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  • The Family Curse (Cursed Wanderers Series: Book 1)
    250K 11K 26

    Beautiful cover made by the very awesome ssaayyjj "At first glance, I really did wonder why the old lady had seemed so adamantly opposed to this town because it didn't look scary at all. Maybe she was balls-out against capitalism and nice houses-her smell could have foreshadowed it-because the place looked nice. Very...

  • JUNE - And the Aeternae
    556 114 18

    Based in the early 1990s, This is a story of a 16-year old teenage girl who has an immense IQ far above her years. As Terror strikes the fictional town of Grenville, Tennessee. June must put her intelligence to good use alongside her supernaturally gifted friend and her best friend to save her town and the people from...

  • Assassin
    1.7K 70 37

    The Venetian born protagonist of this story. Born with the rare condition of holding violet colored eyes, Rachel navigates through her world both as an assassin and as a young woman. Being she suffers from a traumatic childhood, Rachel uses her skills as an assassin, better known as a Femme Fatale, to change the worl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Survivor
    102 23 3

    There are many atrocities that people have to endure. For Adira, these were more than most. Born mafia princess, Alfredo De Luca made sure she'd suffered them all and more. The leader of the Black Ravens was out for blood, that of the Queen of The Red Arrows, Adira's mother. The Red Arrows being the most infamous mafi...

  • Pandora's Successor
    96K 6.9K 85

    [🌟Featured by Wattpad's official New Adult profile] Destined to release the seven deadly sins and bring destruction to mankind. --- Penelope possesses the spirit of Pandora. An irresistible woman bound to take over her mortal body and soul. Penelope tries to thwart her fate and that's when things get worse. Especial...

  • Cora, Book 1, It Begins
    142 6 34

    Born on earth to an Annunaki Father and Pliadian/Human mother. Off to school on Trappist 5 as toddlers then fighting for the Federation as youths. Greg and Cora are excited to be posted back home to Earth. Their assignment of settling disputes and working to bring Earths Humans and other Earth Beings closer together s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Masked
    5M 266K 50

    ❧❧WINNER OF THE WATTYS 2016 for VORACIOUS READS ❧❧ An invisible enemy. A deadly virus. A human hacker and a Werewolf alpha are their only hope. That's if they don't kill each other first. When Parker Johnson, a top security specialist, is called in to help track down the architects behind a genetically engineered viru...

  • Smoke and Ruin || Book Three
    31.8K 2.8K 34

    COMPLETED ~ Darkness is Calling ~ Torn from the one's she loves Halen must find the strength to survive while protecting the water stone. But as the siren hunters near and a new evil threat arises, her hope of finding the others vanishes. And when darkness calls to her magic, she must learn to resist its hungry power...

  • Curses and Ash || Book Two
    289K 18.5K 44

    COMPLETED ~ Lies Run Deep ~ Halen didn't ask for the life of an assassin, but when facing a sinister demon, her magick chose for her--destroy the enemy or face the same solemn fate of the sirens who failed before her. But when Halen stopped one demon heart, she unknowingly unleashed a dark power--a force greater than...

  • Coral and Bone || Book One
    1.2M 62.1K 44

    Watty Award Winner ~ COMPLETED ~ She tried to tame the sparks that drove her to destroy things. Halen's fought her whole life to hide her secret. But when she returns to the place where her father drowned, her turbulent emotions set her on a collision course with darkness. Faced with the threat of those who want to d...

  • Serenade
    286K 15.1K 62

    ⭐️A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY⭐️ Completed! ✅ Darkness comes to Earth and unexpectedly finds his unborn, human soulmate. Join Lark, a winged, fanged, all-powerful god and future King of The Order on his journey as he breaches the unknown gap between his superior kind and the much despised, lowly human race. Love, life, a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frost
    831K 30.6K 49

    "Every boy I've kissed, freezes from the inside out- except for you" *** Aspen Iverson has a gift, a deadly gift that has haunted her for the past seventeen years, where everything Aspen touches- frost erupts. After another accident at school, Aspen is suddenly whisked away to Thornhill Academy, a schoo...

  • Pet
    948K 22.9K 29

    In the future, a race called the Leviathin appeared to add the Earth to its empire. Eight years after the invasion, with the war all but lost, Iris is still fighting against her own race to survive. During her attempt to protect a stranger, Iris manages to catch the attention of the leader of the Leviathin race. Rem...

