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  • azur lane: The war against E.B.Y
    235 13 1

    (note: this is the season 2 based of my the giant from the depts goes to another world (alicorn x azur lane) but except this time the MC is not alicorn) several years after stopping captain torres from firing alicorn 600 MM railgun toward japan's capital city tokyo, managed to sucessfully to throw away captain torres...

  • Family FemCharacters x Reader
    637K 4.1K 44

    Please be warned that these stories feature romantic and sexual relations between relatives. If you are disgusted by that, please do not read this and move on. Thank you.

  • female X-Men x male reader
    29K 245 3

    they all want you

    146K 1.1K 14

    Y\N (your name) is looking for a job and you see an ad. You decide to take the job and this is where really awkward things begin to happen in this place.

  • Naruto Oneshots
    223K 4.2K 62

    x readers, x character anything really. !!REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!! Art and the Naruto series do not belong to me, they belong to their rightful owners Enjoy :)

  • godzilla turn into female godzilla Harem
    31.2K 233 31

    so basicaly godzilla turns into female godzilla and it her harem but all the monster love her accept females they just friends of her all male monster try to mate with her

  • Azur Lane: The Shadows Of The Past
    9.9K 105 19

    Even in a home far away from home trouble seems to follow the shipgirls around like a lost puppy. Ever since taking shelter in Germany the girls thought they would get used to their new surroundings, that is until something happens to one of them. With the Royal Navy beginning to rebuild itself and the main enemy loom...

  • Fiery protector
    48.8K 492 5

    While in school, your bully decides to have you join a little ritual, summoning a hellhound, and you are a shy and submissive person, will she take advantage of this? Or will she be your protector? I do not own any of the art used in this story I do not own mge, it is owned be kenkou cross This is a male reader x hell...

  • Falling for her
    19.2K 201 12

    You meet this girl in a town all alone in the cold, she looks at you and you heisted you talk. You took her home since you were a kind but kinda are a tsudere she goes and eat some rawman cutely and you blush

  • Five Nights in Anime A New Spirit
    17.4K 165 17

    21 year old, Mitchboe, becomes a night guard at Freddy's Anime Convention. He develops a close, romantic bond with Anime Spring Bonnie, but a tragedy occurs on a faithful, night. Will Spring Bonnie, still have her lover? Find out in the story. *I don't own any of the material in this story! *This story contains lang...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fem Creepypasta x male reader
    35.8K 194 6

    This will have lemons so don't say that I didnt warn you if you are under 18 do not read otherwise enjoy the story I also own no artwork that I put in this story

  • FNIA Fanfiction: For the Love of Robots
    20.4K 218 10

    Y/N is just trying to earn money to pay for his apartments rent, and ends up working Freya's Anime Convention. But after finding out that the girls are alive, his life will change. (I don't own the pictures used, but I did modify them to fit my liking.)

    Completed   Mature
  • Azur Lane The Next-Generation
    13.4K 95 26

    In this new Era, a new generation of warships will take on the fight against the Sirens but this story is about the daughter of Enterprise. I don't own anything related to Azur Lane

  • Azur Lane: A love made of steel...
    21.3K 312 11

    Hood and Bismarck became very close and started to develop strong feelings for each other before the Ironblood betrayal. But that day at Denmark Strait changed everything. After some time, Ironblood joins Azur Lane again. What will happen with them now? Their love survived? Will Hood forgive Bismarck for sinking her...

  • Messerschmitt Bf 109
    154 2 43

    First-hand accounts from Luftwaffe pilots are just one of many rich features in Messerschmitt 109. Complete details of the aircraft's initial design, evolution and combat history are all part of the package. Every major 109 variants, from the first prototype to the advanced K-models is covered. Join 109 pilots as they...

  • Legacy of Honor
    1.6K 19 8

    The girls may fight in tanks as the boys try to slowly enter their domain however boys rule the skies. Chihatan my be a embarrassment to the tankery world their boys planery couldn't be any different.

  • Azur Lane Yuri One Shots
    24.1K 255 28

    I don't see any of this here or anywhere...So I'll just make one. I'll be taking requests of the Ship Girls that I know. to be clear this is Yuri that means it's Girl x Girl, so if this is not your liking then, don't read it, ok? ok. Note: I DO NOT own Azur Lane, the Cover, the art or picture used it belongs to their...

