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  • Enough is Enough
    705K 24K 25

    Harry has never really trusted Dumbledore. The summer after fifth year when something happens, he decides enough is enough. He writes a letter to the only one who can help him. See what happens as the new Harry takes Hogwarts by storm.

  • The Circlet Of Elements
    501K 11.6K 41

    Harry Potter finds out the truth. He was never really a Potter.... Read as he discovers, Betrayal Friendship And more about himself and his mysterious inheritance..... Cover by AStrangeEvent

  • DISCONTINUED!! ORPHEUS { Drarry Creature Inheritance }
    22.5K 773 9

    I am going to try to do another one of these fics as my last one (Circlet of Elements) was pretty successful and also yes, I like Hadestown if you haven't noticed by the end of this lol --------------------------------------- After overhearing a conversation between Hermione Ron and Dumbledore in a Classroom in third...

  • Time Turners ¦ Harry Potter AU
    22.4K 722 8

    Harry Potter thinks his life is happy after he married his Hogwarts sweet heart, Ginny Weasley. When he finds himself dead, along with two of his friends, the next day, everything changes. When Harry travels to his first year with an estranged grandfather, a bossy girl and a sassy boy who used to be an enemy, they mus...