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  • Peraltiago Moments
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    Just some moments I imagined going down between these two. Some of them might be completely fictional and some of them might not be. I love this couple. I love this show. So I decided to do something to satisfy my growing obsession with this show which is reaching unhealthy heights at this point. I would accept headca...

  • Peraltiago Oneshots
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    Just a bunch of one shot ideas I have that won't fit into my story Peraltiago +1

  • Peraltiago + 1
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  • Unexpected Secret - A Story for ZiDenBedste
    28.9K 565 11

    Six weeks in and they've successfully managed to keep their budding relationship a secret from their friends and colleagues. But one event will cause that task to be pulled to its strings, and make it much harder for them both. (Season 3 Canon Divergence)