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  • Nevermind, Goodnight (JinJi)
    11.5K 580 4

    One evening, in a moment of emotional turmoil, Jisoo accidentally sends Jinyoung the wrong text. A short romantic four-shot starring my favorite Inkigayo couple. Originally posted on AFF under username Siopao (now Tasseophile).

  • Autumnal Equinox (JinJi)
    31.9K 1.7K 15

    On the last day of summer, Jisoo kissed her best friend, and everything changed. Five years later, a defeated Jisoo returns to her hometown after failing to jumpstart her acting career. To make the walk of shame even worse, Jinyoung is also back in town with a snazzy new accounting degree and a cosmopolitan girlfrien...

  • A Thousand Purple Stars (JinJi)
    97.9K 5.1K 34

    FEATURED! Jisoo hates Jinyoung but when her dreams of becoming a serious writer are threatened by her lack of romantic experience, she has no choice but to recruit him as a fake boyfriend to fool her boss. Turns out, the line between love and hate is finer than either of them think. Originally posted on AFF under user...

  • sing for you | baekhyun
    153K 10.2K 34

    i loved it when you sang to me, although i couldn't hear anything. Started - July 2016 Finished - Aug 2016 [1k - 3 Aug]

  • [on hold?] annoying | park woojin
    27.1K 1.7K 13

    kim shit : hey ugly ass wake up park ugly : wHO yOu cALLING UGLY 160817 #122 in HUMOR 🎉 25618 #35 in park woojin ♡ 240618 #152 in wanna one 250618 #1 in pd101s2!!!!

  • Imagine Us 2 || NCT
    215K 5.8K 28

    Cover by @loverenjun Scenarios, reactions, etc. Requests are closed!~ *None of the gifs are mine, I only own the writing*

  • platonic. | park woojin
    12.6K 678 8

    "this will always be platonic, right?" © JISUN6, 2017 covers by; eun, @loverenjun

    82.1K 5.1K 27

    ❝ hello, yeah i'm sorry for disturbing i just needed to call someone- ❞ ❝ okay, nice try, i'm in the middle of practice, please prank someone else ❞ in which a girl randomly dialled a number to keep her company.

  • truth | park jihoon
    85.9K 2.9K 25

    ❝truth or dare?❞ ❝truth.❞ ❝tell us about that special girl back home.❞ [1/2 of the 'truth or dare' series] - © yuehwa on wattpad

  • in time. / park woojin!
    299K 19.4K 33

    somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, little fights and lame jokes, i fell in love with you. © lambskwer // irhea

  • crush | ahn hyungseob
    13.4K 1K 30

    "my crush on you lasted for 4 months, now it's love."

  • Leviosa ㅡ Yoon Jisung
    9K 912 12

    ❝Hey, tell your friend it's pronounced Harry POTTER, not Harry POTE.❞ © 2018 | JONGDAISIES | MORG

  • Imagine Us || NCT DREAM
    1.6M 48.6K 166

    Cover by @loverenjun Let your imagination take over. NCT DREAM scenarios, reactions, etc. Requests are closed for this book~ *None of the gifs are mine, only the writing is mine*

  • A.HS | A Guy Like U
    35.2K 2.4K 29

    Ever since I started to know you, my life was filled with colors.

  • empty threats → ahn hyungseob
    3.7K 257 13

    "becareful what comes out of that mouth of yours, because it could hurt a lot more than you think" → ahn hyungseob

    2.4K 183 16

    in which two ex meet again in the kindergarten a joo haknyeon fanfiction [closed]

  • SHOUJO (少女) 101 | PD101S2
    1.3K 70 4

    Collection of Shoujo Manga-inspired One shots of Produce 101 Season 2 trainees. • Switch reading mode : SCROLLING •

  • iMessage; b.jy
    87.9K 7.5K 30

    ❝Hey! I found your phone number written on the door of the girl's washroom yesterday.❞ ~started; 170519 ~ended; --------- | epistolary; bae jinyoung | {slow updates}

    12.3K 1.2K 5

    the silent boy who sits at the back of the class is actually a famous writer. A PARK WOOJIN STORY. BRAND NEW MUSIC. babydaehwi, 2017

  • palm / park woojin
    93.7K 5.8K 29

    in their palms are written the initials of their soulmate, and it is said that the initials don't disappear until them and their soulmate have kissed. 『 june 2017 © bucheons 』

  • don't comeback | youngmin.
    59.5K 4K 22

    - he is the last thing she ever wanted to mention.

  • Cinderella's Stepsister || Kim Taehyung ||
    2.2M 116K 30

    Cinderella's stepsister. Just by hearing those words, people would always think about the mean and devious type of stepsister. Just like in the fairytale, 'Cinderella'. Her stepsisters are known as the bad guys while Cinderella, is the good one. Well, let me tell you this. I'm Cinderella's stepsister, and...

    Completed   Mature
    29.4K 2.4K 35

    in which a girl has an crush on her best friend a ahn hyungseob ff

  • Mean to Me | Im Youngmin
    124K 9.5K 27

    He was nice to everyone else... but he was mean to me.

  • Produce 101: Profiles [Season 2]
    2.5M 55.9K 182

    Mnet's successful reality survival show in 2016, now back with a new season! Produce 101 Season 2, Mnet's new reality boy group survival show - 101 trainees' profiles, updates on the show, and more! Highest Rank: #1 in Random 170517 | 170518