    Completed   Mature
  • Untouched ✔
    17.3M 561K 35

    "Y-you," she stuttered, staring at the handsome man sitting on the sleek black throne, "you're..." He rolled his eyes, waving his hand impatiently and said, "Hades. Come on, say it with me. Ha-des." "Hades," Ariel breathed out, still not believing the sight before her. Every picture she had seen of the gods had no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cry Wolf
    507K 25.8K 24

    Abigail Williams is a seventeen-year-old girl running from her own nightmares. Finding sanctuary in a small town she believes her suffering is behind her. Until a monster comes for her in the dark. One she can't escape. One that will never let her go.

  • Inferí [boyxboy]
    3.4M 158K 25

    [Book 1] In an attempt to escape the police after killing his parents, Adrian finds himself in a world worse than his own. It's definitely not Narnia or Wonderland, he soon realizes as he faces the laws and demons of this new world. A new world called Inferi... [Warning: Contains graphic adult themes and offensive con...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dream Crashers ✓
    3M 139K 25

    Rory Wade is terrified of what happens to her when she sleeps. One morning, she wakes up to find bruises and scars covering every inch of her body. She doesn't know what's happening, but suspects it has something to do with her father's disappearance, which happened at the same time she started developing her sleepwal...

  • The Blameless
    894 49 15

    Briana, Princess of Predonia, has lived a happy and sheltered life. Then, in a single night, her father's kingdom is overthrown, her family is murdered, and centuries of peace are violently shattered. Fleeing for her life, Brie is rescued by Flinton, Derek, and Kove, three powerful protectors who take her under their...

  • Nova Terra: Titan
    1.1M 70K 184

    Highest Rank: ⭐️ Fantasy #1 ⭐️ SciFi #1 ⭐️ Nova Terra, a new world, a new reality. Nova Terra runs parallel to the real world and seeks to fulfill the fantasies and desires of those who dare plunge into its mysterious depths. Nova Terra, your dreams, your world. Jump into the world of Nova Terra with Thorn, a giant y...

  • Swindlebird | ✓
    169K 5.8K 12

    {Formerly Featured/Watty 2016 Debut Winner} She had inherited her mother's wilder nature, earning her consistent expulsions from almost every magic school in the entire Astrian country side. Her father, a once famous, but currently ill-respected wizarding professor, had grown used to raising his daughter on h...

  • London Shadows (#1 Penderry's Bizarre)
    299K 14.7K 24

    --Watty winner-- In Victorian London, monster hunting isn't just a job, it's a way of life. Freddie Westman, a reporter for a paranormal magazine, is one of the best in the business, but now it's personal. His childhood friend, Jim Penderry, has disappeared, and the signs point to sinister forces from beyond the grave...

  • The Faintest Ink (Watty Winner 2015)
    376K 20.8K 103

    Winner of a Watty Award, 2015! In Serrador, your name is your greatest vulnerability. Those with one suffer under a regime of magic and absolute control, while those without are forced to live on the fringes of society. When four unlikely rebels manage to sneak into the Citadel and assassinate the King, his tyrannical...

  • Children of the Plague
    1.4M 22K 27

    In the darkest corners of lower Manhattan, a battle like no other rages. The city is home to a hidden group of survivors of the nanite plague, and a brother and sister born to defend their race. With a touch that can destroy nanites, Lanni, sister of Alex, is their last chance. Can she save her brother? Can she protec...

    1.3M 92.1K 48

    *completed*The Jotun have been fighting amongst themselves for centuries. But now Valka, a young servant from the ice palace, is about to discover a new and terrible enemy has arisen. Note: FLOOD is a stand-alone book set in the Jotun world. It is not book 2 of the Frost series (that will be published by Patchwork Pre...

  • Hall of Games [The Celestial Chronicles #1]
    1.1M 71.6K 49

    *completed* *Wattpad featured story [ 17/3/16]* *2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER* *#3 in Fantasy (5/3/16)* A chance encounter with a mysterious wizard at a magic show spells more than just a broken curfew for Cady and Josh Gates. When Josh is whisked away to the hidden world of Esvanira by the Keepers, Cady tracks him down...

  • FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1
    18.1M 548K 71

    "*Completed*"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freezing town in Canada. It's going to be totally boring, right? Things heat up when she discovers that she possesses a growing power that's becoming more and more diffic...