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  • Black Hill High (Unedited)
    54.2K 4.1K 42

    The tragic and brutal death of local resident, May Hart, has caused a stir within the small town of Black Hill. The once safe and isolated town is now in a sense of panic as they fear the murderer is still lurking within the town. Amelia Beckett and her father, the new sheriff of Black Hill, move to the town with no i...

  • Merry Sister Mary and the One and Only Killer
    192K 16K 36

    🏆Wattys 2019 Winner for Mystery & Thriller🏆 Sister Mary has lost her way, or so people think. Kicked out of her convent and sent away to be reformed, this jolly nun discovers her gift of glee is perfect for solving murders and the occasional naughty peek. ________________________________________ Merry Sister Mary is...

  • Requiem for a Love (Requiem #2)
    231K 10.9K 17

    *Spoilers for Requiem for a Soldier, the first book in this series* ~Kinda-sorta on hiatus while I figure out where the story has been so I can figure out where it will go~ Benjamin Ramirez was sixteen years old when his twin sister was found dead in an alleyway in Phoenix. Ever since that day, he's had one goal: to f...

    139K 5.6K 7

    "Everything around you, everything burns. You're chaotic."

  • Heartbreak Hotel: Concubine
    52.2K 3K 52

    Book I He was a King without a crown. She was a fire that can't be tamed. Both trapped in the same cage. She loved him. But his world was far from her reach. He sought her out. But she wasn't his for the taking. [COVER MADE BY @witchoria] • THIS IS ORIGINAL WORK, WRITTEN BY ME [E.J] • © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED • DO...

  • PSYCHOPATH (18+)
    141K 5.7K 23

    "fuck me," said the monster. _______________________ a psychopath, a person with a mask of sanity. someone who blends in. unlike their sociopathic counterparts, psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous; making psychopathy the most dangerous of all antisocial personality disorders. though there's someth...

  • Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery--Book #1)
    287K 15.4K 37

    Women are turning up dead in the rural outskirts of Virginia, killed in grotesque ways, and when the FBI is called in, they are stumped. A serial killer is out there, his frequency increasing, and they know there is only one agent good enough to crack this case: Special Agent Riley Paige. Riley is on paid leave hers...

  • Stone (CENTURIES series: Book #6) (COMING NOT SO SOON)
    58.8K 1.6K 1

    "We could be more than just colleagues, Sophie." • • • It's been years since Alexander took off into his business and got so absorbed, he lost the one girl who kept his brilliantly smart head out of the clouds. Now they're both grown up and living each their separate lives. Although not so separately after all... ...

  • Hacker (CENTURIES series: Book #5) (COMING NOT SO SOON)
    442K 22K 9

    "You saw how quickly I got into your laptop, sweetcheeks. Imagine how quickly I could get into your panties." • • • You think you know it all? Think again. We go back in time. Back to all the things you missed. Back before it all happened. Back before a boy became a man, and before man recognized his genius. Nothing...