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    2.7K 821 19

    Prayer Dela Vega is a prayer granted. That is how she was named. She have it all. The beauty, the brain, the power and the fame. But things gone wrong, and now she's missing. So her step-brother Exile Blanco enters the scene. A highly requested Detective that leaders would have second thoughts in bailing out because o...

  • The Stories In My Heart
    5.1K 806 35

    The Stories In My Heart is a collection of short stories written by yours truly. This book has various genres: Romance, fantasy, non-fiction, mystery and erotic, that the author humbly shares with everyone. My dream is to become as efficient and as flexible as I can be for my readers whilst tackling as many different...

  • The Secret of Fremont Academy [On-going]
    4.5K 766 29

    "Some secrets are better kept than revealed but it is no more a secret once unsealed." Four students are blown off to the place they never know its existence. Everything is unusual and weird. Everything feels surreal. Ignis Faith and her friends learn about Fremont Academy, your not so ordinary school for normal stud...