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  • Zindagi... ab tum hi ho!!
    102K 10.9K 40

    Hearts meant to be together always find a way to each other. The location, circumstances or distance don't matter. Meet our protagonist, Mahir.. After being jilted, he has no interest in anyone. The only thing that interests him anymore is alcohol which helps him forget all his pain. So, when he runs from home to esc...

  • A Deadly Pain In The Texts
    76.6K 7.4K 19

    What are the odds that you are dared to steal the cat of a dead person? And, what are the odds that you receive a *threatning* text from the supposed dead person in the middle of the night? Well, the odds are in Adelaide's favor. A text conversation which started because of a harmless dare takes a complete one eighty...

    3.2K 381 7

    ROSALYN CARSON meets two different scenarios around her. One that intimidates her. Another that scares her. One she falls in love at the first sight. Another she falls in hate at the very first sight. How her easy going life turns into a tornado, and how that tornado was brought by the man, JADEN KING, she loves a...

    61.5K 8.6K 41

    Wars, Bloodshed, Death, Apprehension, Hatred, Pain, Agony, Violence... That was all how one could describe the boundary between the two empires- Jonathans and Roshans. They would kill just for content. Cherishing their royal rivalry that was born from the rivalry of two former best friends. Best friends, who would th...

  • Repulsion
    115K 10.2K 87

    If unlikes attract, then likes should repel too. Or is REPULSION just an illusion. An illusion so real, that it makes the unlikeness visible. Too visible that the likeness is lost. And then what happens!? Attraction!? Let's see then...