise." ☆•★•☆ If there was anything (y/n) knew, it was that the Black twins weren't people to mess with. How did she know this? She was one of...

  • A snake and a lion~Ron Weasley x reader
    38K 935 21

    Y/n Snape lived with her father since she was little, no mother just her and her father. She went with him to Hogwarts when she was young and he homeschooled her hoping she'd get the Hogwarts letter of acceptance and when she does they're both overjoyed. Although she befriends the golden trio including Harry Potter, h...

  • my dumb ginger - ron weasley x reader
    482K 11.4K 53

    feelings start to take hold a few years into your friendship with a certain weasley. little warning: the first few chapters of this story are being re-written or edited a bit because March 2020 me didnt know how to write realisticly in any way whatsoever. [lowercase is intentional] [very very slow updates] started...

  • More Than One
    102K 1.8K 20

    What if there was more than one Nightfury? What if Toothless found his significant other? Have you ever thought about this? Well this book tells the tail of to dragons of the same species that stumble upon each other and travel the journey of life together. Until the great battle...

  • Two sides of the same story (Toothless x reader)
    55.8K 1.5K 14

    She watched over the eggs, looking around to make sure there weren't any intruders. However there was a man sneaking up behind the beast, he jumped in, destroying many eggs. Believing he got they all he turned to fight the giant beast but it was one step ahead of him, lunging down and taking off his whole head, blood...

  • At a Dragons Call
    22.6K 394 8

    this is a toothless X rare dragon reader its also my first X reader so bare with me "I may not seem like much but glowing (s/c) diamond scales but I hide my powers and for good reason. for I am the last of my kind but I am strong and fast but above all.... a diamond nightwing." what happens when you get caught and re...

  • Another NightFury? (COMPLETED)
    81.8K 1.3K 18

    Hiccup and Toothless have just beaten the Evil Bewilderbeast and Drago Bludvist. When Hiccup becomes chief and Toothless the alpha dragon. They were helping clean up the village along with Valka and Gobber and their dragons Cloudjumper and Grump. Nothing out of the ordinary until a black blur flies across the sky.

  • Another Nightfury {toothless X Reader}
    63.6K 1.4K 11

    You're a Nightfury, hurt and tortured for years until hiccup and the gang find you. Will you get more confidence? Will you be happy.... Will you find love? Read and find out ma gurls and dudes BTW: this story might have sexual content, if you're young. Don't read those parts. OC'S are wanted in these chapter so plea...

  • On Nightfury Wings (Reader x Toothless)
    51.9K 1.1K 5

    (Y/N) is a wanderer. A roamer. She has been told by dragons on every island she has been to thus far that she is the last of her kind. But (Y/N) does not believe it, and still awaits the day she will find another nightfury.

  • Finding Home - Toothless x Reader
    56.2K 963 20

    Reader x Toothless

  • The tail of two ( Httyd Toothless x Reader )
    28.9K 490 8

    The name is a pun. You are Y/N, the sole queen of your tribe, which is now small. You are a Night fury, leading the others in hope of a new place you can call home. You and your tribe have been shot down. But when hope seemed lost, you met another. They saved you. Hope seemed to be restored, but not all is what it see...

  • The New Alpha
    222K 5.5K 19

    This book is based on HTTYD 2, but with a twist. What would have happened if there was another Night Fury? And what if this Night Fury was a female? (I do not own cover or characters. All rights belong to Dreamworks)

  • Toothless x reader ( Httyd 3 )
    40.9K 582 14

    You're the last fury of the night or at least you think so. You have a sister who is a fury of light when you are caught by dragon hunters know a certain fury of the night cv named toothless you have no idea what adventures you will have

  • Toothless x reader
    40.6K 574 8

    Kitty/ you are a Night fury you have been captured by Vigo. And you are a blackish blue scaley color with purple glowing eyes. One day, Hiccup and Toothless release you and they take you back to dragons edge where Toothless makes you his mate. You and Toothless repopulate the night fury species, and help to make the...

