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  • Emotion (BWWM)
    1.7M 92.2K 41

    [COMPLETED] "Theodore?" He snaps his head back to me and gives me a small smile. "Where have you come from?" I repeat myself. "Bad people." He mumbles and shuffles closer to me. "Safe here?" I pursed my lips and then nodded my head. "You're safe here." Eden Rose, a successful business owner, finds a strange man in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guys, Lies and Deadly Spies.
    243K 9.9K 26

    Highest ranking: #1 in spy. Humor/Action. For the first time ever, agent B92 is exposed to teenage life. Read how she adapts to it, especially at an all boys school. === By the time you mastered the word "mummy" I could speak over four languages. Bombs and knives were my dolls and toy trucks. Martial Arts was my play...

  • Lovers (Lycan Series: #3)
    962K 46.7K 29

    ❝we'll go down in history, remember me for centuries❞ Their love was destined to doom They were life, she was death. But this lifetime was different- Their love would transcend Challenging the anger of the gods ~ Jazz and Draver have waited impatiently for twenty one years as their mate g...

  • Until Dawn ✔️
    31.7K 1.4K 40

    ✔️ July 17,2016 Okay, can someone ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ explain to me why Liberty , my good for nothing friend - just kidding I love her -, lives in the middle of no where in San Francisco? How do you live in the middle of no where in a city? How? Well all I have to say is that this is the least of my problems Especially when I ru...

  • Mind the Gap | ✔️
    73.5K 6.1K 37

    [Open Novella Contest 2020 Winner] Two strangers on separate trains, divided by uncaring glass. A bond forms between them. But will it hold when their trains are bound for different destinations? Evan's heart has been bleeding since his little family was torn apart by divorce, and his nose runs with a cold. Trying to...

  • Disney's Frozen (All songs lyrics!)
    325K 4.1K 10

    These are the lyrics to the Amazeballs songs from the Beautiful Film, Frozen by Disney!! Sing along and sing at the top of your voice!!

  • Disney Songs Lyrics
    10.5K 199 8

    For all Disney Songs' Fans out there ;)

    2.9K 1.8K 13

    Gianna Falco gets stuck as she finds out that her father has been seen as a traitor in the most dangerous crime organizations. But knowing her father, she is sure that he isn't and is willing to do anything to vindicate him. After much thought she comes to the conclusion of making a bargain to the don of the syndicate...

  • The Color of Love (BWWM) (Under Construction)
    2.4M 89.5K 38

    Harmony Rodriguez . Is a beautiful young black woman. At the age of 24, she has finished college and started her own bakery. But there is one thing missing. Love. Anthony Jackson. He was an uptight rich white guy, as many had called him. Owning a very successful business in Rhode Island , he was busy quite often...

  • Rise of The Conquest
    19.2K 10.6K 15

    Spark proves to be an unnaturally strong and gifted child. He takes to his training well, and advances from an early age. He excels at fighting and defense, and becomes abnormally strong, fast, and agile almost immediately. Then one night, as the two are practicing under the stars, they notice a bright light explode i...

  • Alpha Raphael
    2.2M 103K 35

    (* Sequel to My Little Mate *) Ariel is the spawn of Blaire and Darren. Most would expect her to adopt her mothers kind nature, and everyone is surprised when they are met with a fiery woman. Especially her mate Raphael who fights her fire, with fire.

    Completed   Mature
  • Death Is My Frenemy (Book Three)
    5.5M 213K 22

    Dear Reader, It hadn't hit me right away, many things, but especially the fact that I was about to turn twenty years old. It was as if it was just yesterday that I was learning how to make a peanut butter sandwiches, tie my shoes, and draw endlessly with fat crayons--which I thoroughly believed to be a masterpiece. It...

  • Agent 1 (Book 3)
    2M 117K 53

    "What makes you think we can trust this Agent 1 guy?" "I-uh, I knew him before he was an agent...he's an extent." "And I already told you I corrupted him. It's all good." "We're all going to die." *** Devin's hurt. Jason's missing. Lily's alive. The team finally has what they need to take down Garrett...

  • Agent 13 (Book 1)
    5.9M 277K 47

    "With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down." "On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down." *** She's the ghost story you tell around a camp fire. The monster that hides in your closet. The nightmare that wakes you from your sleep. She's the definition of the word...

  • Agent 57 (Book 2)
    2.3M 136K 41

    "She was my best friend. Someone I trusted far more than anyone else." "What was she like?" "She was worse than Devin if you can believe that." *** When the team goes on the hunt for Agent 77, aka Garrett, they discover some key information in finding him...Only one problem, the last person who had it was Agent 57. W...

  • Catching the Storm
    98.6K 7.7K 25

    "They call him The Storm for a reason. He's Jackson Storm, you should be running in the other direction." I shook my head. "I'm going to catch that arrogant bastard. I'm going to catch 'The Storm'." *** Jackson Storm. If you were to look up that name you wouldn't find anything. At least, not anything incriminating. Th...

  • Password Incorrect
    1.4M 80.3K 48

    I can't keep the smile off my face as I take my seat on the plane. I slide my bag under the seat and lean back. I close my eyes and let a blissful smile grace my face. He said I wouldn't be able to run. As if. I'm vaguely aware of someone taking the seat next to mine, but I pay no attention to said person. "So where w...

  • Agent 34 (Book 1)
    82.4K 4.3K 10

    "You're forcing me to work with them and I'm telling you now that I can't do it." "You've worked with teams before." "Yeah, but none with a jackass in charge." *** They're all a part of the biggest secret agency in the world and they've begun disappearing. Agents have begun disappearing. Gone without a trace, only to...

  • She's With Us
    181K 6.8K 34

    Y'all I suck at descriptions And the first chapters of this story suck because I wanted to do something but then I changed the plot and I'm too lazy to go back and fix things so like just read it cause why not *** "Well we are here to kidnap you."one of the really hot kidnappers said. "You are not supposed to tell h...

  • Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them
    12.6M 522K 38

    Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns...

  • Oracles to the gods. (Book 2 in the gods series)
    1.1M 42.7K 31

    My name is Electra and I'm a hybrid, but not the normal kind, I'm a mix of demigod and werewolf, I have a unique power that needs to stay hidden, but after keeping my secrets for years, I was betrayed and I lost everything, my secret is out and now Im been hunted. The gods greed for power has grown and I'm now the pri...