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  • Wild One
    1.4M 46.1K 63

    The forbidden fruit whom everyone wants to have a taste, a woman of the world, liberated, wild and without a doubt, gorgeous - Odine Beateressa Santibaniez. She believes that with her beauty she can wrap a man in her fingers. She can have everything in just a snap. True enough, many are allured and the list goes on an...

  • Just Another Bitch In Love
    1.7M 40.5K 67

    Dennis saw how Rurik secretly adore Rossette which made her challenged to steal the man. The fate must be on her side as Rossette chose her family and her dreams over Rurik. Dennis took the chance and succeeded to be Rurik's woman but she knows that she does not have his heart. Well, it's fine with her as long as she...

  • Señorita
    937K 23.7K 62

    Vida live her life in luxury since her mother live in with a rich haciendero in the province. Later on, her mom was left with nothing after the man died. Now, Vida's luxurious lifestyle is in crisis. With this, she agreed to her mom's wicked plan - to seduce and marry the only heir to Maravilla's wealth. Is she willin...