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  • Dark times
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    Even the strongest pillar needs a proper foundation to withstand load... And that foundation maybe friends and family in case of humans... So this is the story of a strong man facing his darkest times...but is his foundation strong?

  • Jab She Met Them
    3.1K 172 7

    Cover by @kushmond Ananya is blessed to be part of the Indian Cricket Team not as a player but as a sister to everyone in the team except for her love Shreyas Iyer. Though there is none to stop these love birds from being together, don't you think ego and jealousy are more dangerous than a villain? What if he wants h...

  • Rohirat One-Shots
    10.1K 517 9

    A series of one-shots about the best pair of friends in the ICT.

  • Interview with ICT stars
    1.6K 101 3

    hello lovely readers, here I am writing interview of cricketers as my point of view . well obviously we love their real self rather then their celebrity personality so thats why I am presenting their real life things.

  • HULRAT ONESHOTS (Virat-Rahul stories)
    8.7K 484 6

    Every pair in the ICT is cute. Well, almost. KulCha was the cutest, I used to think till recently. But no bond in this whole world is nicer than Hulrat 💕

  • The Unspoken Bond
    2K 174 4

    A short story on I feel one of the most unspoken bonds. MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja have a beautiful bond that this not really gone into much so I thought why not me? Cover by @awesomeshivu

  • The social media mishap chronicles
    9.2K 667 13

    "In which Kulya mistakes a 56," Ahankara can't beileve her luck, Neha doesn't even know why she is friends with them. And Tani and Siri are totally unaware of the storm about to sweep them away.

  • ICT WhatsApp Group
    38.8K 1.9K 15

    Random nonsense

  • All Those Moments
    31.8K 1.8K 25

    Just a collection of the million and one moments when the Men in Blue post 2013 made us smile...