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  • Even The Stars Can Be Hollow - [ Krii7y ]
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    {DISCLAIMER} Mini Ladd is a character in this book and I do not condone the things he did to those minors. I am also aware Tobi goes by she/her pronouns! I wrote this October 2018 so it was before both of these happened. I don't intend on misgendering Tobi or having Mini as a character in this book. I wanted to change...

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  • (SLOW) Tragician Child - [ Krii7y ]
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    AS A YOUNG ADULT, it's tough living on your own. Student loans? A loud roommate? It's the worst sometimes. However, it's a nightmare when you're so drug-addicted, homeless, and bitter with the world. Bonus points if your wealthy family refuses to help you rehabilitate. This was twenty-one-year-old Jaren Smith in a nu...