  • Dragon's Heart (Toothlessxreader)
    31.9K 679 13

    You look up and make eye contact with beautiful green eyes that seem to shine in the bright sun. He kept my gaze and I saw him form a smile and say " You are a nightfury!" He starts to get closer to me and at that moment my brothers get in front of me forming a shield and growling at the other nightfury.

  • Branch X Reader
    23.1K 576 12

    Hey everyone!! You have a crush on Branch? You love him? I know everyone does!! Welcome to my first Branch x Reader book!! Enjoy!! Started: September 2,2017 Finished:

  • ..Remember Me? (Branch X Reader)
    12.1K 293 6

    Two grey trolls, best of friends, no force on earth could cleave their bond...or so She thought... Once He had a taste of happiness, she was forgotten, his colors shone brightly while she was left dull and grey.

  • branch x reader
    16.1K 472 7

    ~I was once a normal troll.....happy having color and life.....until....they happened but then I met him...and everything changed~ read more to find out! :) but beware....I will put cussing cuz it's the language of my people

  • Branch x Reader (Gray)
    34.6K 870 9

    I have been toying around with Branch x Reader stories lately, because once I decided I really wanted to start reading them (my daughter watches Trolls religiously, and I got pretty hooked on Branch's personality) I couldn't find many at all, let alone finished ones.

  • Savage {Nick Wilde X Reader}
    138K 3.5K 26

    Y/n was a savage. She wouldn't hesitate to kill whomever got in the way of her plans. She was a successful criminal, no-one ever saw her committing her crimes. Everything was well for y/n until she was caught red-pawed by Zootropolis' best police officers, Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps. What will happen to Y/n L/n? Will sh...

  • Nick Wilde x Reader (COMPLETED)
    60.4K 751 13

    Your A Arctic Fox That Moved To Zootopia And Found A Sly Cute Fox Find Out What Happenes

  • Zootopia (Nick x Reader)
    29.2K 600 7

    (Y/n) Hopps and her younger sister, Judy goes to Zootopia to become cops. Until there was a fox named Nick Wilde and he helps the two bunnies along the way. ((Based on the movie which I don't own. I don't own any of the characters))

  • Judy hopps x reader (a zootopia fanfic)
    61.7K 429 7

    Welcome to a x reader zootopia fanfiction, featuring you! Oh and yeah smut included baby

  • Nick Wilde x Reader One-Shots
    92.1K 1.6K 15

    This is just a bunch of one shots I put together for you guys. I hope you like it!

  • (Y/n) (L/n) and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter x Reader)
    25.5K 528 18

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter Characters, Plot, or you. Your name: (Y/n) Your last name: (L/n) Aunt's name: (A/n) Uncle's name: (U/n) Cousin's name: (C/n) Uncle's last name: (U/l/n) Mother's name: (M/n) Father's name: (F/n) Favorite color: (F/c) Hair color: (H/c) Eye color: (E/c) Hair length: (H/l) Skin co...

  • Loved Carlos De Vil X Reader
    111K 2.2K 26

    You are the daughter of Ariel. When Prince Ben brings four villians to Auradon, will you fall for Carlos De vil, Cruella De Vil's son, or will Jane, daughter of Fairy Godmother, beat you to it?

  • Wolfie
    52.6K 1K 10

    I looked at him. He walked over to me and kissed me. He pulled away realizing what he did. " I..." " Shut up Remus and do it again." He pushed me against the wall and kissed me harder. He pulls away from me. " You've got no idea how long I've wanted to do that." ...

  • The Saviour and her Knight (Book one)
    45.8K 1.2K 25

    "I have died every day waiting for you" Lady (Y/N) Gryffindor-Ravenclaw and Harry Potter are both known as the Children-Who-Lived. One day they receive their Hogwarts but little do they know that they are soulmates and are destined to be together. What will happen? Will (Y/N) see Harry's parents in the Mirror of Erise...

  • his chosen girl 2 | h.p
    470K 15.5K 38

    "we are still kids but we're so in love, fighting against all odds." Part 2(Years 4-7)