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  • Logicality
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    this is about Logan and patton from sanders sides (prinxiety was already a thing) read more to find out the rest

  • Logicality and prinxiety oneshots
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    Heyo, so the first few are older so that aren't as good as my newer ones. So you can either read from the beginning and see my progress or just skip ahead, whatever. Please send requests, I will do fluff, smut, etc. the only things I won't do is suicide and self harm.

  • Logicality and Prinxiety one shots
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    Just what the title says a bunch of Logicality and Prixienty one shots #3 in sandersides (25/12/2020 )christmas present lmao #1 in sandersides (1/1/2021) #4 in logicality (15/5/2021)

  • Prinxiety and Logicality oneshots (mostly)
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    Yes. A lot of Prinxiety, Logicality, and the sides just being idiots *I found this cover on google*

  • Sander Sides One Shots
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    One Shots with Prince! Logic! Morality! Anxiety! And maybe Deceit! Lamp too! Requests are open! ☆☆☆☆ Cover by @CoreTheShipper 2017 #266 in Fanfiction #141 in One shots

  • sander sides oneshots [slow updates]
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    thomas sanders oneshots and drabbles