  • Dragons Kiss (Kiyohime X Male Reader)
    29.4K 413 24

    After history being altered and the human race coming to an end by the year 2016. The Chaldea Security Organization are aiming to restore the common sense of man by obtaining holy grails from the past and restoring order in history. (Y/N) is one of the newer members of Chaldea and has summoned his servant to aid him i...

  • Enemy's Or Lovers? (Female Creepypasta x male killer reader) (Discontinued)
    54.1K 433 10

    Lol this book is cringe Uh yeah do whatever you want and ignore all my outta chapter shit, I was a cringey child so yeah lol- Just keep the inappropriate stuff to a minimum please, it is still kinda uncomfortable to read that stuff. But yeah besides I don't care what ya comment lol- Enjoy this shitty old book I made t...

  • Fnia x MR
    85.3K 402 17

    An average 18 year old guy with dark hear, and glasses finds himself a not so average job. Will he survive the onslaught of romanticizing and seductive bait. Read an find out your self.

  • Why am I working here?! (Five Nights in Anime FanFic)
    108K 857 7

    The girls have been "having fun" with any night guard that works there by pleasure and killing them. All of the night guards are always the same, even though they listen to the message that were left they are always up to having it with the girls. Until a new night guard by the name of Jack starts working there and he...

  • An Angel In Kuoh | High School DxD X Male Angel Reader
    355K 6.7K 70

    After The Great War started to settle for the first time, God's first Angel, Y/N, now wanders the Earth in search of finding something he'd been protecting for centuries... peace. But when he arrives in the Japanese town of Kuoh, peace seems as far away as it ever did. This will follow the DxD storyline but it won't i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Male reader x SCP [FINISHED]
    74.6K 1K 12

    What happens when you, a normal guy, unwillingly get a job at a mysterious organisation named the SCP foundation. Unwillingly.... Because you never had the time to understand what was happening..... But you were already there......

  • Windwalker: Female Creepypastas x Male Vigilante Reader
    54.7K 701 19

    There was more to Y/N's life than just introversion and social anxiety. Believe it or not, something; sinister kept this hormonal 18-year-old occupied all these dark years. See, Y/N was a vigilante. His town harboured secrets of the evil, wretched kind, preying and feasting on the weak and innocent. It was never burgl...

  • Someone Special (Male Reader x SCP-166)
    180K 2.7K 17

    SCP-166 (The Teenage Succubus): SCP-166 appears to be a female human in her mid to late teens, of average height and slender build. Medical and physiological analysis indicates several deviations from baseline human norms, including accelerated hair growth (approximately 20cm per month), vulnerability to airborne part...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lost Brother (Male reader x Girls und Panzer)
    20.6K 206 10

    (Y/N) Nishizumi got 6 years old when is first sister Maho come into his life when she come to life his mother forgot him and more when his sister Miho arrive even if he hate his mother, he love his sister even if they don't know they have a brother, he leave in Germany with the help of his father, (Y/N) is a fan of Ta...

  • The Rainbow Six Nishizumi(Male Rainbow six siege reader x GUP Harem)
    12.7K 178 6

    (GUP stands for Girls Und Panzer) Y/N Nishizumi is the forgotten older brother of Maho and Miho Nishizumi. Born a boy, Y/N's mother immediately had distain for her son and when she gave birth to Maho, Y/N was neglected and when Miho was born, Y/N was practically forgotten. Deciding he had enough, Y/N ran away from hom...

  • You're in the Sniper's Sight(Male Simo's descendant Reader x Mika)
    6.9K 99 5

    Y/N Hayha is the descendant of Simo Hayha, the White Death. Born in a small town in Finnland, Y/N was taught how to hunt when he learned about his ancestor's achievements in WWII. Always taking hunting seriously, Y/N learned tactics that Simo used while hunting Soviet soldiers. This helped Y/N become one of the deadli...

  • I'm Drowning(Male Depressed Reader x Azur Lane Hood)
    21.4K 394 13

    (This version of I'm Drowning is just Y/N and Hood together) Y/N L/N was a normal happy child. Despite being very young, Y/N loved the ocean. When Y/N was seven, his mother remarried and gave birth to his step sister, Lily. Y/N wasn't heartbroken about the divorce though. He understood that not everything was alright...