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  • Bakusquad Oneshots
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    Adventures of the Bakusquad, ft Kamisero, Kiribaku, and Torumina

  • Group Texting Shenanigans | Bakusquad
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    This book is inspired by @thaliaakhoury | her book is an amazing book, go check it out. link : Started on 5/24/20 Pictures are found on Pinterest unless said otherwise. The ships in this book is: -Bakushima/Kiribaku -SeroKami/KamiSer...

  • Bakusquad being idiots
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    Just Bakuquad being fucking idiots.

  • The dance (Kiribaku)
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    (BNHA season 2 spoilers!) The school dance is coming up, and it's customary for the sports festival winner to have a date to open up the dance floor. There is just a little problem... Bakugou only has one week to find a date and has no idea who to ask out. Tw: Cursing, Transphobia, self internalized homophobia

  • bakusquad being the bakusquad
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    idk what this is there's the bakusquad they're weird as shit uhh there's chats... and stuff/randomness a lotta serokami and kiribaku (bc they're my fav ships) and more ships (just look at the hashtags) mention of some ocs (but i'll leave a description and/or drawing of them if i do have some) i just realized that ther...

  • dekusquad vs bakusquad
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    dekusquad try to beat bakusquad and are really funny to read. I made this with pure memes and what ever else I could think of...also you can ask the dekusquad or bakusquad questions they will answer everything even if it's pg13 or rated r! read to know more lol

  • Ze BakuSquad ®åndõm$hît$
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    Mostly just random stuff I think about coz the bakusquad is filled with wierdos Mostly Kiribaku and Kamisero with Mina being the shipper. *might(will) contain swearing or bad languages *not really sure about thiz $hït

  • Bakusquad !
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    It's an open relationship

  • Bakusquad chats/ shenanigans (ON HOLD)
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    Best squad deserves to be written abt, period.

  • the bakusquad's ab-ventures <3
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    i love the bakusquad more than jesus claims to love me so here we are the bakusquad doing a lot of uhm unexplainable things uwu they also text most of the time so: names: mina- mamamina bakugou- bakubabe kirishima- letsgetdowntobusiness kaminari- dank-i sero- spiderman (and sometimes:) jirou- kkkyouka

  • BakuSquad Madness
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    COVER BY: Random701454 ⚠UPDATES ALMOST DAILY⚠ Kirishima: I thought you guys were ready! Mina: Ready to fail! ~~~~~~~~ Kaminari: So sad, Alexa, play despacito. ~~~~~~~~ Mina: So um... What you got there? Kaminari: A smoothie..? *Ostrich walking in the background* ~~~~~~~~ Bakugo: All right! Who taught Deku to swear? Mi...

  • bakusquad but 👁👄👁
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    just your average crack fic

  • Bakusquad Shenanigans
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    Bakusquad being the amazing idiots that they are gives me life so imma just write it all down for ya I do not own BNHA (i wish i did) or the art (the letters and sparkles or whatever are mine but thats it)

  • A very gay Bakusquad chat
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    ships featured: Kamisero, Kiribaku, Minatooru (idk their ship name??) I swear the cover sums up kamisero's relationship in a nutshell yeet

  • 🖤Bakusquad chats🖤
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    •Bakusquad: -Katsuki Bakugou -Eijirou Kirishima -Denki Kaminari -Sero Hanta -Mina Ashido •This book is just about the bakusquad group chat •Requests are open •Ships are: -Kamisero (Kaminari x Sero) -Kiribaku (Kirishima x Bakugou) •Mama mina --------------------------- Disclaimer:I do not own any of the characters.Kōh...

  • Stand your ground ( Just the normal Bakusquad )
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    Just a normal crack fic! Oh who am I kidding... In a world like this, how could anything be called normal anymore.